Directionless, except for time’s arrow

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Weds., gamelan tonight. Pretty quiet week, so far. S went to a school play last night-very tired this morning. Good w/o-still hard with the jogging-I was never a good runner, but if I keep this up, I may improve my shape enough to be that or close enough. Even when I was going to the gym all the time, I just skated back and forth from home, or along the bike path. I haven’t done any real running since middle school, and sucked at it then. Hopefully that can change.

Friday-got up early, home early…Choir last night-trying to learn sight reading, but not yet-had to write notes out. The drum sight reading was not bad. Not bad on the song for Sun., but need more work-I’m not much of an on the spot musician unless you want improv. I also have trouble remembering specific lines unless they’re written down-I tend to play it different every time…This trips me up when I play peking at gamelan-I’m playing it for Puspawarna, and there are lots of rests, which require interpolation.

Monday-power was out when I got here, but it went on about 11. Same ol’ weekend-clean, shop, church-played OK.  M to prom on Fri. night-had to cut  my workout off to get him. S went to the pool Sun. and a thing at Pietro’s. W/o w/no M-he’s sick. C is getting it too-I got away with just a sore throat. Tax day. Bills to pay. Calgon, take me away. lol. That was lame-M was talking about dad jokes… So, Weds., w/o last night-M was able to come, I’m still increasing the intensity of my cardio-18 mins of running, half at 5 mph, half at 5.5/6, 12 mins of walking at 4 mph as recovery between the running-all intervals-. I may be able to make it to a full half-hour of running at some point. It’s still kind of amazing to me that I’m doing this!

Thurs., finished up the database changes, choir tonight. E locked her keys in the car yesterday-had to leave early to get gas, gamelan went fine-Puspawarna was better. Shop, get C, shop more, dinner, bed late.

Links. brighter side: bunnies,

Kitten and duckling
Kitten and duckling

Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “So if philosophy has as little substance as Krauss claims, if there is no way to make progress in philosophical knowledge, then this is as serious a problem for a physicist like Krauss as it is for those who call themselves philosophers.”, Plato at the Googleplex

Onwards, ever onwards time flies.

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Tuesday. Another week, and next week is the killer one. We’re so underwater. I think we’ll make it, but then it’s bill after bill after bill. I’m tired of this endless no money grind. So, home, visit church to pick up trash, w/o, dinner, bed. Up this morning. I woke up at 2:30 on Sun. night to cop cars zooming into our complex. No one else woke up, and I didn’t go out to investigate. Thursday-no work tomorrow. No gamelan last night. E went to help a friend. Friday, working from home. Getting stuff done-work and ripping libe stuff. W/o, choir rehearsal-it sucked for me, wine. Sat., drive E around, home, laze, practice pieces for Sun., Sun. up, Easter, church, played-not that bad, home, libe, M to libe, shop, etc., w/o, laze, S is having trouble getting to sleep. Up, finally get this stuff to QA and working.
Thursday-pretty quiet week, we got a little $$$ from school, which gives some breathing room. Not much other than the usual, w/o alone Tues., gamelan-new people, busy on C&G at work.
Saturday, the house is now tidy-laundry, dishes, vacuum, C to gf’s, windy and rainy outside-a nice day to work inside. W/o last night-moved up to running 18 mins out of 30-that was hard, but it should get easier. Proof M’s college essays, dinner-eating alone at a nice tidy dining table. Wish I had dessert. Sun., church, libe w/S, pick up E, mall-S & E got into it, home, lazy-so tired-napped a bit, w/o, dinner, pick up C, bed. Tweaked my neck.

Links. brighter side: striking teachers. Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “The Island was growing fast, and the shores facing the unknown offered endless possibilities.”, The Island of Knowledge

Overstretched-turning into a rubberband.

Please tip the writer-we are in an endless loop-short of $$$-E is going to start selling Doterra-if you need essential oils, please get in touch. We’re so overextended, hopefully the Doterra thing will work. I may need to take on extra work…let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/dev-my rates are not bad, and I’m pretty good at it.

