Now what should I do?

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What should I do? I don’t know. Get a new job? Maybe. Learn more about react, angular and kendo? Definitely! Practice my shakuhachi, guitar and keyboard? Yes. Record some music? Maybe. Do some more inner dev work? Well, yeah. I’m not getting any younger. Organize things? That too. But first, work, then workout, then clean things. Time is my enemy. But I really need to practice for Sunday-I have a recording, so tonight after workout and dinner.
And here’s Monday, no cleaning, didn’t get to practice until Sat. night, panic with work-turned out to be nothing. I did pick up an stovetop espresso maker and a Pocket Chip at the binz for maybe a dollar. I put angular on there and we’ll see if I can use it for web dev-getting errors-I think it’s an issue with compiling for the ARM. The pi might be a better candidate, but I need to get that working again. Watched “Skyscraper” Fri. night. Church Sun., the song went well. Everything else I could cut and paste from any other weekend, except no cleaning. I did get clothes sorted and distributed, and the kitchen organized, but that’s it. Just not motivated for anything else-I did work out Fri. and Sun., which is pretty good, seeing as most other motivation was lacking. I’m coming down with a cold-sore throat, sniffles, stayed home Tues.-it was nice to sleep in. Getting stuff done, but waiting on access for another thing. W/o-my knee is getting better, but not going to push it.
Gamelan tonight, stuck on a train. Woke up at 3, up for awhile. Late for work-missed train, stuck train, missed bus. E picked me up at OMSI, gamelan, pizza, bed. Choir tonight. Big lottery-dreaming… C has a thing-hopefully nothing. And it was something-hopefully it’s not huge, but concerning nonetheless. M is under the weather too, but my cold came and went fast. Choir went OK-still a little blurry on one bit-practice needed.
Monday evening, now Tuesday afternoon. Another week. Trying to keep the house clean-wash last night. We got a huge recliner for E, but S is sleeping on it for now. Church went well-applause and compliments and everything! I practiced Sat. night… Cleaned too. M has moved from having nausea to stomach pains. Hopefully the doc can figure it out. And he said it’s muscle soreness, and the nausea went away, so no problem. W/o-no negatives, as M is taking it easy. To bed late. Working on three things at once. My knee is healing. Gamelan tonight.

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Page 23, sentence 5.“Along with measurements in the cosmic microwave background, the supernovae measurements established the existence of dark energy.”, Dark Matter and the Dinosaurs.

work locally, think globally

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Here we go with another post-only 2 weeks late! As usual, not much happening. I still despair about the state of politics, and it’s beginning to have a negative impact on the economy and foreign relations. And not to forget climate change, and the ongoing destruction of the environment. There’s just so much bad happening everywhere. Sometimes I just want to curl up and make it all go away. There is good, though, and mostly neutral-people going about their lives and jobs and school, etc. My family is doing OK, and community too, and mostly good in Portland, but there’s so much negativity and division. OK, enough-I don’t like to dwell on it, and there’s only so much that can be done-work locally, think globally…onward.

Sitting in the lobby of an eye doctor-M is getting his eyes checked. I should too. W/o last night, late-intervals and Basic 1, the usual. Pizza for dinner. Deployment tonight. At work on Monday-E started today too. Didn’t do much Sat.-sat around, didn’t want to move, so I didn’t. I may have picked up a few things, but mostly jelly watching TV.

Church Sun., back home, start cleaning, pick up E, binz, home, more cleaning, laundry, etc., w/o-continuous run and Basic 5, dinner late, more laundry, bed. Mon night, E only got through half a day. Trying to keep things clean.

Watching Nerd TV-robot fightin’ time and e-sports, drone racing to come. More mess at work-and not reproducing-I hate those the most of all. I have a bug identified, but it seems as if it works OK. Had to run really fast, and still have to leave work late… and the deployment didn’t go through. W/o-elliptical and negatives-beat M up with it-he’s still not acclimated to the continuous half-hour run. Late dinner, bed, up, more fixes with this mess.

And it’s Thursday, and I found the solution to the mess! Yesterday was pretty chill-thought I had fixed the mess, deployment. Dinner, laundry, dishes, tidy, etc. E picked me up, binz. Tidy, choir rehearsal, dinner, more nerd TV-drone racing. Gamelan starts next week.

