Sword of Damocles approacheth

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Yet again, a long time between posts. Things are much the same. The hammer is about to fall… Need to dodge it. Hopefully that will happen.

Monday after a busy weekend. I’m falling asleep in this meeting. W/o Fri., up Sat, drive to Canby, Olympiad all day-it was hot, back home, C & gf to show, back, back to pick them up, up at 4:30, E to airport, back home, sleep, no church, tidy all day, laundry, no W/O, bed. Up, drive to work, and here we are.

Weds. afternoon, almost time to go-moving forward. Pretty quiet, house is staying clean, no W/O last night. Busy tonight-C to show, gamelan, pick up C late.

Noon on Thursday. E comes back tonight. Not much else-up late to drive C & gf home. S was up a lot too, so she’s tired today. Gamelan was fine-traffic sucks on the way out of downtown, so I was running late-picked up a pizza, got C & gf, home, drive to NE, hop on the 5S, to L&C in 15 mins. Went to get gas, no go, C texts saying the show is out early. Get there in 15 mins, drop off, home, bed, up this morning, drive to work-traffic wasn’t bad. Work thing after work, then dinner, then pick up E.

Friday, noon. Glad this week is over. Pretty filled with stuff. I hated driving-just too many cars. The best was last night-took less than a half-hour, leaving at 6:30 rather than 5. I have good coffee and peanuts from Polly’s, so that’s a plus. E had a good visit with her sis-who’s in a not so good place.

Tuesday, lunchtime! Another week, another weekend. Just the same ‘ol. House didn’t get cleaned, because E wants to go shopping, and I don’t have the energy after that to clean the house too. At least dishes and clothes are getting done, and things are mostly tidy. Was so tired last night, went to bed early. Moved my stuff around a little-now I can see all of my bookshelf.

Weds., after lunch. Pretty mellow week so far. W/o last night, pick up M at work, C jumped in ahead of me for laundry, cut my hair and beard-just a short goatee left-S didn’t like it. Getting stuff done at work. Not much else. Gamelan tonight.

Friday afternoon, long weekend. Need to pay bills and budget. Show tomorrow night. Kinda tired. Not a lot else.

Weds., on the way home. Gamelan tonight, pick up C & gf later. Show was good. Been tired, skipped w/o last night because Chipotle sucks. Not much else-house is relatively tidy. Short of cash.

Thursday on the way home. Very tired-had to pick up C & gf late. Not many people at gamelan. That is all-thinking about stuff.

Tuesday AM, time for more coffee. Tuesday afternoon, time to go home. Wednesday afternoon, time for lunch. Thursday morning-busy-get stuff done yesterday, skipped gamelan. Thursday afternoon-time to go home. Friday morning-deployment tomorrow night, picked up M late last night. Switched over to Hop on my phone-pretty slick to be able to wave it on the Hop pad and my fare is done. Late Sat., busy day, w/o last night.

Links/viddys. brighter side:

dog named stella
Elephant buddies
World otter day
Worst. Retriever. Ever.

Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5. “Focus on the tools in front of you and the fact that you have this time to relax and achieve a feeling of peace.”, joy of zentangle. “Blank, like uncut wood.”, lao tzu: tao te ching. “The patterns will be diagrammed in a series of 1-inch (2.5 cm) squares numbered in order.”, One Zentangle a Day, “The ‘JKD direct movement’ in attacks and counters-throwing from where it is without repositioning.”, Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

No sleep ’til…

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So, the weekend is here, and I’m not going to get any rest until Sunday afternoon. Then the cleaning starts. So no rest until Sunday night. And then the week is me as single dad.

Late Tues. PM at work. Feel better, but I’m under the gun. It’s not that big a deal, but still. I feel OK, but still.

Weds. afternoon, we may have a long-standing issue solved. Up late working last night-running on lack of sleep. This will mean billed hours against Friday. Good w/o, but no negs without Matt to help me-dinner, work, picked him up, shop, home, work. Forgot a move in t’ai chi-remembered it and redid everything to that point. No gamelan tonight.

