September 15th, 2019

At home, Susan S and Todd F come over, and I get out my glass bong. Put it together, then fill up some hits. There’s parmesan cheese in it. It clogs everything up. Some old people come in the door, and the man is asking about a shaped rock. He shows it, and I ignore him. Go to clean the clog, and Susan asks about somewhere to go to get food. I say there’s a Chinese and a Mexican restaurant just down the road, but she wants chips.

September 11th, 2019

Walk next to a river and into a field. E says how much she likes her sandals in the wet and muddy. I say that’s what they were made for, so, yeah. Walk into a tunnel.

Talking to some guy about joining the gym, he leaves and I look at his computer. Go under the desk and trace back the cords. Play around with making our muscles huge.

September 10th, 2019

At home, trying to get cream back into its container-piles of it on the table, and I’m unsqueezing to get it back in. M is griping about C and money.

Driving up a hill, worrying about making it to the gas station at the top. Stop on the side about 3/4 ways up, some truck comes behind me then passes. Look at my phone.

September 9th, 2019

Getting ready to move out of our college house. A bunch of stuff is still left. I go through it and find a few little things to keep. We talk about just leaving everything else on the curb. Go through stuff in another room-drawers of paper and books.

Walk along a stream. It’s snowy, and go up a hill to get there. Have to turn back, as it runs out. Go through some trees and a swampy area.

September 7th, 2019

At J.D. S.’s house. Walk around, tell someone about the hidden staircase by the kitchen. Go up to the 3rd floor and look at the exit. It’s really tight and I don’t remember it like that. Go out to the porch and walk around with a disabled child. Get ready to leave.

September 6th, 2019

In a kitchen, cleaning up. Pick up a wad of money from the counter. Make a pan with piles of ground corn. Say I’m going to make a dish with it. Walk outside talking about how much work I do and want everyone else to do some. E gets mad and I walk back inside.

By the forest, walk past a fallen tree that people have made into a house with the tree as the roof beam. Walk back to the car and drive down to a driveway-almost miss it and slide around trying to stop. Another car is coming and I back into a spot to let him by.

With a bunch of kids, line up to get on a bus. It comes, and I get on and sit on a bench by the window. I put my backpack on the floor and try to get my legs next to it. No go, so I rest my leg on the backpack.

Outside 30700, a friend has a bunch of coke and I want to buy some, but E doesn’t. We go into the kitchen and I have the bag and try to hide it, but it’s full of air so I put a towel over it. Doesn’t work, and E bugs me about it.

September 4th, 2019

Hanging out at the mall with Stacia R. Walk home and she sits on my keyboard to look at my bookshelf. I ask her to move off it. She pulls out a photo album and looks through it. She asks me who someone is, and I say it’s a nun from when we were in confirmation class.

September 3rd, 2019

In a truck with Bill Eisele, driving up and down rough roads, and over bridges that are coming apart. I’m worried, but we make it ok. Walk into a huge house, and walk around talking to everyone. Todd O arrives, and it’s his house-he’s looking to sell everything. We all avoid him. Go down and outside and look at the hill-Rick N wants to ski it. Go back in and everyone is leaving. Doug L stays and I talk to him.

At a restaurant, going through our change to pay. A bunch falls on the floor and I pick it up. There are some odd large coins.