June 23rd, 2017

At home, walking around. Go into a room with a kitten and a few other small animals. They are adorable and I play with them. Go out to the living room, there’s an odd bird like creature that changes parts to other animals. I figure that it’s an alien. Another appears and I take a few pictures of it with my phone. It puts up a big display explaining things and I take a picture of each slide. They leave, and I’m excited about sharing this.

In an office around a table, we’re doing a scrum. One person doesn’t like it. Trump shows up and has trouble getting through the crowd. Someone from the office is dressed in red and is fawning over Trump.

At a gym, lifting weights. I’m setting up an arm machine.

June 22nd, 2017

At a bar, lots of comfy chairs. Some girl (Carol Foxxx?) comes up to me, we talk and start kissing, etc. She traps my hand when I reach down. We finish, sit down on a couch with someone else. The phone rings, she goes to answer it, I say it’s my wife, hang up. She walks in, sees us on the couch, smiles tightly, and leaves. I think about following her, but think better.

Walking with some guys through a small tunnel up a mountain. One guy says we need to go one way to get to the top, I say another. We go his way, and end up at the bottom. We walk through the parking lot.

June 21st, 2017

Mindy wants me to do some landscaping around her house. She rattles off a bunch of Latin plant names. I think she’s testing me. We walk around and outside.

At another big house, trying to change. Go outside and kids are there. Go back in with my clothes all covered in dirt. Try to change in the bathroom and hide from the kids. They come looking for me and I go out the other door.

June 20th, 2017

Walk into a big room, Lili DeLaM is there. It’s looking stormy outside, but she’s working on music with people. There are all sorts of keyboards around, including an old sampler. Someone tries out an old DX7, I play with drumming on an odd shaped cylinder white thing with triggers under the latex. Look for the right drum sound. Look outside and a big sandstorm is coming closer. I say we should close the windows.

June 19th, 2017

In a big room, trying to get my golf stuff in order. I don’t have a bag, so everything is falling everywhere when I pick it up. Finally pare down, then decide not to go. Walk around, decide to do it, go to the desk-I can start right now. Hassle paying on a credit card, then walk out to the tee. Practice swing, hit badly, walk and a football from a practice game comes my way. It’s spinning and bounces perfectly. I kick it back to a player, then walk to get my ball. I notice that I started on 9 and go back to find 1-can’t. Regulars are talking about my fail, and it’s getting dark.

June 15th, 2017

At 1023, out in the living room with the kids. Go get a huge bag of pot, go into the bathroom to smoke it. Look for a container to put it in.

At home, outside trying to organize a yard sale. E has the posters done, and I go down to the corner with Holly to put them up. It’s really steep and we slide down. I cut the poster smaller and put it up and it looks wrong. I put up a whole one up. We go back up and it’s less steep. I get a slug in my hand and we go inside.

In line to get food. There’s yummy soup but 2 people cut in line and get the last bowls. I get another that’s yummy too. I eat and we look at the sandwiches and talk about getting some.

On a bus going through the hood to downtown LB. The driver is nervous when we turn and it’s dark and there are gangsters around-he wants to turn around. I tell him no problem, turn down Alamitos. We go downtown and there’s an open air thrift store. I look around and it’s got nicer stuff than before. I pick up a Toker II-it has a long weird mouthpiece. I slide the bowl around.

June 14th, 2017

Going down a very steep hill on a bike. I’m afraid to go in the street, so I get off and walk the bike down. I walk over to a park and some kids start harassing me. I fight with one, beat him, and the others leave me alone and we start playing. I walk over to a dock and board a ferry. I go up to the top deck, which you need a ticket for. I pull out my money and start to pay the man.

June 11th, 2017

Sitting on the back bumper of a car-he starts to go fast-we’re going up to a store.

In a field, some radio guys come past and M is really excited. One of them refuses to give an autograph, the other does and talks with us about how M is such a typical 9-year old.

June 10th, 2017

In bed, don’t want to finish, do, get up and go to the bathroom with something heavy in my pocket. Try to hide it.

At a party, go to leave. Roll up a tablecloth to help clean up. People are saying mean things.

June 9th, 2017

Drive M up to C’s friend Eric. We go down a bus route path, and I notice that it takes a path for servants to get to work. We get there and we talk about Spanish class. M goes in and they have games out-they’re getting rid of stuff. He asks if we want any and I say no.

Driving a bug. Go to park and someone comes up really close so I can’t back up. Move forward and they do too. I start to get out and they go around. I yell about them being stupid and a passenger whispers yes. I cover everything up in the car, get out and start to go, locking the doors.

Walk into Cistco, they’ve changed the layout. Look at food and books, then play with a stereo. Turn up the bass. Some guy gets mad and I turn it down. Start to walk out-the cashiers are laid out weirdly.