Daily posting-12/30/1996

Monday, blue Monday.Another week-even though Wednesday is a holiday… So what’s happened? Not a lot-Christmas at my parents-the usual slow day with them-no really awesome presents-I really didn’t ask for much. Thursday I brought dinner to Diane-she just moved into a new apartment. We went out after that-I got home late & woke up sick as a dog! I got a call Friday afternoon-ACLU’s server crashed all the way. I had to work on it all weekend-fortunately we got it mostly all back-I had to hack into the dead drives to get 2 files out-no problem. Glen was so grateful… What else? Not a lot-the usual emotional stuff I’m going through right now-I’ve gotta talk this out with her. Some interesting dreams. My life is pretty small as far as events go-no plans yet for New Year’s. No flying since a week Saturday…That’s all folks!

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