The weekend is ovah, Monday afternoon. Failed to get a deployment going, Sat. one was nothing. W/o Fri. was same ‘ol, M wasn’t up for much. Watched Jurassic World. Chill Sat., E had a church thing early. Picked her up, estate sales, etc.. Skipped church, tidied, laundry, etc. W/o, my left knee started hurting at the end. I have until tomorrow to recover. Not much else-politics is all us vs them, old vs new: the beginning of the war of all against all. The quote about glaciers melting still holds, but I’ve lost the words again.

Tuesday-now Weds., waiting on a long batch process for Websphere. W/o last night, M was at an interview, but he came late to do t’ai chi. Had to not do a few negatives. Not much else-E cleaned her side of the closet. I had been trying to keep it contained, as she has a habit of letting stuff spread all over the place. Gamelan tonight, after a long summer break.

And now, it’s Monday. Gamelan was fine, work, the usual weekend, watched GotG 2 Friday., w/o-my nagging knee injury finally got worse. It’s wrapped and I’m doing bike only. Tidy Sat., work thing, no church Sun., shop and drive around. Did a carpet spot clean. W/o, dinner, lazy. Wednesday, gamelan tonight. Got a lot of work to do. W/o last night, still babying my knee. M had a hard time-ran a continuous, then negatives. I picked up a combo amp at the trash! It works, but the knobs are crackly. Also a bunch of nice food.

Here’s Friday. Lots to do, jumped on another set of tasks. I feeling a bit frazzled. My knee is a bit better-I’ve had a sleeve and cuff on it all week. Gamelan, choir, busy at work, trying to tidy, short on $$$=same ‘ol, same ‘ol. W/o late-M came late and was tired. Picked up C late. House isn’t in bad shape.

Back to work Monday. Woo-hoo. Pretty normal weekend, except for the Kavanaugh thing. A lot of people are pissed. Slacked on vacuuming and laundry-E has a pile in a corner of the living room. Got everything else done. Sat., picked up a cool Philips natural light alarm clock, saw a Bose pro level speaker set-nice, but spendy. Stopped in at the Portland Music Co. on 99E-the typical music store… Church Sun., binz-picked up another blank book for cheap. W/o earlyish-M isn’t feeling well, my knee is better but still not right-I think I’ll go to only one run per week-cycle and elliptical the other days. Ramping back up weights. Up-the light was nice, but I turned it off so S & E could sleep in.

Friday, and this

popped into my head. Memories of teenage me on many Fridays… The week was OK, but short on $$$, as usual. W/o Tues, gamelan Weds., choir Thurs.-the usual stuff. The house is pretty messy. E has done some stuff, but I haven’t, and it shows. I’ll be busy tomorrow cleaning. I really want to finish going through my paperwork. The new light is pretty nice. I need to practice the tune we’re doing for Sunday as well-I have a recording of it, so it should be fine-that reminds me…

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Page 23, sentence 5.“Yehlh creates the world and populates it with man-but there’s no light!”, The Kingdom of Speech. It seems that I post to the blog in the time it takes me to read one book.

The calm before the storm? I had another term for it.

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Chilling in bed on Saturday. A week of no $$$ upcoming, and Monday is a holiday. No plans. Prolly clean and laze. Got Panda Express for S’s dinner, watched GotG, she opened presents, M and I worked out. Someone turned off the a/c, so it was an oven. I propped the doors open for a little bit. I’m liking the variety-even better than what I was doing many years ago. If I had a Nordic Track it would be perfect.

Now Labor Day-rather be working because we need the money. Pretty quiet weekend, C’s gf is staying with us for a few days-problems at home. Sat., binz, clean, tv. Sun., church, market, binz, w/o-hot again, made them turn on the a/c-didn’t help. Grill, Harry Potter. Restless sleep, up, laze. At work-we’re short for rent. Labor Day-lazy, keep things clean, grill, bed, again, hard to sleep, but not horrendous.

