House supplies

Main structurestereo, TV, terminal, camera, telephone, sensors, carpet, tile, rug, wood, painting, sculptures, lighting

kitchen—2xstoves, 2xfridge, freezer, all utensils, large food storage, dishwasher, 2xdisposal, 2xsinks, microwave, 2x worktables

6xbathroom—large tub, whirlpool, couch, 2xsinks, mirrored, 2xtoilets, shower

office—see office supplies

cellar—2xtemp controlled sections, vintage wine, port, brandy, alcohol storage, beer, wine, soda for serving

bar—darts, pool table, table vid games, air hockey, 10xtables, TV, stereo, small stage, stocked bar, disposal, gamelan, pinball, basketball, bowling

2xliving room—3xsofas, 5xchairs, end tables, cabinets

dining room—4xtables-2 straight 10xchairs, 2 round 6xchairs, 2xserving tables w/chafing stuff, 2xcabinets w/silver, china, etc.

entrance room—2xsofas, 3xchairs, endtables, closets

washroom—2xwashers, dryers, 2xsinks, table

library—2xdesks, 2xworktables w/chairs, 8xchairs w/endtables, 2 walls books, 1 wall screen

control room—a/v, telephone, temp, lighting, servers

4xbedroom—2xclosets, king bed, 2xdressing table, 2xbedstand, disposal, hamper

storage, ac/heating, electrical, wiring


bedroom—see main bedroom

bathroom—see main bathroom

kitchen—stove, fridge, worktable, sink, dishwasher, disposal, microwave

living room—2xsofa, 4xchairs, endtables

washroom—washer, dryer, racks, storage

Garage—limo, custom chopper, ferrari, 3xdirt bike, offroad vehicle, van, flatbed & trailer

Workshop, office

machine shop—lathe, saw, drill, welder, smelter, tables, hand tools, lasers, electrical tools, canvas, paint, brushes, glues, clay, molds, darkroom, pottery wheel, kiln, glassblowing gear, sewing machines, bike/car lifts

3xoffices—see office supplies

conference room—see office supplies

kitchen—see villa kitchen

bathrooms—see villa bathroom

recording studio—see music, control room, iso room, main room

living room—see villa living room

Sewage treatment, power, recycling, desal, composting

Distillation facility,

10xwindmills, 10,000 sq ft solar cells, water turbine

Barn, farming

semi, forklift, flatbed, tractor, fel, backhoe, crane

main structure—stalls, coop, food processing, distillery, brewery, winery, loom, spinner, paper mill, flour mill

3xgreenhouses—hydroponic, 2xregular, shroom house, high strength glass, tintable

2xstorage barns, underground storage


silkworms & mulberry trees

50xchickens, ducks, geese

20xmilk cows


10xpigs, goats

2 beehives

fishpond, lake, hatchery, aquaculture-sardines, trout, salmon, shellfish

54 acres fields (6×9)—fruit, vegetables, wheat, rice, corn, soybeans, beans, barley, hops, grapes, mj, poppy, coca, flax, cotton, coffee, pine, hay, clover

Athletic facilities

domed tennis court, ice rink, basketball court, volleyball court, vert ramp, 1000 seat amphitheater, 25 rows

olympic indoor, outdoor pool, diving

race track—dirt, paved, cycle track, dragstrip/runway—dirt bikes, 2xdragster, 2x formula 1, 5xbikes, 3xrace bikes, DC3, F111, aerobatic prop

baseball field

football/soccer field, running track

9 hole golf course

ski slope

beach—dock, boats, windsurfers, surfboards, kitesurf-kites & boards, diving, hobie, 35’ sailboat, offshore, fishing, yacht

50’ climbing wall to 5.12, ropes, gear

white water course, kayaks

Athletic building

racquetball court, squash court

weight room—all nautilus, free, cycles, rowing, stairs, xc, reformer, wunda, cadillac, barrel, pole

5xshowers, changing room 20x

5 level sauna, whirlpool

store room, compressor, all equipment

100 yd. indoor/outdoor shooting range

30’x30’- ½ sprung floor, ½ wrestling mats

punching bags, wooden dummy, speed bag, targets, weapons, headgear, gloves, footpads, etc.

3 lane bowling alley, balls, computer

10’x10’ trampoline

bar—see main bar


Grove, altar, statuary, benches, waterfall, fountain, pendopo


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