Work is killing me, but gamelan is saving me.

It’s going to be hot today, but it’s still nice and cool. For now.

Trying to get things done, I think I’m making some progress, but it’s slow going. I got help-I needed to connect to an already set up database, now it works, but I have to change the call, and it’s not working. Onward-I’m on the critical path, and I don’t like it. OK-school meeting, yummy burritos with the wife, S to bed, hang out, bed-dreamed about being in a house and looking over the cool furniture, and my old library table, which had holes in the top, go outside with mom, big storm, run back to the house, go around back and there’s a big college party with all sorts of people I knew, but it’s freshman year, so I don’t really know them yet.
Up, kids to school, work-I’m actually making progress. Still under the gun, though. It’s hot again, and E wants the doors open, so it’s hot in here now. I closed everything up and turned on the A/C-it’s better after 4 hours…Still a bit choppy working-but not stopped in my tracks. Burgers and artichokes for dinner-went to the libe, but it was closed, saw the aftermath of a flowerpot fire. Up late.
Slept in a bit, E went to a church thing. Lazed around. Up for church, shopping. S to bed, working-got it figured out, but the API isn’t working right. I think I’ll check it in, but note that it’s not working right yet.
Got it all figured out, but very late, Super tired, got stuff done, but no housework. S to bed, back to work.
Up, very tired. Kids to school, work. Going to be hot today, but quite cool now. Actually a decent day-got more done, but the next ones are missing stuff. Cleaned the house too. Dinner, S to bed, a little work, time for bed.
SO hard to get up today. E is still sleeping. Kids to school, back, all the stuff that’s next doesn’t have specs or api’s, so I’m done! Well, almost done-the three I worked on still need to get finished up. Meeting at school, gamelan, dinner, bed.
Woke up late, work. Rainy, got the stuff to auto-build, reset pull request. One more thing to do tomorrow. Dinner, S to bed, looking at old OS stuff.
It’s Friday, there are 2 gigs tomorrow, and I’m basically done with all the work I have. Nice. I had to change one little thing, and write JavaDocs for a couple. Git case sensitivity is still hosing me. The old Ruby’s on the Seal Beach pier burned-it looked shuttered. Not much else-work, hang out, get pizza for fam, gamelan.
Sat.-up, take C to a friends’, gamelan-pack up truck, unpack truck, play at the Chinese garden, pack up truck, hang out in St. Johns, go to Kenton Masonic Temple, unpack truck, hang out, watch odd first act, set up, play-we had to restart Wilujeng-so embarrassing-it’s an easy piece! Watch headliner, pack truck, back to L&C, unpack truck. Very tired-home, eat, bed.
Sun., sleep in, pick up C, drop off C, go to AlpenRose & drop off S, yummy lunch, shop, watch kids’ show, Burrito Express for dinner, S to bed, hang out, so tired, sleep. Dreamed about being on the shore exploring a WWII thing that catches marine invaders, dive down to hide, back up on rocks-perfect waves coming in, want to bodysurf, go out.
Up, kids to school, work. Still so tired. Things aren’t going well.

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