August 16th, 2018

Fighting with a giant, fly up to get away from him. Hard to gain altitude, but get away. Go and hide in bushes watching the giant. We set up for a seminar on acting and the giant and a companion are among the attendees. We keep it together, and pretend to be the coaches. We take different names and start the seminar. They don’t know who we are. Suddenly mom comes in looking for us and calling out our names. I try to get her to leave without blowing our cover, and finally someone talks to her and she leaves. The giant didn’t notice.

August 15th, 2018

In the living room, S is getting ready to go somewhere and she has on 2 suit jackets-one red and the other gray. We ask her if she’s sure about the color combination and she says it’s great.

August 14th, 2018

Walk into a small room at a church for a gig. Sit down, then leave. Talk to someone about the place and she knows it, but images the larger auditorium.

August 13th, 2018

At a boxing match? with Chris M. There’s a bunch of mobsters with the boss and he’s messing with people. They leave, and we’re supposed to go with them, but Chris says no and we sneak out another way, through an amphitheater.

At someone’s house, there’s a party and we’re near the end to leave. Talk to Gina L about stuff as more people come.

August 9th, 2018

Talking with Tam about a book. We go to a bookstore to find it. I look around and can’t. Tam goes to the counter and the person says we have to order it. I talk to her about how I find Finnegan’s Wake hard and need help. She says the same, and I say I started a few times and never got very far, and that it needs to be read aloud to make it comprehensible.

August 7th, 2018

Walking to our apartment through a park, see Delynda in the Mercedes. Go talk to her. Walk back home.

Getting ready to go on a trip. One guy wants money for food, I show him the dollar in my wallet and say that’s all I have, and my bank account is in the negative.

Listen to a band with Paul S. They finish, take out some gear and ask Paul how they were. Go to the bar, some guy is paying, but he can’t because no drinking and driving, so I get the card and pay because I’m the driver.

August 4th, 2018

Climb up to the top of a building with a big gun and bullets. We’re going to do something. Load up things and shoot at a building to test. The bullet moves slowly and hits, breaking off a huge chunk of concrete.

August 3rd, 2018

Wake up suddenly to my name being spoken very clearly.

Driving S to something across town. It starts to snow, and the roads are getting slippery. I turn a corner, and run into a snowbank. I push the car out, back up, turn around, and start down the hill and around that way.

July 29th, 2018

Playing with an odd baby alligator with a huge mouth. It snaps shut, them opens again.

At US, making copies for the Mabian year-end addendum. Walk through the office to get them, they’re all fuzzy. The secretary mentions it and I go to reprint them-much better.

In a field, a bunch of people start flying Revs. They’re beginners/intermediates. I walk over to ask if I can borrow one for a minute. It starts raining and we all get under the trees. I get under one and find a wood stairway to a hidden treehouse. It stops and we go out. One guy has his lines all tangled with another kite. He yells to find out whose it is, then he realizes it’s his own. I go over to help him out.