Thursday May 2nd-so, it’s been at least a week-just too busy to bother doing this, even though there are bits of time throughout my day. Been playing a lot of Golf Battle. E have a huge vertigo episode yesterday, cured by the Epley Maneuver. I’m working at home to help out with whatever. Not much else-M is busy working, S and C are much the same. Not really motivated to clean up , but got a lot done today. Started back on the treadmill Tues., and now my knees ache going upstairs. Bleh. Went to the Dr.’s last Monday-haven’t lost any weight, everything else is OK. Huge server issue last week, not our fault, except for increased traffic. E got me a Creative Zen at the binz-need to load it up-better than a phone for workouts.

Monday afternoon, almost time to go home.

Wednesday afternoon, need to eat. E had a bad vertigo thing last week, she’s going to see her sister next week. Went to Uwajimaya Sat. with C & gf-he’s now 18… Not much else, M got his hair cut, I need to cut mine, having more apnea. Workouts are going well.

Thursday, trying to get stuff pushed out. Death by a thousand cuts, and some technical problems to iron out. Gamelan was fine, Earl showed up! S’s Olympiad is this weekend, and it’s going to be hot. She has new running shoes-hopefully that will help some.

Friday, noon. Not delivering this weekend-too many issues. I’m calling it.

Links. brighter side: been here before, got nothin’. Not so bright: everything else.

Page 22, sentence 5.“Make a list.”, What Color is Your Parachute 2018.

Taxes were a kick in the nuts.

Please tip the writer. It’s just five bucks. We are always short of cash. If you need essential oils, please get in touch-my wife is a rep for DoTerra. Let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/development-my rates aren’t bad, and I’m more than pretty good at it. Java too. ThankYouVeryMuch!

Should I just call this one “title tbd”? That’s how I feel…Don’t really want to anything. Not a thing. Everything is a mess, and I daydream before I go to sleep. On the bright side, my oldest son has a part-time job, and our t’ai chi practice is going well. But money is short, and I’m tired of cleaning our apartment over and over. So, narrative only…

Thursday, almost time to go.

Friday, on the train. Up early, hopefully leave early. Won’t know until it happens. Not much new going on-there were alpacas at work yesterday. Not many people at gamelan. Hard to get motivated to clean the house this week. Finished the book I was reading-that was a slog…

Monday-2 meetings I thought were today are tomorrow. Got hit with a blast of stuff. Pretty quiet weekend-tidy, run around, church-no E, but M, w/o-knee and hip improving. We are through the long Yang t’ai chi form! 113 moves-we’re still a little fuzzy on the last bit, but we got through it yesterday.

This is pretty cool…

On the train, Weds. morning. Tired-woke up early dehydrated-E says I was snoring. Good w/o, S did the treadmill and elliptical-she needs to improve her running for the Olympiad-she did well-heart rate up around 137 for a good while, almost 60 minutes walking, a little running, elliptical. I tweaked my shoulder doing chin-ups-I’ve never been able to do them, but I can get 4-5 now, except for the shoulder thing. We forgot one of the last moves in t’ai chi-I think it will go like that for awhile. But it took us 3 months to learn it, so there’s that.

Monday morning. Very tired, with a dry mouth-that means I probably snored, but E didn’t say anything. I’m going to go in for a checkup-we’ll see. My hip seems better today-3 weeks of no running… Weekend was OK-house is tidied Saturday. M got a job at Wunderland. Church Sun. & shop. A thing Weds. W/o’s were fine, S declined Sun., we got all the way through t’ai chi with only a couple of hiccups. It’s 4 and I’m still tired.

