Core: Computer, ProTools HD2 Accel, 192 I/O, 1 DVD writer, Wadia Digital 781i, 922 & 931 Decoding Computer, Wadia 270se transport, Sunfire classic preamp, ART HQ 231, TPC CPR EQ-1

Home: Sunfire Symphonic reference amp, B&W Nautilus, Ohm Walsh 5 mk2, crossover, cabling

Stage: Renkus-Heinz ICL-R & IC215-S


Core: eq, delay

12 Meyer M3D

4 Meyer M3D-Sub, Center flown, end fired

8 point rigging-6 masts



Bowed fretless 2 octave Steinberger GL7 w/MIDI, Buchla Lightning II/Thunder/Marimba Lumina, Yamaha KX8, Sennheiser vocoder, Yamaha WX5, Zeta eModern violin, Strados Fusion cello, Fusion uprite bass, TrapKat, MIDI controller-16 ins & outs, Tenori-on, tablet with PD/Max as controller


Korg Kronos (this may replace a lot of stuff), Yamaha TX802, Akai Z8, Oberheim Matrix 12R, software editor, synths, sequencers, synthTech MOTU, Buchla 700, Buchla Music Easel, OP-1, QY-100, Fairlight CMI III, tablet for synths: analog/sampler, fm, dsp/midi

Reverbs, etc.

Lexicon PCM91, TC 2290, Zoom 9150, E-Bow, BBE 882i, Aphex 250, Dolby spectral, TC Finalizer 96k, Line6 Pod HD 500, 2 Neve 1081r, Tube Tech SMC2b, EQ1a, Shure SM58, Neumann U187, U47, surround processor, Yamaha Q2031b, DME64 mixer, 3xApex Ultimate stand AX-48, 12-U racks, Switchcraft patchbay (32×6 in & out), Fairchild 670, AKG C12, Pultec EQP-1, Urei 1176


Javanese & kebyar gamelan, sitar, tabla, 2 tamboura, sarod, 2 didges, hammered dulcimer, oud, djembe, koto, 21 ½” shakuhachi, pelog, slendro, equal temperament hang drums



16 Varilights, 4 light stands, power supply, MIDI controller


48 Varilights, 48 fixed lights


projector, 15 x 10 screen


parabolic dish, mount, motors, 4 LNA & down converters, direcTV dish & converter


lasers, mirrors, spinners, software, cabling, generator, smoke machine

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