A method of spiritual advancement

To evolve is the goal of all life. Evolution is the cause of and the effect on the organism being changed. Evolution is progressive, building upon the prior changes to the organism.

Humanity is at a waypoint of its physical evolutionary path. The human form will not change for several thousand years, at minimum. Evolution does not stop at the physical form however. Man’s mind still has some evolving to do.

This is evidenced by the amount of trauma caused by man’s mind dysfunctioning. Needless violence, addictions, insanity, inhumanity, careless treatment of others, the list goes on and on.

How can this dysfunction be stopped? How can we start the evolution of mind?

Fortunately, the non-physical part of man can be developed like the body can be developed, through work.
I will describe the work that needs to be done to provide this development.

A human can be divided into several parts that relate to certain physical and non-physical life processes. They are physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual parts.

Each of these parts have a particular function and are developed in specific ways.

The physical body is the one we inhabit, the one that dies. It is developed through control of the body and refinement of physical processes. This can be accomplished by these things: physical fitness-cardio-vascular, strength and flexibility; proper diet; yoga asanas; yoga prana; body skills-martial arts, ballet, musical skills.

The emotional body is how we react to the world around us. It is concerned with feelings. To develop the emotions, perception and control of emotions, experiencing appropriate emotions.

The mental body is the one we use to get ideas, imagine things, solve problems, create, reason. It is how intellect is expressed. The mental body is developed by control of thoughts and enhancement of thought methods. This is done by the following exercises: study, logic and reasoning, debate, problem-solving, perception and control of thoughts and attitude, concentration, meditation, contemplation.

The spiritual body is the part concerned with the relation with the greater spiritual world. It is developed by cultivating spiritual perception and control. This is done by experiencing certain events and perceiving your feeling towards the event. This is an extremely sensitive perception, and hard to gain. It also carries the risk of succumbing to illusion and falsehood.

To accomplish the next evolutionary leap, mankind must cultivate non-physical “muscles”. The steps outlined here will be a start on the way of building those muscles. It’s time for all of us to be spiritual bodybuilders.

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