Daily posting-11/12/2005

Doing this on Saturday-no time during the week. Kids are napping, there’s a church pledge thing tonight, and my shoulder aches. I went to the Dr.’s Monday, he sent me to a physical therapist Friday. Ouch. Dude totally dug into painful parts of my left shoulder. Says I have tendonitis. Got some painkillers, which helps…

Weekly recap (easily the best part of your week, right?) Erika went to the Dr.’s Sunday-they took x-rays at the hospital-she doesn’t have a broken nose-messed up cartilage, though. New office on Monday-set up everything, dead hub, docking station. Got to put up more of my toys and stuff. Got a blood sample taken Tues., more move ins, Erika & kids visited twice. We had some rain. We got new cellphone service Thurs., canceled my old one. Physical therapy Fri., ouch. Went on a lantern walk at school for Michaelmas-made a lantern. Dinner at Chili’s afterwards. Dorothy Nolte died. Lazy today. Erika visited an aging church member today and is shopping now.

Not much happening this week that I want to talk about-a bombing in Jordan, French riots are subsiding, gas prices are going down, Quest had good earnings, Schwartzenegger lost all the ballot measures, an 18 year old is mayor of a small Michigan town, Dems did well, Paris Hilton was in a car crash-Lohan was in one a few weeks ago, Lost is huge and we’re not watching it, but we are watching the “category 7” thing-horrible, it is. Yesterday was Veterans Day.

Chimpy trotted out the old “questioning anything about what the administration does hurts the troops and helps the terrorists” line. What BS that is. They used the same line during Vietnam-it’s just a feeble attempt to deflect attention away from the serious problems that exist in the runup to war and how the war and its aftermath was handled. Questioning things is patriotic, doesn’t tell the troops anything but that we’re in a functioning Democracy-the opposite is the real problem-either stifling dissent or there being none at all.

I only picked 2 things-xPlorer2-a Windows explorer replacement and Liferay-app server portal. Check out Tribenet-it’s pretty cool, sort of like mySpace…

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