The holiday season?

Monday of a very cash-poor week. I just used up all my savings to pay rent. bleh. Quiet weekend-w/o, quiet Sat., Snowpiercer (E had seen it already, M liked it a lot), church-filming Xmas thing, tired, shop with S, w/o, dinner late. S had trouble sleeping (Mon. too-she slept on the chair in our room). Work, home, laundry, dinner, bed-watched skiing, rinse, repeat.

I don’t know how I feel right now-we’re in such desperate money straits, and politics, but everything else isn’t bad-I’m pretty healthy, I have a well-paying job, the kids are fine, E is better than she was, we have a place to live and food and all the rest, which is a lot better than an awful lot of people can say…I still wish I had a cushion, and retirement money, and a great big pile of money would be nice. One can dream-I just have to keep moving forward until.

Gamelan Weds., up late eating, cleaning the kitchen, finding S’s stuffed bunny when she came back to our room to sleep. Up, tired, actually napped a bit on the bus in. Hassle getting home, dinner, S to bed, watch curling, fold some laundry, kitchen, bed, up, got early bus, but didn’t make the connection…E coming to pick me up. And…Monday. Pretty slow weekend-drove home, w/o Fri., clean Sat., S to overnight, watched Martian with E, watch skiing, church Sun., dropped E off at Sat. Market, got S, libe, home, shop, get M, shop, home, dinner, w/o, eat, shower, bed. Hard to stay asleep-napped a little on the way in today. And on the way home.

Links: back to political-I hope I find some “on the brighter side” links… Before Our Very Eyes, Trump Is Undoing the Work of Our Country’s Founders,

Page 23, Sentence 5: “The lightning sought our Ur-humans, Seranis put in.”, Beyond the Fall of Night

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Broke, please tip the writer!!!

Please tip the writer.

Yet another blog post. They’ll just keep coming, until, I have no idea until. Until I die, I guess. I was one of the first, and after almost 22 years, it’s just a part of my life. WordPress certainly makes it easier…until 2016, it was all by hand-edit file, change link info on month and year boundaries, upload. Now it’s edit via web anywhere. Need to take regular backups, though.

Gamelan tonight, worked out with M last night, late to bed. Watched slalom and cycling while cleaning the kitchen. Gamelan was fine-there’s a mouse in the room. Health insurance is insanely costly. Looks like I’m working over the Christmas break on a new project… Rainy, home, yummy Waffle House hash brown bowl dinner, but I prefer loose hash browns rather than patties. S to bed, watched cycling and short track while cleaning the kitchen. South Park with M too.

It’s Friday! I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow-this week has been late nights busy cleaning up after dinner. Here it is Monday-not a bad weekend, but too short. Long one coming… OK. So, workout with M Friday night-negative legs. Sleep in, clean, practice keyboard until a flooded bathroom had to be dealt with. Clogged toilet plus sticky valve equals many wet towels. Cleaned it up, unclog, done, except for the washing of towels.
Church Sun., with S to market & libe, wash towels, M to libe, pick up E, pick up M & shop, workout, dinner, bed. Hard to sleep-rain is very loud outside our wall. S left a plate out and has tons of bugs in her room-it freaked her out-she ended up in our room. Up, to work, forgot my laptop, back home, an hour late in. It’s Wednesday, 2 extra days off-that means 2 days less money-no bueno. Workout last night, making progress, but I dislike the stationary bike-maybe I need to change it up… And I did-treadmill now-I was doing that in the long ago, so it’s OK-I’m actually moving up weights as well.

And now another week-it’s Thursday-busy at work with problems. Gamelan last night. Thanksgiving was OK-sleeping in, ham, tried to keep things clean, not much other than the usual. We’re out of ca$h for the next week. All the bills are or will be paid, we just have nothing left after doing that. Please tip the writer. Thanks!

I think the work problem is solved. Friday night-worked out-teaching M t’ai chi, dinner, laundry. Ripping-need to watch Snowpiercer.