Weds-same ‘ol, no gamelan yet. W/o last night, late. Keeping the variety going-no M, so skipped some negs-on a few of the others I was still sore from Sunday. Aging rears it’s head again-also got an achy adductor tendon. Plus the knee one. And the shoulder one(s).

Thurs., payday tomorrow, and a ton of bills to catch up on. Stuck at work, as 2 things I need to get my work done are down/non-functional-I did the changes I need to make, but can’t deploy. And now Friday, one of the things is working, the other isn’t. Got up at the same time S did last night, and she got up this morning too. Blew off church choir thing-too far away. Trying to cut down on visual stimuli-I think visual overload is contributing to my fatigue. I noticed it a few months ago while grocery shopping. I’m extending it to my commute. We’ll see. It’s hard, because I spend my work days in front of a computer screen.

Sunday, sitting in church. W/o Friday, shop and clean Sat. Not much else. Busy Sun., market, S is sore from games, binz, shop, school party, river, w/o, late. I’m sore and achy today. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

And it’s tomorrow-walked into a huge kerfuffle. At least it’s fixed now. More failing things, but everything seems ok now (it wasn’t, but close). W/o-change of pace-always weird. Watching stuff about Florence. Big storm. Been there, done that. E would rather be in a hurricane than an earthquake, I don’t know.

And now Friday. Have to sit in an interview-I hate interviews, but I don’t mind being on the other side. So, choir practice last night-I’m getting a little better at sight reading, but not much. The other song was charted, so I could follow along better. No gamelan yet. Everything else is pretty mellow-no $$$, but E got a job, so that may change a bit. She started today. C gets his braces off.

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Page 23, sentence 5: “It’s become a popular date for romantic young couples.”, The Human Age

I listen to music all the time back and forth on the Max/bus, and in the car, but iPhone and iTunes don’t let me track it. That was one of my favorite things to show.

I don’t need a “Labor Day”, I need the labor.

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So, so smoky-many fires, funneled up and down the valley. It’s into the red for particulates-my throat is scratchy. It’s OK inside, but I had to wait, wait, wait for a bus, so I got to breathe the bad air.

Not much else, dinner, bed, slept meh. S was up early. I’m thinking of going to the Nautilus workout order, where I alternate a bunch of workouts. We’ll see-same thing with cardio-intervals, long continuous, and elliptical/stair climber. I did, and it was hard-elliptical and negative routine 1. I’m feeling it today, but I’m probably in as good shape as I’ve ever been. And cutting out dessert and a lot of sugar from my coffee should translate into weight loss. Maybe. Only time will tell that particular tale.

I’m feeling like I need a nap now, though-rice cakes didn’t do the trick-need sugarrrrr…

And here we are at Friday. Rushing in changes to production over the weekend. One was a lack of regression testing. We need automation-that was one of the nice things about ECRT-I had a really good QA guy who automated everything. Then they got rid of all of us. Second time that has happened to me-it’s still upsetting. I can understand Leon firing me way back with PIC because I was damaging business relationships and fucking things up, but at Quest and Huron, no. I was doing quality work. Whatever-money talks, I guess.

Now Monday. I’ve been sleeping badly-I have a compressed nerve in my shoulder and I think it’s affecting my sleep-I wake up a bunch. The weekend: w/o Friday-first full week of Nautilus routines, doing HIIT, continuous run, elliptical for cardio. Makes for variety. The compressed nerve affects w/o some. Tidy Sat., school picnic later. Church, Sat. market, w/o-getting that 2.5 miles in a half-hour…decent. Production deployment went easy. Hard to get up today. Prod looks good-1 small change and an unreproducible issue-I checked the monitor and it’s monitoring fine. Getting jumped into another support thing.

Tuesday-yet another month of not enough $$$, and short on bills. Not good. I so want the big score, whatever it is, but it usually means more work than I’m willing to do right now, so I guess I have to suck it up. Weds., went to bad late-watched part of John Wick. W/o-elliptical and negatives. M was sore, but I wasn’t. S’s birthday today-she was up, so I hugged her. They decorated the classroom at math camp for her. She slept on our floor the past 2 nights. She got up when I did last night and I told her she could sleep on the mattress, but she didn’t, and she scared the crap out of me when I was in the kitchen.

