Late summer is ending.

I may be on a more frequent posting cycle. woo-hoo! uh, didn’t happen.

Having said that, I don’t have much to say.

Weds.–a health thing-got my results today-my cholesterol is down, but ldl & triglycerides are high-no exercise, basically. My bp is a bit up, too. Same thing. Late home, dinner, S to bed, play a little guitar. To bed late, but I slept all the way to 6:50.
Thurs.-not much.
Fri.-not much. I like leaving a bit early.
Not much over the weekend-we looked for a rolling backpack for C, lunch, home. Church, Sun., libe, the house is relatively clean. Rice cooked oatmeal. To bed early, but woke up with restlessness. Up at the regular time-a little tired. Moving into fall-a little wet out and cool. Easy home-the usual. Left my phone cable at work. Earlyish to bed, more restlessness, up at the usual. Odd not having my phone. Another work day. Ovah-home to do more work on a presentation tomorrow. To bed lateish, woke up. Tired. There was a car crash close by early Tuesday morning-heard the sirens.
Presentation, more stuff to do. Usual-work, home, sleep, rinse, lather, repeat.
Friday-work, home, beer.
Sat.-tidy, drive around, Asian market, shop, home. Sun, church, pastor’s last service, Asian market with C, back to church for party, brought gear, didn’t use it, played drums instead. Destroyed a tooth. Dentist’s at 10 tomorrow. S to bed, listening to gamelan.

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