June 18th, 2018

Going down a river, looking back, see orange lights behind the hills. Know it’s radiation and feel it. Go inside and it’s less. Hope we get away before it gets worse. Get off the boat and walk around some buildings.

Working on fixing a display thing. Some guy comes and starts taking it apart.

June 15th, 2018

Help a homeless guy across the road and set him down. Say something about reducing attachment.

At work next to Al. Take my shoes off, smelly, put back on, close games and porn on my computer.

Leave a bar as a band is setting up. Get in my car and drive up, turn around, go the other way, too steep, turn around again.

June 16th, 2018

Going to ride a train car on an unused track. Go to the end and walk back. Get scared and leave.

Going to the dentist. Pack my jacket with stuff. Bob H is complaining about the slow service. I say that a good programmer can fix it. It’s the ivr, so I say to restart it, and that works.

June 14th, 2018

Walking into a meeting room ahead of a bunch of people. The door is almost shut and won’t open. I take my pants off and squeeze in. Open it and quickly go into a side room and close the door. Go over to the corner and start to open the hidden door. Someone is opening the other side and comes through-Bob Bertog! follows-they want to hear the deposition. I go out and walk into the kitchen. Someone I know is there and she knows the boy giving the testimony. Apparently he got abused by the defendant for years. She tells his story, then he comes running in.

June 12th, 2018

In the bedroom, going to romp with E, S com s in and says there’s someone at the door. Walk over, some woman with magazine subscriptions collecting. I say we only got the first month and the software was worthless. We agree to cancel.

Go into a living room to a retreat with only women-they have a long complicated litany and moves that they say and do and I try to keep up. Another girl doesn’t know it either-I try to follow her and fake it and she’s following me and finally she sits down and gives up. It ends and I leave looking for beer. Go to the other building, all boarded up and slide a panel open as a helicopter flies around looking in windows. I hide as I’m climbing up to the house, and it floes looking into the other house where the retreat is, then it it comes close and I wave. Go inside, it’s empty. Some guy and his son start arguing with me and there’s a rotten tomato in the corner. I leave and go to the upper section of the house.

Walking into a strip mall-ish building, my friend wants to break into the bank. I get the door open and we go in looking for the thing he wants to change. I worry about the police and flip some thing. I see a cop through a window and we leave through another door and walk up hill along a dirt path to the road.

June 11th, 2018

At home, setting up a stereo/guitar rig. I play some music through it and adjust things. Someone is upset because the music is too loud. I turn it down some and switch to something else.

June 10th, 2018

Setting up my rig in a park. Go to get another guitar from the pavilion. It starts raining and I run back with a plastic sheet for everything.

June 7th, 2018

On a bridge by a river, there are croc-like dinosaurs that are attacking. It’s like a t-Rex, the huge jaws are snapping really close to us. We avoid and escape up to the bank above the bridge. Dad tames it, and it has a ton of parasites and its scales fell off. I go up to it and start brushing off ants and crabs that are crawling everywhere.

In a bar, a guy is boasting and running around. He goes up to the bar and gets in the bartender’s face. The bartender decks him. He’s on the ground, and a cloud of smoke comes up. The credits roll through the cloud of smoke.

In a garden, we’re going to plant new stuff. I have a handful of plants to go in. Walk over to the garden, it’s full of stuff to be harvested before we can plant the new stuff. I tell Matt to pick the ripe stuff, and he pulls out celery. I tell him to cut rather than pull, as the celery will grow more. I look at the asparagus and it’s ready. Walk around some more looking for a place to plant.

June 6th, 2018

In a studio, Anthony’s showing me a new way to set up and mic a kick drum. It’s on its back with a box underneath. I walk around looking at it and play with it a bit. Make a smaller one for a snare.

Earl is showing me his new keyboard. I ask if it will interface with my Korg, then mess with the settings.

June 4th, 2018

Walk into a shop, look around-there’s an old lady napping in a chair. She wakes up and tells me to drink some OJ (I guess I’m getting blood drawn) Look at everything, suddenly a radio starts playing Rage and I realize it’s my phone connecting to a Bluetooth speaker. I try to turn it down.

Waiting to take my place in a memorial exhibit for a protest in Seattle. It has seats going down to the actual exhibit. I take a seat near the aisle, because it looks cramped.