September 27th, 2020

Working on a design for a bunch of buttons to do translation from Tibetan to English. Drawing it on a huge tablet, talk to a co-worker about how I’ve used this for years. Fiddle around with buttons and making it work properly when you use a keyboard.

September 23rd, 2020

Standing at the open door of a plane as it’s landing. I pull myself up and another guy says I’d better be hooked in or have a parachute on.

In a military plane, taxiing. We park in between a bunch of cars and people.

Going to start work-have to go out to my car-it’s at the far end of the parking lot. Get there, and all my work stuff is there. Get in and gather everything up. There’s tall brush all around it, and a guy in a lawnmower is clearing it.

September 20th, 2020

At a kite thing, someone wants to give me a new Rev, but I have to win it, so they rig the thing. Putting it together-it’s complicated. Rods have to snap together and there are tensioners. The instructions blow down the field, and I see someone pick them up. Go walk over and get them. The guy starts bitching, but I say I didn’t notice, and you had them already.

At a radio thing, someone is going over why they’re in radio. Pete W (from Hollywood) talks about how he started in. Go stand around the basketball court and throw the ball in.

Out in a clearing, someone is hunting, then Ted Nugent comes up and we all talk about how he’s a fake hunter. Some lady comes up with a deer for Ted to shoot and lets it go. He lines up his shot.

September 17th, 2020

Walk over to some elevator-it takes you to a ceremony. I balk and don’t go, but my companion does, and they vanish. I walk back, then get into elevator. It goes, then I see all sorts of symbols flying around.

Go into someone’s apartment and start scraping his head. Leave to another place, and they tell me I need to do it again, and ask him for something. I refuse. We walk outside and there’s a bunch of families getting ready to leave.

September 16th, 2020

Walking along a rocky shoreline. Look across the bay and see the buildings for Disneyland. Walk some more and come to the back entrance. Grab a cabinet and walk up to the guard and say I’m delivering this. He asks for my work order and I say I’ll have to check with my boss and walk away. Put the cabinet down and go into the building. Walk through the lobby and there’s a buffet in a room past the elevators. Walk through.

September 14th, 2020

At a place-not sure where. Lift up and start off-planet. Faster than light-everything lenses except the destination. Arrive and it’s a mirror Earth. Land and talk with them about Orange County. Draw a rough map, with a few others helping. Walk around a little, waiting for some girl.

September 12th, 2020

Walking into a restaurant in Denmark? Stand by the bar, say I recognize the doorman. Talk about getting there. Leave.

In an office/mall. Walk over to the courtyard as a small tram arrives. Walk back to the office. Sit and I’m big and hard. Stroke it, cover up as a girl comes over. More, then finish with a lot.

September 11th, 2020

In a supermarket. Looking a produce, the man lets me have a very long celery that was for someone else for 10 cents. I go to the checkout and get in line. E is just checking out, I see her and go up and ring it up. Walk out and go to a restaurant across the way. It’s an “Elon Musk” place. We go in and I put the shopping bag up on a ledge. The ledge is actually a vertical door, and swings up when you go up the lift, trapping the bag. I climb up to get it, or pull the door down. It finally swings back down, and I catch the bag before it falls.