October 17th, 2018

On the beach, flying kites. S has a nice one up, and is getting ready to put line laundry on it. I pull it down, it whips around and I put it back up. A bunch of people show up and I start setting up a 1.5, but the sticks are big. I look up and S’s kite is gone. We look around to see what happened.

October 16th, 2018

At home, one of our cats is dying, orange fur, meowing. It’s skinny, and the fur is getting redder. It starts crying and I comfort it.

Driving fast down Sterncrest. I pull up to a house at the far end, go around the driveway, pick up the owner. He starts taking about how he maintains things. I take him to our old house to see how we did it.

Going to my room to get things moved in. It’s down a corridor with shops and stuff. I step up and the door is locked. A guy inside opens it up and I think about moving stuff to the front, but stay here.

work locally, think globally

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Here we go with another post-only 2 weeks late! As usual, not much happening. I still despair about the state of politics, and it’s beginning to have a negative impact on the economy and foreign relations. And not to forget climate change, and the ongoing destruction of the environment. There’s just so much bad happening everywhere. Sometimes I just want to curl up and make it all go away. There is good, though, and mostly neutral-people going about their lives and jobs and school, etc. My family is doing OK, and community too, and mostly good in Portland, but there’s so much negativity and division. OK, enough-I don’t like to dwell on it, and there’s only so much that can be done-work locally, think globally…onward.

Sitting in the lobby of an eye doctor-M is getting his eyes checked. I should too. W/o last night, late-intervals and Basic 1, the usual. Pizza for dinner. Deployment tonight. At work on Monday-E started today too. Didn’t do much Sat.-sat around, didn’t want to move, so I didn’t. I may have picked up a few things, but mostly jelly watching TV.

Church Sun., back home, start cleaning, pick up E, binz, home, more cleaning, laundry, etc., w/o-continuous run and Basic 5, dinner late, more laundry, bed. Mon night, E only got through half a day. Trying to keep things clean.

Watching Nerd TV-robot fightin’ time and e-sports, drone racing to come. More mess at work-and not reproducing-I hate those the most of all. I have a bug identified, but it seems as if it works OK. Had to run really fast, and still have to leave work late… and the deployment didn’t go through. W/o-elliptical and negatives-beat M up with it-he’s still not acclimated to the continuous half-hour run. Late dinner, bed, up, more fixes with this mess.

And it’s Thursday, and I found the solution to the mess! Yesterday was pretty chill-thought I had fixed the mess, deployment. Dinner, laundry, dishes, tidy, etc. E picked me up, binz. Tidy, choir rehearsal, dinner, more nerd TV-drone racing. Gamelan starts next week.

The weekend is ovah, Monday afternoon. Failed to get a deployment going, Sat. one was nothing. W/o Fri. was same ‘ol, M wasn’t up for much. Watched Jurassic World. Chill Sat., E had a church thing early. Picked her up, estate sales, etc.. Skipped church, tidied, laundry, etc. W/o, my left knee started hurting at the end. I have until tomorrow to recover. Not much else-politics is all us vs them, old vs new: the beginning of the war of all against all. The quote about glaciers melting still holds, but I’ve lost the words again.

Tuesday-now Weds., waiting on a long batch process for Websphere. W/o last night, M was at an interview, but he came late to do t’ai chi. Had to not do a few negatives. Not much else-E cleaned her side of the closet. I had been trying to keep it contained, as she has a habit of letting stuff spread all over the place. Gamelan tonight, after a long summer break.

And now, it’s Monday. Gamelan was fine, work, the usual weekend, watched GotG 2 Friday., w/o-my nagging knee injury finally got worse. It’s wrapped and I’m doing bike only. Tidy Sat., work thing, no church Sun., shop and drive around. Did a carpet spot clean. W/o, dinner, lazy. Wednesday, gamelan tonight. Got a lot of work to do. W/o last night, still babying my knee. M had a hard time-ran a continuous, then negatives. I picked up a combo amp at the trash! It works, but the knobs are crackly. Also a bunch of nice food.

Here’s Friday. Lots to do, jumped on another set of tasks. I feeling a bit frazzled. My knee is a bit better-I’ve had a sleeve and cuff on it all week. Gamelan, choir, busy at work, trying to tidy, short on $$$=same ‘ol, same ‘ol. W/o late-M came late and was tired. Picked up C late. House isn’t in bad shape.