Another week starts. Busy weekend-bus to Lewis & Clark Fri., had to run to get my music, E picked me up, skipped w/o, choir practice Sat. noon, a thing, then practice, Fulton pub with group, memorial & 2 songs, played, transport, reception, pick up C. Church Sun., libe with S, deliver M, shop, home, so tired, skipped w/o (do it Tuesday, I hope), get C, watch short track, bed. Weds-gamelan tonight, w/o last night-sped up to 5.5 on the run sections. M was fatigued. Gamelan went good-out early. I’m reading more on the bus & train. Choir tonight-I need to work more on music stuff-it’s on my to do list. Struggling with this web service stuff-I broke everything. Friday-it’s not fixed, but reverted-onward. At least I came in early, so I can leave early. Gig this weekend-S wants to come-she may get to sell merch.
Monday-I’m super tired-woke up at 2:30 with restless legs, got up, back asleep by 3, but it takes its toll. Busy weekend0w/o Fri. night, tidy Sat., gamelan from 2:30 to 10:30. S came and had a great time. The place was packed solid and overflowing. Ate at hopworks on Powell. Church Sun., played bass. Shop, Ikea, more shop, libe, w/o, dinner, bed.

Links. brighter side: I found one of a bunch of farm animals eating grass together. National Puppy Day, so I guess it’s puppies and kittens from here on out…The activist kids! Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “It’s traditional in the Corps to keep grunts ignorant about who we fight, something about dehumanizing the enemy.”, War Dogs

moody, bad mood-switching to DST sucks

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Home Friday, w/o-not a lot of energy, dinner, watching the Airport movies. Tired, up Sat., laundry, tidy, out with E, M vacuumed, S cleaned her room a bit, up Sun., skip church, S to a party at the MAC, walk to Scrap, back, lunch, Goodwill, Pizzicato, Nectar, libe, pick up M, so, so tired, deliver C, shop, home, dinner. No w/o. DST change sucks. Tues. night-took E to OHSU for a biopsy-hopefully nothing. Work, pick up S, dinner. So, so tired and cold. No w/o-just can’t. My mood sucks right now-money worries, hassles, E isn’t healthy, etc… Gamelan is fine, but I was tired and got kicked off the fast bit. Friday-busy weekend ahead. Took E to ER last night.

Links. brighter side: Rolling in the mud with a baby elephant. Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “It makes me sick,” said one trail driver in 1883, “when I think of onions and Irish potatoes growing where mustang ponies should be exercising and where four-year-old steers should be getting ripe for market.”, 50 Inventions that Shaped the Modern Economy

More, more, more-no sir, I don’t like it.

Please tip the writer. I think this will be until forever, or until I get a fulltime job-I’m getting eaten alive with healthcare premiums.

Tuesday afternoon-making progress at work, but slowly. S is having trouble sleeping. Home, w/o, dinner, TV, bed. WFH Weds., up, get S out the door, E to dentist’s, M to class. Work, pick up S. Work, laundry, dishes, dinner, gamelan later. Working from home means “leaving early”, because there’s no commute. Gamelan-still struggling with the fast bit of the new piece. And it’s Friday-busy getting the new app deployed to dev-just a struggle. C got busted for not obeying mom. Monday-I tend not to do this over the weekend. Making progress at work. W/o Fri.-I’m actually jogging for the high-intensity interval, Sat.-cleaning, libe-got a bunch of instructional DVDs, dinner, watch DVDs, church Sun., shop in Gresham, home, w/o, dinner, bed. Work up early, couldn’t get right back to sleep. Late bus=getting on a later bus=late to work. It’s Weds., w/o last night-Matt did negative arms.

Here’s an interesting 2016 electoral map-marked much more accurately than others I have seen-except for Washoe County, NV…dunno what’s going on there.

I like this comic strip:
Awkward Yeti

Gamelan was good-still messed up on the new piece, fast version section-I’m pretty jelly on everything else. Busy trying to get this app running-close, but not really the way I want it… Got underpaid last week and we’re in dire straits. Church choir rehearsal last night-at least the piece is charted… It’s Friday-lots to do, many bills, not enough $$$. Next week is a make-up payment.

Links. brighter side: Mouse sleeping in a flower
Not so bright: everything else. Here’s one-The Poison We Pick-this one is terrifying.

