dunno. what’s a good title for an “exciting” life?

Endless frustration at work, still. I have no idea if it will stop. It did, for the most part-now I’m to the “figure out all the stuff” part.

The log:
Work, all the way through, got conflicts merged, pull requests done. To bed, don’t remember my dreams.
Slept in a little, work, starting on a new feature. More PR comments, I’m over. To bed, dreamt about being in a parking lot with a store underground in the middle, E getting booze for a thing and I’m pissed about it.
Up, kids to school, work, more PR stuff, got the new thing going. No gamelan until mid-July. PR reviews, got the new thing rendering, but no data. Dinner, S to bed, conflict merging went fine. Time for me to sleep. Hard to get there, forgot the dream.
Up, slept in a bit, work, new thing is going. Upstairs neighbors are evicted. Reading Harry Potter. Woke up wiggly and cold. Massage, sleep.
Up, kids to school, work. New thing is almost done-need to refine the UI and hook up the data. UI is refined, except for one thing, the data is wired, but need to do the bit to populate the collection-getting there, all I need now are 2 more bits. Got the bits, S to bed, one bit left. Finished up, now to testing-the database I’m using sucks, so I have to get some data going. Pushed a branch, sent an email, played agario.
Slept in, dreamed about trying to find a place to be alone. Breakfast, coffee, a little work. Shopping for dishes. Home, burgers for dinner, S to bed late, up late.
Slept in-too tired for church. Shop-to Ikea and environs, no dishes. Up late-ish.
Holiday Monday-slept in, hung out, cleaned, worked. Dinner at a neighbors, up late working-got the PR in, but with conflicts.
Woke up suddenly at 7:45-ack. Dreaming about listening to Todd and looking at my email on an index card-sized device. Very tired. Everyone got out the door and I went back to bed. On to work. Fixed the conflict, did some if the PR stuff, getting a new task. ANOTHER conflict, working on comments, E to hospital, very very crowded, we got home at 2.
Up, so, so tired, but a few folks at work pulled an all-nighter, kids to school, standup, to Costco for meds, fixed the conflict, but now git’s certificate is wacked. Lockdown at UCLA. Yet another conflict… Pick up kids. Talk about the new JIRA on my plate. Cooking dinner, S to bed, more work.
So tired-woke up and had a hard time going back to sleep. Kids to school, work-figured out the 2 things I was struggling with. Finish them and on to the next bit. Got it done, but a zillion comments to the PR have stalled me. Luckily some dude made changes to the new one so I can call it. Prince died of a Fentanyl OD, brought on by chronic pain mismanagement. Got paid, pulled out taxes. Boy, I’m responsible! I’ve gotten burned, so I know.

Waiting on electoral-vote.com to start up for real. Not much else to say about our crazy land. I have lotsa links, but not going to post them, music too, but no, just the log.

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