Daily posting-11/20/2006

Well, I got to this a little sooner than the last time…No worries. Life moves along, Busy at work, home, school and church. Kids are on vacation this week-I have Weds and next Mon. & Tue. off.

My exciting life: Matt went to the dentist-he was saying his spacer was loose-and it wasn’t, Souplantation, meeting at school, more meetings, no one is showing up to Tai Chi class on Saturdays, visit my parents, Debs Park walk, Mission Viejo mall, Great Khan for lunch, edit Sealight, school lantern walk at Soka University, nature center walk & cookout, swap meet, Erika’s godfather died. Plus the usual school, work, home, church.

Issues and current events: the Dems picked up both the House and Senate. Woo hoo! And Pelosi is the first woman speaker. And she immediately puts her foot in it. No matter-it couldn’t be worse than the endless debacle in Iraq. As I was driving to Tai Chi Saturday, the Minutemen were out protesting the work center on Laguna Canyon. I’ve been listening to the Bardo Thodol in the car, and the big teaching for the living is to avoid ignorance, aggression, pride, desire and envy populating your unconscious tendencies-these are what drives karma and where you go for rebirth. On the way back the aggression of the Minutemen was palpable. On Sunday our minister was saying things about how our nation spends more than it makes-unsustainable-and I realized that we are a nation of hungry ghosts. TV: I moved the cable box into the bedroom-we spend most of our TV time in there. The kids really don’t watch much other than nick, animal planet and dvd’s. I got to see some stuff I don’t get much of a chance for. There was a Star Trek OS marathon on TVLand. Erika likes Celebrity Paranormal Project-but she also likes Most Haunted and the TAPS one too. Whoopee. She’s also been watching Hallmark and TBN movies-blecch. I know I’m not watching the Madonna thing.

Links and downloads: unrar, live music from Internet Archive, a lot of Tibetan Buddhist stuff, crazy guy named Ted, Cooper UI design newsletters.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “The new way of breathing was practiced, without bow and arrow at first, until it came naturally.” Zen in the Art of Archery

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