Page 23, Sentence 5: “Do you have difficulty controlling your condition with medications or other physician-prescribed therapies?”, Complete guide to fitness & health

Tough, tough life.

tip the writer-another tough money week…I think that’s my future-every week is going to be bad.

On the bus, Tuesday. It’s crowded-I had a panic attack last year on a bus like this-only apprehension today. E made me a cover for my cables, home earlyish, dinner, practice the other church piece. Had to switch over on the project-ack. And Db stuff. Weds., gamelan tonight. W/o last night-I kicked Matt’s butt with negatives. Gamelan was fun-new piece is challenging. Odd dream. No choir practice. Up early Friday, to work early, home early?No-missed the early bus, and the bus home was very late. W/o, chill.
Got to meet C’s gf, Costco-got the flu shot-insurance didn’t pay, C is shopping for frames. Home, Church Sun., no choir, but played drums on one and bass on another. Meeting, home, M to libe, very tired-slept in the car, M driving practice, home-still tired, no w/o, Olympics, to bed early. Slept almost all night, still tired. Flu shot?
Def. flu shot-it’s Tuesday and I feel better, but still a bit off. I went to bed early-ish, and slept most of the night. Work, home late-bus driver hit a car, w/o, dinner, Olympics, bed, up-forgot dreams, to work-just a mess. Less so, but still… Yet another “thoughts and prayers” moment. It will never end…maybe it will. The students are speaking out.
Gamelan-things went better. Another day-busy trying to get stuff working. Failed. Some stuff is better, but still failing. Choir went good. It’s Friday, which is nice, but the pressure is starting to build.
Now, Monday. It’s been snowing a little, but not enough to bring the city down. Cleaned all Saturday, C has a bad sore throat, church Sun., song went well, shop, libe, the usual. It’s Tuesday, supposed to have a snowpocalypse this afternoon. And it was not bad-I was able to make it into work with only a minor delay-YakTrax are awesome. Gamelan got canceled, more snow, slept in a bit, in to work only a bit late. Dealing with messy stuff at work, but getting through it. So far. Had a weird waking dream thing yesterday afternoon.
Friday! Came in early, leave early…Left early-home, hang out, w/o, watched the new Blade Runner. It’s gorgeous and the music is amazing. The plot, well, it’s noir, so meh-interesting, but not up to SF standard. Cleaned the house Sat., church Sun., S & E to friends’ for felting, M to libe, pickup both, S has a small futon bed in our room now, shop, w/o, dinner, bed. C has a new girlfriend, and he spends all his time there, so I pick him up most nights.
It’s Monday-I should get this posted-maybe someone will tip me…

Links. brighter side: puppies and kittens? Adorable sea creatures? Nope-sick, sad world. Thanks, Daria. Not so bright: America the Pariah, How We Could Have Avoided Donald Trump, The Bankruptcy of the American Left, Rural Christian white America has a dark and terrifying underbelly

Page 23, Sentence 5: “History tells us that when people pursue only their own national interests, there is strife and war.”, An appeal to the world

Listening to: a lot of stuff, but the phone & iTunes are a) not marking last played date and b) can’t copy them from iTunes even if I did know it.

Another exciting installment of…

Here we are again, another exciting installment of…An Exciting Life. woo-hoo. We’re broke, please tip the writer-it’s only a fiver… Not much else going on-just trying to keep my head above water, hoping nothing happens to sink us. Our country is in odd turmoil-so much bad happening in D.C. and the media, but it’s like nothing is wrong on the streets (at least in Portland). That may change.