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We’re doomed, or are we?

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I want to say that the long nightmare is over, but it’s really just beginning. I read several pessimistic articles this morning on the way in. I’m not going to link them here-there’s just too much bad news to bother spreading more. Suffice it to say, we need to find ways to undo our impact on climate and the ecosystem, and reverse the divisive nature of our politics. Maybe that’s what I should be working on rather then Anthrodev. Or maybe anthrodev is the solution…or Thanos snapping his fingers.

Tuesday morning-last night was better-I woke up once, maybe twice. No pain while going to sleep. We are out of $$$, and in negative land. Hard to get motivated. I’m hurting now. W/o-no arms again, S came and did cardio and I showed her how to lift on really light weights and stretching. No t’ai chi for her. My shoulder’s getting better, but not there yet. Finally got my technical issue resolved. That’s a relief.
It’s Friday, going to be a tight month. The raise nets to something, but a big bill to pay. Didn’t sleep well at all last night-so tired.
Now, Monday. Was so tired this morning. Actually slept a little on the train. Not much else of note: usual weekend-tidy, laundry, vacuum, shopping. Got a new bed for S. Delicious pot pie last night, my wife is a binz maven. W/o Friday and last night-I did a full 30 mins running, but slow-will be increasing pace over the next week. My shoulder still hurts-tough to sleep, skipping arm lifts.
Thursday-trying to get a final production release out-and hopefully it’s done with this QA push. I’m tired. Tue. w/o was 28 mins at 5 mph-just about my limit, and legs only. If I can keep to this, cut down on sugar in coffee & after dinner, I might lose some weight. My shoulder is improved, and I think I’ll go back to arms tomorrow. Now Friday-getting last-minute changes in-luckily nothing big. So far-it’s only 11. And it ended with a few minor things. Hopefully the deployment will go OK.
It’s Monday-didn’t sleep so well last night. The air quality is in the orange-the sun was a fine shade of orange this morning. Weekend was ok-deployment went fine, except a glitch with an external service being down. Tidied Sat., the usual-the vacuum had a huge clog. Watched Avengers infinity war. M can see Thanos’ point, I debated it, because we live in an energy-rich and resource rich Universe-local shortages and Universe-wide limits are really only important over Galactic scales. We also watched the new “In search of” and talked about time travel. Picked up C & J from school, went to the bins and drove them to her house.
Church Sun., go to Woodstock Farmer’s Market to stand around the Micha’el booth-got sunburned. Home, lazy, just the basics-kitchen, laundry, tidy. W/o Fri. and Sun.-I ran 2.5 miles in a half hour! That’s a milestone-it means my shape is improving-I started out last October with light cycling, moved to walking Thanksgiving, running April. I had been doing walk/run intervals, and moved to a full 30 mins run last week. I think I’ll cycle between full run, intervals and elliptical/stairs. No idea whether to move to multiple lifting routines-with a limited quantity of machines my options are limited. I think I’ll revise the cards to accommodate what I have.

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Page 23, Sentence 5: “Once the cocoon solidifies, it’s practically impenetrable, but what’s more is that it is equipped with razor-sharp, whip-like tendrils that lash out against any perceived threats.”, Best American Comics 2017; “Fig. D: Everything’s in order, officer.”, This Book Will Change Your Life; “For a rose to bloom, the root, stem, and leaf have first to develop.”, The Human Life; “Led by three young Black Minorca pullets, the hens made a determined effort to thwart Napoleon’s wishes.”, Animal Farm

Dog days, forever.

