Spiritual Armageddon

The Bible was correct, the “second coming” is upon us. Every two thousand years a change of seasons comes upon humanity. The focus of the change is halfway between two states of humanity. This is the point of transition between the two states.

The last focus was on the Renaissance, at the turn of the 15 and 16th centuries. This focus was on rationality and discovery of the nature of our physical environment.

The key to understanding the changes happening around us is to discover the nature of the next focus. I assume that there is some sort of progress made during the passage of these “Ages” and that time brings wisdom.

Let’s look at the recent past. The last focus was on rationality. The one before was focused on aggression and conquest. The one before that focused on urbanization, and the one before that focused on writing.

So where does that lead us? I can tell that the first several lead us toward greater levels of communication and contact between peoples, both through writing and direct contact. It also brought greater control of many by a few. Does this mean less or more communication, less or more control, or is significant change upon us, a way of life completely different from what we consider normal. I think the latter. Here is why.

A person from the turn of the century would barely understand “modern life”. A person from the 17th century would find it barely comprehensible. One from the middle ages, foreign. One from antiquity, alien.

I imagine that we would find life five hundred years from now as alien as those from antiquity would find ours.

The nature of the change upon us is fundamental. Some in the past have discovered the nature of the next focus and have passed their interpretations to us in writing. Others have passed their knowledge through an oral tradition. I will use the Bible as the most well known of written knowledge.

I wish to make a disclaimer at this point. My use of the Bible as “proof” for my assertion does not cast doubt on any person’s belief. It also means that I accept what the Bible says, but do not accept it as reality, but as metaphor, as a means to teach. If this offends you, I’m sorry, but Absolute Truth is a very slippery thing to grasp.

The New Testament is the story of the last change. It begins as four opinions of one reality. It continues with interpretation of the results of this change, how they apply, and their meaning to humanity. It ends with a vision of the next change, interpreted through the eyes that saw that vision.

This is the key to gaining insight into our current situation. How does what John wrote reflect his vision? Obviously it is filtered through his culture. Next, how do we interpret what he wrote now? No one can do this except John himself. So I will try to make some reasonable guesses about what his words mean, filtered through the 20th century.

John talks about many occurrences that are hardly likely now. Dragons, angels, beasts. He also talks about very real occurrences-fire from the sky, plagues, pestilence, famine. I can only assume that the “unreal” occurrences are figurative, and the real ones, “real”.

The unreal ones convey the nature of the change upon us, and the real ones concretize that change

John talks of the opening of seals, the sound of trumpets. Something is being revealed, something is being heard that makes us all change or be lost.

What is being revealed?

It must be the connection between the rational focus of the past Great Cycle and the next focus, which, seen through the Revelation of John, seems to be anything but rational.

All those who are marked, who have conquered shall pass through to the next place. All those who do not conquer, who are marked with a coarser mark do not pass and are cast to the lake of fire (to try again).

This doesn’t sound physical to me. It sounds more like some sort of spiritual armageddon, a purification by fire that some will accept and some will not.

From earlier books in the New Testament, we see a certain path of love, humility, peace, forbearance, and forgiveness of others. There is also a personal revelation transmitted from one to another, a sending and receiving (see Revelation 3:3).

From personal experience, this is the key to the spiritual armageddon. You receive the unfelt, unspoken Word and send it to others one-on-one. Each recipient attracts others who are prepared to receive, who receive and in turn attract others. An appropriate scientific metaphor is a chain reaction. Armageddon comes at the point of critical mass, the resonance point of the two closest foci, where the tension between the points is at its greatest.

So how do we deal with the fact of this change? I guess that the best course of action is to act on the purest tenets of your belief, and you will receive when you are ready.

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