Back to work Monday. Woo-hoo. Pretty normal weekend, except for the Kavanaugh thing. A lot of people are pissed. Slacked on vacuuming and laundry-E has a pile in a corner of the living room. Got everything else done. Sat., picked up a cool Philips natural light alarm clock, saw a Bose pro level speaker set-nice, but spendy. Stopped in at the Portland Music Co. on 99E-the typical music store… Church Sun., binz-picked up another blank book for cheap. W/o earlyish-M isn’t feeling well, my knee is better but still not right-I think I’ll go to only one run per week-cycle and elliptical the other days. Ramping back up weights. Up-the light was nice, but I turned it off so S & E could sleep in.

Friday, and this

popped into my head. Memories of teenage me on many Fridays… The week was OK, but short on $$$, as usual. W/o Tues, gamelan Weds., choir Thurs.-the usual stuff. The house is pretty messy. E has done some stuff, but I haven’t, and it shows. I’ll be busy tomorrow cleaning. I really want to finish going through my paperwork. The new light is pretty nice. I need to practice the tune we’re doing for Sunday as well-I have a recording of it, so it should be fine-that reminds me…

Links. brighter side: blue marble, cat mom, baby gorilla, size scales. Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, sentence 5.“Yehlh creates the world and populates it with man-but there’s no light!”, The Kingdom of Speech. It seems that I post to the blog in the time it takes me to read one book.

October 11th, 2018

Driving home, south in the carpool lane. Come to a complicated intersection, with cross traffic. I take the left cutoff, while card going right are stopping and crashing all over the place, both ways. Make the turn, and the road runs out into a field, right by the freeway I need to get to. Walk over to a bus stop to take the bus the rest of the way. Some guy is there and he’s creepy. We get on the bus and go to a warehouse. The guy is talking about all sorts of stuff. We go in and mess around with stuff, then leave. A family is closing the doors, but I get out before they’re locked. A cop comes and asks me about the guy-apparently he killed someone and they’re looking for evidence. We go back upstairs and the cop gathers evidence and asks me questions.

October 9th, 2018

Text E saying we should stay in this fancy suite at a hotel downtown some time. S and I are in the suite waiting for E, and I’m worrying that we can’t afford it. It’s a super nice place. Go downstairs to cancel the room, and a bunch of people are there. The train is late, and the people rush over to the platform when the train arrives. I go into a room and mess around with setting up a display. We walk outside to the desk to cancel the room, and the guy says it’s $100, and we can’t afford it. It’s also $5 for the chain, and we pay that, and the guy says the rest is corporate policy, and we can ignore it.

October 8th, 2018

Walk up to a restaurant, hang over one of the registers, someone says to stop, as you can’t work the other register. Leave because I haven’t taken lunch and my shift is almost over. Go to a thrift store nearby. Come back and everything is closed up.

Going back to town, think about which way to go. Finally go a shortcut and sit to wait for my ride, because they took the long way. 2 guys come up, one kicks dust and dirt at me, the other takes a wild swing. I evade it easily.

October 4th, 2018

Backstage listening to the tape of me playing bass with Rush. The guitar sounds like a failing guitar hero. I’m playing really simple lines. Alex says, “it’s just not the same.”

At 1023, there are planes flying low down first street, and all over the place. It’s chaotic, and then some machine slices the house in half. We run outside, and the guy says it’s too bad and there’s no help from anyone to repair it.

October 1st, 2018

At a tiny studio (Pat from Nirvana’s?). Going to play guitar, but only 1 string, so switch to keyboard. I start playing, but it’s mushy. There’s plastic over the keys. I peel some off, and someone takes a ton more off. It plays great, but I don’t think they like what I’m playing.

September 30th, 2018

Go across a lake, Erika F is in a room and asks me why I’m there. I’m start back and Susan S asks me if I have a birthday present for her. I tell her it’s at home.

September 26th, 2018

In a room, waiting to get into a show. Hang out, listen to some guy get a refund. Go to the window and ask for one too. He says OK and asks why. I say I couldn’t get a date. Walk over to a pile of gear. A kid is setting it up-he’s with the band We talk about stuff..