…and so it begins…

These are becoming detailed-truly “an exciting life?” I don’t think so. I’m just about done with the Nature of Order and a bunch of other books are here. Onward. Lots of music-Nurse With Wound.

Another week starts. Worked through lunch, trying to optimize memory usage but not kill performance. Did a thing with processing 100, then post, and it seems to work. Dinner, S to bed, eat, hang out, bed. Up, dreamed about running a long path through three dreamscapes and making a map.
Kids to school, to work, mess with Git, gave up and manually put everything in. More testing, have to rewrite some. Dinner, S to bed, eat, hang out, bed, dreamed about moving gamelan instruments, woke up with bad tummy and a headache.
Shower, work, coffee, work. More changes. Gamelan, home, dinner. Hang out, bed. Up, dreamed about being in a high-speed train, crashing into a cul-de-sac and a mom getting her minivan doused in foam.
Kids to school-missed every light. Now, to work-doing loop optimization, and pull requests. Sitting outside is sweet, and I installed iTunes so I can listen to music from my phone-Bluetooth was a fail. We’re such a fine gamelan-as good as any, except the top top folks from the courts. It doesn’t hurt that we get these ringers… S, finished up the loop optimization with a sweet use of slice-doubled speed. Checked it in, S’s teacher’s daughter came over and swam, dinner, S to bed, hang out, TV-Jimmy Fallon and Robert Downey Jr. talked about stunt kites-I sent him a link to videos…Bed, dreamt about walking through a big mall store and seeing gamelan folks, driving to a Starbucks like a bar with weird parking, and the manager talking about all the finance problems.
Up, S to school, the boys have the day off, and now, work. Starting on a new thing-installs…problems with Maven and Eclipse and Liferay. Watched Star Wars 7. Bedtime.
Sleep in, don’t remember what I dreamed. Gonna be hot today. Lazy, tried to stay cool, library, shopping, up late. Church, shopping, lunch on Hawthorne, very tired and headache, grill, S to bed, late. Lots of agar.io. Sleep, tired, kids to school (with an extra passenger),
Home, breakfast, work, new stuff, meeting. Struggling with getting things working, dinner, S to bed, hang out. Sleep, dreamed about setting up a guitar and taking a train somewhere. Slept in a bit, work-had to nuke my app…but I got the new app going-sort of, and the jira I’m working on is done except for the API coordination. Dinner, S to bed, hang out, bed, dreamed about being at a show and Foo Fighters played a little thing afterwards, with no one around.
Kids to school, work-trying to get the next one started, info about the first one, plus troubleshooting the deployment-there’s a bit of missing data. Didn’t get it working-it starts, but the website doesn’t respond. Anyways, dinner, gamelan, home, bed-dreamed about playing on a huge stage, everyone else leaves, and I’m playing riffs. Don Cornelius comes up and gives me a wedding package. Then I’m in a theater for church, the kids leave and we go with them.
Didn’t want to get up, meeting, work.

My family is giving me grief about being a Green and being the reason Bernie is going to lose (except for C-he’s a Trump supporter and could care less). \/\/hate\/er. I’ve been a Green since Greens came to California, and I’m not changing.

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