Daily posting-12/13/2006

Looks like 2 weeks seems to be the current duration-I basically blew off everything I had to do. I got a storage unit and put all my music on it-now I can listen to my music collection at home too. Much more convenient-now I don’t have to take my laptop back and forth from home.

My exciting life: get chairs at church ready for carpet cleaning, Ikea, Fry’s, Erika went for Bill’s funeral, Thankdgiving dinner at Pemberton’s, get Christmas stuff at storage, Charo chicken, put chairs back, swim-spa & jump in cold pool, Pep Boy’s, hiked in Wood Canyon with the boys, Erika’s mom broke her arm, school dinner and concert, church dinner, had lunch at the Snooty Fox, got a tree.

Issues and current events: did anything happen? The Iraq Study Group report, which Chimpy promptly ignored, more dead Iraqis, Obamamania. Samantha Bee got all creamy over him on the Daily Show last night. TV: We watch the same thing most weeks-the Unit, Daily Show, etc. Britney showing her nether regions. Nicole Richie getting popped for DUI-the Mallard Fillmore cartoonist too.

Links and downloads: Free Albums Galore, Webbed Hand Records. There are a lot of cool pathways from here…

Page 23, Sentence 5: “The Abstract Factory pattern in Design Patterns defines a method for providing this mechanism.” San Francisco Design Patterns

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