What’s a New Year among friends?

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OK, time for the first paragraph. The new year is here, holidays are past. Busy as usual, still short of ca$h-hit that tip link, please! The world is busy turning, with the same stuff happening-’round and ’round we go. I have stuff to do, but the house is staying clean. Gov’t is half shut down, Dems are running the House. The mess continues-are the financial markets next? I’d rather watch skiing-Mikaela Shiffrin is a rockstar. And listen to Veruca Salt. Need to play my instruments more. Dreamt about playing drums last night. That’s it for now.

End of day Friday. Back OK, shoulder and knee not. I have to figure out whether I want to work out, and whether I should leave early. Decisions, decisions. And bills need to be paid.

This is pretty cool.

Watching South Park late Friday. Watched more TV, skipped w/o, Winco, paid only the bills due. Need to do the math on the rest…and now it’s Saturday. Slept in, got the kitchen in shape, slowly started on the living room, started the dishwasher, made espresso-the grinder wasn’t fine enough…E said “such a first world problem…” Time to empty the dishwasher and start doing laundry.

In bed, house is clean, time to sleep. I messed up a white shirt by putting it in with a red sheet. It’s only pink in a few places, because I noticed it quickly. Still a shame…(wore it Friday, it was OK)

Thursday between Xmas and New Year’s. Working from home. Got a flu shot. Xmas was pretty quiet-C’s GF stayed over, made food, hung out, got a Sonicare. House is pretty tidy.

And here we are, a week later. Saturday, sitting at the kitchen table drinking cappucino and tabletising. House is pretty clean, so not much to do. W/o last night-M is still sick, my knee is still not 100%. Had yummy oatmeal via rice cooker, shared with S. Back home, 10# turkey was $5-that’s what’s for dinner, and leftovers, and soup stock. Last week was pretty chill-work, home, w/o Tue. & Fri., not much for New Years.

Sunday. Skipped church, made rice for breakfast. Work last night-no issues except an expired license. Email sent.

Links. brighter side: (no kittens or puppies, sorry!). Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, sentence 5.“If anything, the amount of information was overwhelming and confusing, because it was contradictory or simply didn’t resonate with me at the time.”, Slow-Simple Living for a Frantic World.

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