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57th birthday coming up. I hope my family didn’t get me anything. S is at camp and misses us at bedtime-I’ve been giving her long-distance hugs-hope it helps. It seems to-she didn’t have to call yesterday. W/o last night-I worked hard and was tired afterwards. Got news of a pay raise today-that helps some! Maybe I can get a house sometime soon. Pretty quiet otherwise without S around. And it’s Friday. Pretty quiet, but traffic is supposed to be bad, so I don’t know what to do yet. Missed my bus last night, E picked me up, went to the bins, found a pair of jeans and a tripod.
Sat. night, hanging out, w/o last night, picked up S this morning, after breakfast in Molalla. Shop, pool party, tidy, dinner.
Sunday, time to work out. Church, blackberries, home, tidy, vacuum, folding. It’s hot. Playing a lot of… In bed early, woke up a few times, up and to work on my birthday. A number of happy birthday wishes on FB, including Becky H, who I had a huge crush on Freshman year at Miami. Her and Katy K, Frosh comp. Then there was Susan B. and that other girl whose name I never found out. And the one Sophomore in my Fortran class-who sat next to me on the first day with short short shorts on. I could go on…I did find out later, after I started going out with Kris, that Becky and Katy had a bet on who would kiss me first. lol. Actually, ack! I was so oblivious. Same thing happened in London with Valerie & Stacia & Cat. Plus all the chasing after women who weren’t interested…Marie, Diane, Sue B., Meg, Leslie, etc., etc. Then there’s Susan S. I dunno-glad I found E, tho’ I sometimes daydream about what would’ve happened if I hadn’t…
My right shoulder is killing me-hard to sleep, and I can’t reach it to massage the muscle that’s complaining. E tried, but I may need PT if it doesn’t resolve. I’m reluctant to go to a massage parlor, as I’m not sure they’ll be able to treat that particular problem. Thurs. afternoon, still hurting, though less. Still hard to sleep, but less.
E got me clothes. W/o Tue., walk and jog, dropped the weights-don’t want to overexert, as it’s 74 in the room-did perfect lifts rather than max weight. M swam, then t’ai chi. Quiet Weds., out of $$$…
Now Friday, production deployment this weekend. E is selling some stuff to raise $$$. W/o, cooler, shoulder still hurts.
Monday, deployment went, but not perfect. Halfway there. Sat., tidy, the usual. Church Sun., shop, out of $$$. W/o, skipped arms. Hard to sleep, finally was able to, but hard to get going this morning.

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Page 23, Sentence 5: “Galileo’s observations produced other surprises as well.”, The Copernicus Complex; “When it comes to determining what a baby is predicting, though, psychologists have an app for that.”, The Upright Thinkers, “And we say “his” advisedly.”, Hypercapitalism

Inevitable change is coming.

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Don’t have many deep thoughts this time-trying to stay afloat, and it’s not easy. I have no idea what’s happening with our country-the news and social media shows it fracturing, but when I walk outside and travel back and forth from work, it’s not. Like I said at the end of my electronic senior page, I feel despair at the mess, but true, deep change is messy, and the old order is highly resistant to change that strikes at the core of their worldview. Unfortunately, they’re good at indoctrination, and a good third of the people in the US are highly indoctrinated and have no way of thinking through it. More mess to come-100 million people is a lot, and demographic change is inexorable. But then again, so is climate change, and this is going to be a big squeeze. I’ve tried really hard not to drag specific, political issues into this blog, because it would swamp everything and just make me agitated. I’ve said that before…onward.

It’s Sunday. Back to work tomorrow. At the libe on the tablet. I’ve been contemplating using a tablet fulltime. It comes down to the storage unit, as I can do most of the rest from here-Orion is the key-I need to be able to do development on a tab.
Not much else, it’s super hot in L.A.-called my mom to check in. Saw S’s play, cleaned the house, failed to grill (need a key), watched TV. Got shelves at the bins, S rode her bike to the dollar tree. Played Let It Be at church-we were going to do the ending and the pianist didn’t, so I did a lame quiet version…
Monday-hard to sleep last night. M and I played pool yesterday-too hot to work out, libe, Mike’s for ice cream. I need more sleep. Didn’t get it, in bed at 11:30, up at 2ish, and when E got up for her Dr’s. app’t. Plus also I missed a call from work at 4:30-sorta not sad about that. Weds.-no gamelan over the summer. M is in Salem for FBI camp, E & S have to drive him back & forth-aargh.
And it’s Friday morning, and I had to drive M to Salem and come back-at least I’m working from home and E is going to do the afternoon drive unless M gets a ride. Tough being in a car for 2 hours without a break. I’m tired, coffee only helped for a little bit, and it’s going to be 94 out. E got a new window A/C unit, and I had to put it in last night-so unpleasant, and now a ton of cleaning needs to be done. Watching the Tour on and off.
Monday afternoon-been quite hot-we have A/C, so it’s not bad. Very tired, though. The house is mostly clean-vacuumed and tidied and did laundry yesterday, hard time sleeping. Worked out last night for the first time in a few weeks-the broken A/C in the gym is fixed. Not much else-grilled burgers, it was cooler, E gave me a sleep aid. It worked, but I felt slow when I woke up.
A weekend has passed, back to work. S went to church camp, not much else-it’s hard for her to be away from us, hopefully she’ll be OK. Spent some time getting the house clean, per usual. Got a nice old sewing machine for S for $20 at a yard sale. Yummy blackberries from church. Going to be hot, but not as bad as last year.

