January 5th, 2019

At a show, sit in back, move to the side because everyone stood up, trying to find a view of the stage. Look at my ticket, I’m in the second row, so go there, Ian T is sitting next to me. We can’t see much because of the speakers, move to the center. Ignore someone wanting the seat. The stage is high, big speakers, so can’t see much even in awesome seats. Roger Waters comes out, just him, and starts singing and staring out into the crowd. I try to catch his eye, but he finishes a verse and walks off stage. he comes back on with a bunch of people in costumes, sings a verse, walks off stage. I say to Ian that he’s going off for a bump. Finally the road manager comes onstage and says that the show is over because Roger is having emotional difficulties and can’t handle performing. Then he starts singing and running around the stage. A curtain raises and there are 4 guys playing keyboards. I run onstage, jump on one of the drum kits and start playing. I adjust things while I’m playing-it has a weird snare and tiny cymbals.

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