In a 2-day training, yawn. Had to be there at 7:30. More of a team building exercise. Gamelan-new piece. Easy bus ride, but so tired-I actually slept on the way in. Gonna play bass for choir-practice tonight. It was frustrating-my sight reading sucks, and the bass was tuned a half-step sharp. I got it going OK, but I’m better with a chart because I need to hit specific notes. Friday-trying to get back into it.
Home, worked out-not really up for it, ate late. I always get so tired on Friday nights. Woke up at 2 and at 7. A big crash on the road in front of our complex-many sirens, didn’t check it out until way after. Went practice driving with Matt, Gaffers in Tigard, Cabelas, home, C is at his gf’s. Church Sun, switched to Sprint, new phones for everyone, setup, M to libe, cook dinner, w/o-fatigued, dinner. E has tummy troubles-this is never-ending, and given our broken healthcare industry, has the possibility of breaking us.
Monday, up, the iPad is missing! Looked around, E is going to look. I know I had it Sun. am while I was eating breakfast. UPDATE: I put it in my leather computer backpack… Weds., money woes, need to chart the choir pieces, gamelan tonight. Making progress on the project. Got my phone loaded up with music. Now for the other thing-didn’t work the way I want it…got another app. Restless sleep. Got up early-ish, to work early-ish, home early-ish? That would be nice. Choir tonight-busy charting the songs. Gonna record so I can practice against it. Did ok-another piece coming.
Sat. am, trying to clean-kitchen done, 1 load of wash, bathrooms next. Need to practice. W/o last night-I’m making progress, and I think my belly is shrinking. Cleaned all day Sat., church-song went well, played for the postlude too. Libe, shop, home, w/o, dinner, playing around on the web late, bed, up but tired. Rioting, uh, “high spirits”, after Philly won the Super Bowl.

Links. brighter side: I need to look some up…OK-found one. No, two. Woman Finds The Boy Who Was Secretly Hugging Her Dog, Not so bright: An Exit From Trumpocracy, The American Shithole, What’s so extremely, uniquely wrong about Trump’s presidency, The Useful Idiocy of Donald Trump, How the “Junk Values” of Neoliberalism Drive Depression and Anxiety in the U.S., Why The U.S. Struggles With Diseases Of Poverty

Page 23, Sentence 5: “”How are you?” the one friend asks the other.”, The Little Book of Lykke

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apparently, iTunes won’t let me copy from the Music list on my phone…more research needed.

Tomorrow, not looking forward to tomorrow

I may take a break from this. It’s not like this blog is changing the world, or even being read. Admittedly, that’s not the goal-it’s more like something to spark my memory when I get old. I wrote a thing for the online diary history project back in 2000, saying it’s a way to externalize my life.

Wednesday. More work, then gamelan. Worked out with Matt last night-I’m actually doing this consistently now, and while I don’t know if I’ve lost weight or not, my belly is a little flatter and my pants are a little looser. Tomorrow, church choir-Ian wants me to do percussion, so I need to spend some time drumming.
Friday. Didn’t go to choir practice. W/o w/Matt. Quiet Sat., dishes, laundry, bathrooms next? Bathrooms got done-E tidied her craft bookshelf. Church thing downtown, binz, shop, Super Burrito, home, work on drum thing for church. Bed, up, church-drum thing went well. Home, tidy, shop, M to libe, pick up E, shop, home, cook, w/o, dinner, bad. A little restless, I think, but up, to work-because of MLK Day, the bus-train-train-bus was empty. I was super tired too, still am a bit, even after coffee. Home, still super tired, dinner, etc., to bed earlyish.
Gamelan tonight-pretty mellow otherwise. Rainy, gamelan out early, no choir for me Thurs. It’s Sat., last night was pretty jelly-Matt is down, so he just walked slow, then I worked out. He went to the spa, but got locked out. Gov’t shutdown, woo-hoo. Got Matt’s stuff, Colin went to his GF’s for the day (and Sunday),  tidy, Costco-looked at switching phone service, shop, home. Sun-church early-did a percussion thing, took the bus with S (she likes taking the bus), E meeting, $tree, libe, pick up E, home, mall to check out AT&T, shop, home, w/o, dinner, bed, up.  I think we’re going with Costco & Sprint. A 2-day work thing at Corp-have to be there at 7:30. ack. I can take one bus from 82nd all the way there.

Feeling odd. Hope I’m not coming down with something. I think it’s more of a malaise thing, rather than physical. Also time to post this-need a new p23s5, and my plod is failing-if I get a new phone, it comes with a pile of ram, so I can ditch the plod.

Tuesday. Rainy. Big surprise there. Did dishes, no laundry, tonight? Maybe E will do it? Watched skiing-I so want to go, but the snowpack is thin this year. Matt’s birthday-he doesn’t like birthdays.