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Page 23, Sentence 5: “Did the economy stall because tax rates were too high-or were the real villains all those Chinese exports and a spike in oil prices?”, Think Like a Freak; “In stone, where only upper-case letters are used, this is rendered SAVANT (or ST. if the stonecarver is running out of space).”, Anathem; “Without meaning to, Torrance had done something else.”, How to Fly a Horse

Independence day??? From what? Tyranny? aargh.

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Monday, after a very busy weekend. I’m super tired/fatigued. Friday-home, w/o, dinner, bed. Packed the car for Pride. Got up after E and M left, S and I had breakfast and I started a load of laundry. Left, bus, train, walked to the side entrance, guard wouldn’t let us in. Around the front, had to drink my coffee quick. In, sat around, talking to people, telling families about the changing table, watching the freak parade. It rained a little later, then pack up, Whole Bowl, Goodwill, home, dinner, bed. Up, church, back downtown, S marched with Rev. J from church, it just got hotter and hotter, then a storm blew in. They called it, we packed up in a hurry and get everything to the car before it started raining. E fell on her face, but was OK, TJ’s, home, dinner, bed.
Up Monday morning, so, so tired, dozed on the bus/train/bus. Tough to get moving. Got stuff done, but flailing. Home, didn’t sleep on the way-well, maybe a little. Dinner, laze, watch ninja warrior, bed-so hot, used S’s cooling thing. Up, feeling better.
Thursday afternoon. Got a big change jumped on. meh. Gamelan was good-getting more comfortable on peking. E & M got the air conditioners installed, but it didn’t help much last night. And E made me take the bedroom one out, and water got everywhere. Friday, just did the money check, and we’re underwater. Not broke, but more needs to go out than is coming in. This means walking a tightrope until July 6th. I dislike the lack of $$$ intensely-dream about having enough to not have to constantly worry-and it’s just going to get worse. I dread that day.
And it’s Thursday-I haven’t wanted to do this-just listless and not interested in anything. I did work out Tuesday after blowing off Sunday-the AC wasn’t right and it was hot-did a less effortful run and weights at min reps.
And now it’s the 4th. Working from home this week. Got the tablet up. Dentist yesterday-took the bus & picked up S from theater camp at PWS. Been running on the street because the gym A/C is out. Weekend-don’t remember-church, E is redoing S’s room-tossed the bunk bed and all her stuff is scattered everywhere. House is clean otherwise…

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Page 23, Sentence 5: “They’re made to stand up to punishment.”, The Martian

Pattern holding, part deux, plus working over break.

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I have no idea if more words can help our nation-“The old writer couldn’t write anymore because he had reached the end of words, the end of what can be done with words. And then?” William S. Burroughs, The Western Lands. I love the Material version of this… I guess you go beyond words. The essential problem with that is one I’ve outlined elsewhere, this sort of stuff is really only done best face-to-face, and a blog just doesn’t cut it. Having said that, something has to be done. My HS classmate Bob has jumped ship-no family, so it’s possible for him. Thinking about it, though

