The path

Look out my window, green leaves and trees

Look the other see hard and cold self-destruction

our planet will be here when we are gone

then it won’t be ours to keep, another will take that

the illusion of dominion has made us proud and strong

and with that pride comes arrogance and how the mighty will fall


how do we escape the trap that we have laid

how do we change it so our kids can have a chance

by caring for each other, no matter race or creed

by stopping thieves who steal our common good and unity

by telling those in power to listen to our words

or believe you me, the revolution will be in our streets


is the path we’re on the right one to see our future clear

or have we gone down a road that leads to hate and fear

our leaders and their masters and their minions will never tell

that it is greed that drives their lives and leads us all to hell

there’s one way out, to tell them all that this is not the way

they must know and truly fear that one day there will be hell to pay


what we’re doing to our world is truly sad to see

shortsighted acts and greedy men will make it hard to be

the balance tipped our children’s lives will surely be destroyed

all for a dollar in the bank that can’t be used as food

there’s no easy way to pull us from the brink

if we change it now we act to make it better one far day

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