Links. brighter side: nothing. nada. zip. I’m sure it’s out there, but not that I have. Not so bright: Donald Trump’s Mental Fitness Can No Longer Be Ignored, The Death Cult of Trumpism, Five Decades of White Backlash

Page 23, Sentence 5: “Desperate populations flock to racist and nationalistic organizations to place blame on someone or something for their economic plight.”, The Crash of 2016

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Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors, Steely Dan, The Police, Oregon, Henry Cow, The Alan Parsons Project, Thomas Dolby, R Carlos Nakai, Blue Man Group, Tori Amos, Philip Glass, 311, The Orb, Anonymous 4, Skinny Puppy, Genesis, They Might Be Giants, Kittie, Japan, attack attack attack, Skinny Puppy, Harold Budd, Touch 33, Babe The Blue Ox, Throbbing Gristle, R.E.M., K.M.Krebs, Gaden Shartse Monastery, Rush, Philip Glass, Todd Rundgren’s Utopia, Kansas, Anahata, Brand X, Material, Michael Shrieve & Steve Roach, Todd Rundgren, Robert Johnson, bill bruford, Grateful Dead, Veruca Salt, Todd Rundgren, Johannes Brahms, Rage Against The Machine, Pixies, Psychic TV, Gil Scott-Heron, Jonn Serrie, Kansas, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Steve Roach, Al Gromer Khan, Brian Eno, Throbbing Gristle, Black Oil Documents, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Larry Tyrrell, Sneaker Pimps, Vidna Obmana, Kansas, Blue Oyster Cult, Steve Roach, The Aphex Twin, R Carlos Nakai, Thomas Dolby, Terry Riley, Alemayehu Eshete, Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai, Skinny Puppy, The Art of Noise, Yello, Hawkwind, Anonymous 4, Brian Eno (x2), Brian Eno, Flores, mystified, Steve Hackett, Genesis, Dante Bucci, Eno & Byrne, Rusty Crutcher, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Brian Eno, Coyote Oldman, Jonathon Storm, Peter Gabriel, John Darnall, Philip Glass (x2), Renaissance, Material, Mystified, Brian Eno – David Byrne, friends – 1978, Philip Glass, King Crimson, c.krumov, Iannis Xenakis, Morphine, alva noto, Brian Eno, Melvins, Venerable Showers of Beauty, Bob Marley & The Wailers, Fred Frith, Black Sabbath, Gong Pinda Gianyar, KMFDM, Tchaikovsky, Roger Eno, Anugama, Pavement, Max Romeo, White Zombie, Berbil, Pink Floyd, gamelan, Brian Eno, Dead Can Dance, Grateful Dead, The Future Sound Of London

The new year isn’t so new after all

Ack. Another post already! I have nothing to say. It’s the new year, and I’m trepidacious, both personally and as a society. Time well tell. “Waiting brings fullness.” I read that book many times, wishing I could have Michael’s powers. Still kinda do, but I realize the awesome responsibility that accompanies them-now all I want is time to develop what I have, and the ability to do that (read ca$h). So tip the writer!

Saturday. Spent too much money-we’re in deep this month again-send us $$$, please and thank you.

So. W/o last night, sleep in, tidy, shop. Writing this on an iPad from work-so easy and elegant.
Christmas Eve-church, freezing rain, then snow! Nap, sort of, w/o, fondue for dinner, walk outside with M, shower, laundry. We’re going to watch Alien: Covenant. It wasn’t bad.

Christmas was…Christmas. At least S didn’t get up super early. So, opened presents-got Dune!, some other stuff. Lazed, napped, dinner, bed. Up today, work-started on the new project, setup, ready to go. Dishes, laundry, watch skiing, bed. Up, work, kids to dentist, more work. Laundry, dishes. Thurs.-work, dentist-not as good as the kids, but nice clean teeth! Fri., work, shop, w/o w/o M, dinner late, up late watching South Park. Up, lazy, tidy, laundry.

Sunday-New Year’s Eve, church, M to libe, Fubonn, pickup M, shop, w/o, dinner, watch New York ball drop. Quiet New Year’s Day-had to go out suddenly at 8 PM to get snow boots for S. Back to work today-forgot to do something over the break…and it’s fragile, and slow. Friday-started early, which means leaving early, which means home early. M is sick, E is sick, I hope I don’t get sick. Dreamed about making out with Linda F.