So, it’s Monday. Weekend was meh-w/o Fri. and Sun.-I’m really pushing myself and getting minor injuries. Still minor, but I need to pay attention, because minor injuries worsen, especially as I get older and don’t heal as quickly. Sat., pretty quiet-didn’t want to do much, so I didn’t-got bathrooms clean, laundry, shopping, and that’s it. Watched John Wick 2 Sat. night-a bloodbath. Watched Dark Tower Sun. with M-less of a bloodbath-an interesting take on the novels, though-apparently the Gunslinger is stuck in a time loop, and this is the next time through, as there are significant differences between this one and the one in the novels. It got widely panned because of this, but I didn’t think it was horrendous. Also watched the new season of American Ninja Warrior. Got 2 tasks on my punch list done.
Skipped church Sun., shopped, did laundry that didn’t get folded, no vacuum. Signed a longer lease. Late in today-missed 2 buses, one was close, and missed the one home. I got a ride downtown from a co-worker, so it wasn’t so bad-though I had to run to make the bus home-one reason I’m glad I work out, running is much less of a thing. So, home, dinner, laundry, vacuum-the complex has a rule in place to vacuum once a week. Looks like I’m working over shutdown-a respite from the “week with no money”…
So Weds., w/o last night-very crowded. Did the bike because my knee hurts some, and it’s hard to push heavy leg weights when you’ve biked hard. My knee hurts less, though, so there’s that. Dinner, laundry, bed. Last day of school today. Missed my bus, got home in time to leave again. Gamelan was OK, home, dinner, laundry, bed, up today. The pattern holds.
On to Friday-Pride this weekend-don’t know how much I’ll be doing-since E started the booth, I’m a busy man that weekend. At least gamelan is next weekend, and we have some big schleps.

Links. brighter side: nothing this week. Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “We find in Renaissance painting something of the empirical spirit that was transforming mapping.”, Voyaging in Strange Seas

The pattern holds

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So many bad things happening. Just don’t know how any of this is OK-we’re basically flushing our country down the toilet. Day by day, more stuff, gets worse and worse. So far, it’s just restricted to politics. That will likely change.

It’s a long weekend. E is still recuperating, so prolly quiet. We got out for a little while. E was super tired afterwards-she’s not getting enough nutrition. Did laundry and dishes and that’s it-no real cleaning. S is sad because no one came over to swim, so me and her went. C went to the Rose Festival with his gf, then spent Sun. and Mon at home. Church Sun., song went well, but we didn’t do the CCR piece. I want to tart it up with rock & roll, and the sheet he gave me is inadequate. Ran around, shopping, E got tired quick again, home. W/o Sat & Mon., I keep pushing-the run-walk-run I’m doing is called the “Galloway Method”, and I did it intuitively. I’m down to 45 secs each for the walk bit, which puts me at 20 minutes running over a half hour.
…and now Friday-pretty quiet-E had a Dr.’s app’t Weds., she’s lost 20ish pounds-the doc wants her to eat more. She dropped me off at work, went home and slept. We figured at gamelan that she should eat a lot of small meals rather than 3 big ones. WFH Thurs., M’s graduation ceremony, then Cracker Barrel for dinner.
W/o Friday, shop, dinner. S has a farewell party and I do too. Need to clean, laundry, etc. Well, it’s Monday. A pretty busy weekend. Got up, cleaned until it was time to go. Drove to Lake O, missed directions, finally got there, spent the afternoon in the sun. Paddled a canoe for a few minutes. Home, shower, 2nd party in a nice area in close SW. A thing. Home, sleep. No church for me, cleaned more. S haircut, home, w/o alone, dinner, bed-achy finger, so, so tired.
Up Mon., S out the door, car to shop, work, back to pick up the car, work, home, quick to the store w/S, dinner, laundry, bed. E is eating more. Up Tues. at the usual time-back to taking bus/train/train/bus. E was up early too. Easy in to work-I prefer public transit to driving-I guess it’s because I started my work life doing that in London. Home, S’s dinner, w/o-worked hard-maybe too much. Dinner, laundry, clean kitchen, shower, bed. Can you see a pattern here?
Home, Gamelan, dinner, bed, work. The pattern holds.

This is pretty cool. And this should terrify you.

Links. brighter side: kittens and puppies, basically. And people being good to each other. It does happen, you know. Couldn’t tell it from the news…dog & bunny, couple. Not so bright: everything else.

Page 27, Sentence 5: “It is not enough to think bad thoughts about the other driver; we get angry, in essence, to watch ourselves get angry.”, Traffic