Changes afoot, and over.

So, here it is, a month later. A lot has happened in the past month-busy at work ended with all of us in Portland getting laid off. Now I’m looking for work. I’ve had a number of interviews and nothing yet-onward, always onward. I’ll get something-I hope soon, because the severance is good, and I would like to double up if possible. Having said that, it’s nice to not have to grind out the 9 to 5 for a bit.

Not much else-played drums for the first time a few weeks ago, sucked at first, but got better by the 3rd song, Back to gamelan too. And practicing my guitar a bit-the Pod is super awesome-tons of great tone and effects, and it plugs into the computer and acts as an audio device-I can listen to videos and play along.

More job stuff, and I got a job at Zoom+care. 6 month contract to hire. Now we go to L.A> and I get severance. The pressure is off, and nothing to do until Jan 4th.

Kids are fine-C has his wisdom teeth coming in, his back hurts, he is struggling at school, M is doing great at school, S is very energetic, E is getting into church stuff.

Thanksgiving was quiet-went to church for dinner. Busy doing the job search thing.

So, so much violence everywhere. I’m sick and sad about it, and despairing for everything.

I’ve had some interesting experiences lately, stuff is happening slowly. I need to work more on that. I’m not worried-it’ll be fine.

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