And it’s Monday. Pretty quiet weekend, skipped w/o Friday, lazy Sat., church Sun., libe, shop, lazy, worked out solo, bed, up, work. home, dinner, watch skiing, bed. Schiffrin is on another level.

Links. brighter side: It’s Not Our Job to Choose Who Deserves Help, Positive Things That Happened In 2017 For People Tired Of Negative News, A high school football team took a knee and then all hell broke loose. Not so bright: A Year With Trump, Donald Trump is a dangerously weak president, Is Trump an ‘Aspiring Despot’ or a ‘Bumbling Showman’? Why Not Both?, Damage Bigly, Seymour Melman and the New American Revolution, 5 Big Myths Sold by the Defenders of Capitalism, It’s Been an Open Secret All Along

Page 23, Sentence 5: “That’s number six this week alone.”, Alone Against Tomorrow

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“It’s the most horrible time of the year”

As my blog is more like a recitation of my life as it happens than it is a “blog”, it starts out as tbd. Then life happens, and the tbd gets filled in. I’m feeling very tbd right now. I always start with a comment, then the recap, then links, p23s5 and listening. It works, but kinda boring. I suppose I could comment at length, but that takes energy, and I’m feeling drained lately.
I guess the title says it all. I like to make up “alternate” lyrics to songs, and Christmas songs are ripe for it. There’s more to this one, and worse. I had a chat with M about this. He’s getting into cool stuff lately, and I’m teaching him t’ai chi too.

It’s cold but no snow. E, S, M and S’s class went to the zoo, which was empty except for them. E got me a new winter coat and ushanka hat that’s very warm. Home, w/o w/o M, dinner, shower, bed. I used to take showers rarely, but now that I’m working out, I need to take them post workout. Weds., gamelan-last one until mid-Jan., home, dinner, carry S to bed, bed. Blew off cleaning the kitchen. Was very windy overnight-woke up a few times hearing it. Work-starting on the new project. Net neutrality is gone, Roy Moore lost-win one, lose one.

And it’s Friday. I don’t think this will be an enjoyable weekend-I have to get out the Christmas boxes from the outside closet, and one of my molars lost a big chunk from its front. Sat, and no tree, though I did get the Christmas box out of the outside closet. W/o w/M last night, E was asleep early, S very late. Laundry, smoothies today, then shop, get C from friends’, look for a tree. Home, dinner, E in bed early, S a decent bedtime, laundry, play the Kronos a bit, bed. Sun., church, pick out tree, M to libe, back home, pick up M, deliver E & S to Nutcracker downtown, shop, home, w/o w/M, pick up E & S, dinner, shower, bed. Up, to dentist’s-need a crown. The filling is OK, so I can get by until, but still…

Weds., pretty quiet. 3 interviews for a new person, get to go home early today! W/o last night-M did negative arms. Up early, in early, home early…the tree is decorated, tidy, dinner, bed. The tax bill passed, but the U.N. rejected the Jerusalem thing-win one, lose one, again. OK, so, Friday, again. At least this is the start of a long weekend and wfh next week (for a few days, at least).

I had one of those dreams last night. No aliens, but right down into the underworld. It was black, and there were voices, and I was falling. I woke up once I reached some sort of “not feeling like I was falling but still falling” state. I laid there watching a movie coming out of a portal and a jagged hole inside it. Sort of like the TEX event, but not, as it was definitely cartoonish and cycled.

Links. brighter side:A High School Runner Helped A Struggling Marathoner, Iceland Asked Its Teens Why They Binge Drink, What We All Need To Remember About Teenagers. Not so bright: The U.S. is Not a Democracy, It Never Was, Millennials are Screwed (they’re not the only ones…I’m a job loss or disaster away from it too, plus no retirement savings at all), Fredo in the White House, Donald Trump’s Holiday Gift to America, The Counter-Revolution, Dear White Evangelicals: An Intervention Letter, Reflections on Trump and Corporate Totalitarianism

Page 23, Sentence 5: “I had to go to work the next day but I didn’t feel at all tired.”, Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui

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