April 19th, 2018

Crossing a bridge in London. One side doesn’t have a fence, and I’m scared to go . The other side has a fence, and I walk across, looking at the Thames. Get on a train, it’s an old school car with the wood and the rounded ceiling. Get off and walk down a street towards Chelsea-the street is deserted and someone is following us. We turn onto another street and go up steep stone stairs.

April 12th, 2018

Walking along a highway. We have to cross, and follow a bunch of people crossing, then cut over to another road.

In a field with a guide. We walk to a plot of grapevines that have odd yellowish spheres hanging from them. He says they’re beehives, and cracks one open to get the honey. We look for other ones that look abandoned, and there are a bunch of small ones and a few large ones.

April 10th, 2018

At a convention, walking through a bunch of people. See Keith Moon, fully alive. I go over and start talking to him, then realize he’s dead. We talk for a bit.

On a lake, a guy is showing me around. He zooms really fast and turns quickly all around the lake. He comes close to some swimmers. I talk to a boy and apologize for drooling all over his shirt.

At school, S needs her violin. Look for it in First Grade. I open the door slowly, no violin.

April 9th, 2018

Looking at a half-demolished building. People are climbing up it and sliding down. I worry about people getting hurt. Walk down and sit on a couch in a room that’s open. Start climbing up a bug pipe, and rip my jacket. Mom’s going to be mad-I look at it and think about how to repair it. A bunch of OHS people from my class walk by and recognize the guy sitting next to me. They come over and we get up, as every talks about what they do for work. I say mine, but no one listens. They group up and leave. I go to the next building looking for a spot to picnic. It’s nice and grassy with lots of trees. I walk up a hill and into a grove. The guard comes and says it’s off-limits. I ignore him and walk down, around and back. He follows, yelling. Go into the building and up to the lobby.

April 8th, 2018

In a theater, S is getting ready to do a play. Walk down to the stage, go to turn on the lights, the booth needs me to pump the starter first. It’s behind the wall. I do it and the lights go on. Walk over to the other side of the stage and get all my gear out of the bag. Pick up the slide and start in on a song. People are arriving for the show, and a stagehand tells me I have to pack up.

April 4th, 2018

Playing gamelan, everyone says my feet smell, so I go to wash them. Come back and they’ve moved the instruments.

At U.S., go upstairs to pee, spraying everywhere. There are holes in the floor, looking down to another floor just below. I walk out and they’re going to demolish the building. Walk back into the huge space and people are milling around. I walk over the to the new building.

April 3rd, 2018

On a bus, playing with the kin in the seat in front. Go over to another seat, a goose attacks me. We arrive and I get off the bus and wait for everyone.

Walk through a park. It starts to rain and we get under a tarp.

March 31st, 2018

Going to the airport with the family and Holly. I’m ignoring her. We’re trying to get there, but no bus or train is coming. Holly has a lot of luggage, and the cab driver is struggling to get it unloaded. I look through it a little, amazed that she has so much stuff, and want to consolidate. Suddenly I’m sitting on a bench outside a Fred Meyer’s, and there’s an open door and a big cannabis convention inside. They’re playing “Get Up, Stand Up”. I start walking, because we’re close, look back and there’s a bus coming, so I hurry back to the bus stop.

March 29th, 2018

Walk upstairs in a small office building to start work with people I’ve worked with before. There’s a lot of people in suits standing on the landing. I walk through them and over to a computer table and talk to the guy working on the program. Look at the app and ask questions about how the database and program have changed since I left.

Walking through a big house. It has spooky creatures everywhere. I get past them and into a big room that’s a bathroom. I look at the toilets and a girl says they’re all haunted and have curses on them. I walk over to a low basin/bidet and pee into it. there’s an odd instrument there. It’s like a fretless bass neck with one long string going back and forth to form four strings. I start pulling on them to get it tuned up and push the extra length through the end. I get one tuned, start on the next one, but it’s hard because I have to keep tension on everything to get them all in tune.