January 24th, 2020

At a party, after running through a field trying to get there first. My pair is last. We go in, and talk to David Spade. He says he used to not like me but does now. Walk around, they start a dance contest. I dance, then go closer to the judges. Walk outside, look in at a picture of Olivia when she was young, say how cute she was.

By the Ledding library, waiting for the kegs to be delivered. They come, and we tell the delivery guy to put the small one away.

January 21st, 2020

On a street in Italy, walk across the street to get to a coffee shop. Look at the money to see how much we have. It’s pesetas-we go into a grocery store and look around.

January 19th, 2020

In a field with Kris & others. It starts raining hard, and we shelter next to the building. K is trying to put up a tarp but it’s blowing around. The rain is like darts. I walk over to help her out.

January 17, 2020

At a kite festival, it’s crowded. Walk around trying to find a spot to fly. Find a small one, rush back and set up the vented. Scramble to pick up something rolling away. Forget lines, go back and get them. Get to the spot and it’s blowing hard.

January 15th, 2020

In a textile factory, look over the tables of finished cloth. There’s one swatch that’s got LSD in it. I start getting ready to cut it up, but am worried about too much contact.

January 13th, 2020

At a hotel, looking at big pictures in the courtyard . Go to the entrance, a guy has a Jaguar rental. He says it’s too much for me to handle. Get in and drive down a curvy hill, going faster and faster. Get to the bottom, turn and go to another hotel.

January 6th, 2020

Hanging out with Leslie B. I have some rose water on me and she loves the smell, holding on to me as she enjoys it.

December 24th, 2019

Walk into Quest offices through the main entrance. Look at the displays, get a name tag from the guard. Walk into the dining area, go into a dead end. Walk back and see Erika from gamelan. We talk and Vera joins us. Suddenly outside driving and avoid a car and park. Erika aye I’ve been driving around to 3 known safe places to get home, over and over, and I have a bunch of tickets.

With Samuel L. Jackson on a helicopter. Trying to get somewhere. Fly above and through power lines. Land in a field and a cartoon deer comes up-he’s trying to coax it into the chopper. A bunch of others come up and it disappears and reappears in our gas tank as a baby. We panic and try to figure out how to get it out. He starts a thing with a light pen and the rotors to make a circle-we’re trying to go back in time. It doesn’t work, so he does it by hand and it’s not perfect, so he’s adjusting it. It start trying with a rope, but the rope gets tighter as someone is trying to buy the company. I struggle to get my knife out to cut the rope.

At work, writing a document about the programs I’m testing. My boss says I’m not doing anything. Another person asks a question, and the boss asks him if he ants to stay on. I ask if I can stay on.