Office supplies

This is very old, and describes the stuff you need to get an office going.

72” 2 pedestal desk, credenza, hi back executive swivel tilt/ergonomic chair, 2 guest chair, 3 drawer bookshelf, appointment book, desk lamp, couch & tables
secretarial workstation w/left return, 1 guest chair, ergonomic operator chair, stationery tray, typewriter/cover, steno books, copy holder
lateral file, vinyl mat, rolodex, tape dispenser, desk calendar, ruler, stapler/remover, letter opener, scissors, desk pad, 3 letter tray, desk drawer organizer, trashcan/recycling, highlighter, date stamper, correction pen, voip videophones, x terminal
Stool w/kneel chair, drafting table, architects ruler, briefcase, iPad, telephone headset
(per computer) monitor arm w/clamp, keyboard rest, cover, surge suppressor/UPS; 8xswivel tilt chair; conference table; coat rack; work table/copier stand; storage cabinet; 4 drawer lateral file; safe; refrigerator; water cooler; video stand/TV/DVD-B/R; post-it notepads; cash box; label sheets; rubber bands; glass cleaner/furniture polish; towels; cups/spoons; scotch tape; filament tape dispenser; tape pads; stamper; dictionary/thesaurus; rubber cement; fifth cut folders; colored hanging folders/tabs; folder labels; business card case; heavy duty stapler; staples; hole puncher; xacto knife, cutting surface; paper clips; chalkboard; whiteboard; corkboard; ashtrays; coffee server; mini shredder; clear report cover; velobinder; answering machine; ionizer/air filter; coffee machine; postal scale; sharpener; pens/pencils/erasers; markers; 25lb 50% paper; envelopes; 9×12 envelopes; padded envelopes; legal pads; diskettes/tapes/CDs/DVDs; cutting board; tools; extinguisher; first aid kit; letterhead; letterhead envelopes; compliment slips; business cards; phone, network lines; switch, router, cable modem, wireless access; pictures, plants, sculpture; sofa/chairs; table; lamp; color laser printer/photocopier/scanner; glasses, plates, utensils; binders, dividers; clipboards; projector, screen

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