June 25th, 2020

At work, they want to reassign me to a sales thing. I say that I’m a programmer, not a salesman. Jacob H is doing the job and he says there’s not much work right now. I go over and look through a desk for some of my stuff.

Walking through town, follow someone. A girl is hiding behind a door, trying to follow them too. I hang out waiting for him to go around a corner, and close the blind the girl is looking through. Walk around to a small shopping area, see them. Go into a running shoe shop and sit down-I’m barefoot. A guy comes over with socks and looks at my feet and asks about them. A toe is crossed over another and I have huge bunions. I tell him what shoes I have and he goes to get some. I go over to the shoe that has my music downloaded on it and press play. A girl looks over disapprovingly, and a guy comes over and says that’s cool.

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