Daily posting-11/6/2005

It’s Saturday, no Sunday, and I started this a few minutes before we take the kids to a pajama party and we go to the Melting Pot. So we had a nice fondue dinner with friends. Erika fell on her face when we picked up the kids & prolly has a broken nose.

Busy week. Helped with the Harvest Festival at school, birthday party for our minister’s son, wash, church, wash. Halloween Monday, dinner at a church friend, trick or treating, visit 2 other church friends. Flew indoor kites every lunchtime-lotsa space at work. Church meeting, a few beers after work Thursday, packed up and moved Friday. Went to San Juan Capistrano. It was our anniversary Tuesday, Erika’s birthday Friday. Dinner, church today. Erika went to the Dr’s. Tomorrow is the first day at the new place, parent/teacher meetings at school. I’m prolly going to the Dr’s after to look at my painful hips and shoulders.

Libby got indicted, is gone. Long live Libby. He pled not guilty. Couldn’t get him on the leak, just on perjury and obstruction. You really shouldn’t lie to a grand jury…Rove is next, and everyone says he should resign, or get his clearance pulled.

Samuel Alito is the new Supremes nominee. 15 years on the bench, lotsa rulings. He’s good for the base. Don’t like what I’ve seen so far.

Congress is desperate to keep on message-bills with cuts to food stamps, medicare, child welfare, drilling in the Arctic reserve. Typical. Alan Alda on West Wing was parroting this line tonight. <sigh> Gotta roll back everything enacted since the New Deal.

The riots in France are spreading. Shades of ’68. It’s poor African/Muslim immigrants, though. This rage has been simmering for years. No idea how this will play out. IM and cell phones are helping people to coordinate things.

Chimpy’s trip to S. America was a failure. No big surprise here-most people there dislike him. And he’s weak, and people smell blood in the water.

IBM researchers have been able to slow light down to 1/300th of its regular speed. This is an advance for optical switches and computing.

Downloads: Xara Xtreme, Open Office and gnuStep.

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