Elizabeth Jones

The thought of her makes my heart ache

I just know she’ll make my heart break

But why, oh why, do I go back to that place?

Won’t you help me get this woman off my mind?

Please help me, I’ve gotta get the thought behind.

‘Cause I know if I don’t do it,

I’ll be one of the hurtin’ kind.

I go to bed at night, get up the next day

All I think about is gettin’ back to your place.

Somebody’s gotta help me, I can’t shake this nasty bind.

Somebody’s gotta help me, she always looks so damn fine.

No matter how I try,

I’m gonna lose my mind.

I’ve got the Lizabeth Jones, I need some every day.

I’ve got the Lizabeth Jones, I can’t seem to get away.

This jones’ll keep me coming,

Way on past my dying day.

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