Links: none to be had-it’s just too depressing. I need to reinstate the “on a positive note” links…I suppose I could post kitten or puppy videos… Here’s one! The Boston Declaration, Doing good may not always feel great…and that’s okay (my HS classmate Bob).

Page 23, Sentence 5: “Just keep collecting your random scribbles on anything you can write on.”, Your Idea Starts Here

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November 16th, 2017

Going out back at home. Need to water the garden, start at the very back-the plants are really dry. Water them, then everybody comes home and I walk to the fence.

Hanging out in an reception area. Chat with a receptionist from KROQ. Go next door to the dentist’s to get S and there are several babies with ventilation bags on. One dad is carrying his baby out and getting on a sliding platform. I get on the next one and go to the exit for the radio station. I open the door and she’s there asking me if I want to make a request. I close the door and go halfway back to the dentist’s. Open the door and she’s wanting to give me stuff.

November 15th, 2017

In an office, working on a task. Look up something, and someone comes up to help. Go over and look at a remote presentation about debugging on a server. Go back to my desk.

The weather in November is…

Sat night-DST is over. Cleaned, shop, fish & chips, home. E’s birthday, anniversary just past. Sun., church, S to play, brunch on Alberta, browse, show, shop, home, dinner. M is unwell, and better now. We worked out yesterday-hit M with a negative 3 set leg workout with progressive heavy weights-he handled it well, we’ll see how sore he is today (can you see I used to do this?). And he was only a bit sore, except for glutes, which were still sore Thurs. I think it was an effective workout-need to boost the intensity just a bit. Arms tonight.

And it’s Friday, no Gamelan Weds., pretty quiet. Cold and rainy, just the usual sort of November weather here. Workout with M-negative arms. Quiet Sat., S to overnight party, Chinese dinner, church Sun., pick up S, shop, home, workout-M has sore arms. Hard to sleep-up, to work-banged my knee on the train-very painful, that. I may have work over shutdown…or may not. Such is how it goes here.

Links: How Television, Twitter and Trump Created a Post-Smart America, America Breaks Down: The Anatomy of a National Psychosis

Page 23, Sentence 5: “It may seem simpler to suggest that “atout” is short for “bon atout”, meaning “good for anything”, because a Trump will take any card of any suit.”, The Book of Thoth

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November 12th, 2017

Getting on a plane, the seating is odd-one person at each corner, others placed in other spots in the grid. The person yells at us to get in our seats. He starts talking about how someone has to put this thing at the bottom of the plane once we’re under way. There’s a shake, and the guy says “uh oh” and runs towards the front. I look out and we’re heading for a big wall/ridge. I yell at the guy to turn the plane but he stands there. I start to try to turn off the auto-pilot and turn the plane, but we’re getting close to the wall/ridge.

November 8th, 2017

Walking around a big field in a park with lots of people around. Walk past Jim K and ignore him. Walk past mom and Uncle Ivar? and wave. Beth F is in a house and I hug her and say goodbye-she’s crying and goes to bed. I hug some other girl too. Leave and go the Mike K across the field looking for something.

November 6th, 2017

A glowing ball comes towards me, turns into a horse head as it passes and says something to me.

Trying to get an app going that makes everything covered in smoke and hidden. Start it up and the smoke is decent but thins out. Walk around a parking lot in a mall looking at it, see much thicker black smoke coming from somewhere else. Walk back and shut the app down.

November 4th, 2017

At a U.S. thing, walking around a big room. Find my seat, and there’s a tube with a bunch of little containers stuck together. I pull them out, and each one has a name and a scent. It’s all the last 2 years’ graduates. Someone is talking, and mad at me for not paying attention.

In some building, there’s water draining through a series of pipes and basins. It’s leaking, and I try to figure out why. It’s some sort of circular thing, but the leak is draining to the input.

November 3rd, 2017

Hanging out at 30700, looking across the garage. See the moon and a sparkly disc by it. I feel a lot of power and the disc flies away. I name it Crystal and talk to E about it. We go up a tree and I think about how to call Crystal and use some of the power.