Thursday afternoon-very busy day. Same ‘ol, short of $$$, trying to keep the house tidy-E did a thing with new chest of drawers, etc. She also did a cute thing with curtains. My stuff is the same, except I put the Kronos on a bench rather than the stand, so the bench has a home. It’s not bad-using a paint bucket for a stool. I like my storage arrangements. But the Stick and tabla need to be fixed, and the rest of my old gear needs to be sold, and the outside closet needs tidying. Anyways, w/o Tue., no M-he worked out in the morning, no S-she did twice and that’s it-she needs to up her fitness, but I can’t order her to do it. Got through the whole t’ai chi with only a few pauses. Saw M at work-it’s sweet to see your kid all grown up and such. Gamelan last night-the same-we have a 1 piece gig next Sun.

Here we are, Tues., noonish. Pretty busy juggling a number of tasks. Usual weekend. M is working a lot of hours.

And now Weds., so tired. My workout clothing wasn’t dried so I had to wait until it was out-9:20 start, 10:35 end-M texted me. I did a faster t’ai chi-12 mins vs. 20. I have the last problematic move figured out. Started eating at 11, shower and bed at 12:30. ack. Gamelan tonight.

Gonna call it. It’s the next Tuesday. I did my taxes-that was a kick in the nuts. Gamelan gig Sun., had to work all weekend, got some stuff done, had to pick up C from NE, I was seriously dribbling by the time I got home-no W/O, bed early, E gave me a sleep aid and I promptly snored all night long. Notre Dame burned the roof off and the spire fell. Construction accident-gonna take years to rebuild. S has spring break.

Links. brighter side: videos below. Not so bright: everything else.

Excited meerkats play in box of colorful balls

HAVING A BALL: A group of meerkats couldn't handle the excitement of playing in a box filled with colorful balls at a wildlife park in Australia. https://abcn.ws/2EC1ue7

Posted by ABC News on Tuesday, March 5, 2019
Meerkats in a ball pool

Page 22, sentence 5.“Inside a method, execution proceeds from one statement to the next, top to bottom.”, Java: A Beginner’s Guide.

DST bites. That is all.

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Friday morning at work. Doing budget, TA. Feeling meh. It is Friday, though. I need to think of a blog topic. Niece is visiting for Thanksgiving.

Foggy Monday. And cold-frost on the rooftops. Pretty chill weekend. W/o Fri. & Sun., as usual. Moving forward on t’ai chi-starting third section, #68… E went to chiro on Sat., laid up in bed w/back problems, solo shop, not a thing, though not from lack of effort. Up late, skipped church, cleaning instead. Home inspection Weds. S’s room needs cleaning.

Tue. PM-at the end of a work day. Got stuff done today. Still worried about engine catalog go-live-looks like a memory leak. Emptied out S’s room last night-all the stuff is in the hall, all the clothes are on the bed. Now to put it all back in, tidied, so the inspector won’t have a cow. Finished up the T.A. application, except for E’s W2 and paystubs.

Weds. afternoon-turned into a sunny day. Got stuff done. S’s room is tidy! All the clothes are put away-S really did a fine job. And the inspector guy didn’t even look in there. W/o, the usual-I think my knee might be improving-I know my shape is. Up to #71 of 113-it’s all single whip, move, single whip. T.A. is done except for email w/pay stubs. Gamelan tonight.

Thurs., need coffee. Been getting less than 7 1/2 hours sleep, and I’m feeling it. Supposed to meet with rep today, but no invite yet, and she just walked right past me. Late to gamelan-very long line at the gas station. Did imbal, the rest was the usual. Thurs. PM-so, we’re making the change tonight that crashed our app in Jan. I’m worried. Web service guy says it should be fine, but…

Fri. afternoon, time to go home-I was up at 6, monitoring our app. Fine all day-bouncing the servers didn’t hurt.

Here we are, Weds., at home, no gamelan because of the snow that’s not there. Pretty normal weekend, a little not wanting to do stuff, took the bus to church, w/o & t’ai chi, out of $$$, as usual. Up early Mon., all OK, but had to bounce things last night-memory isn’t getting freed up. We’re taking another regroup on t’ai chi-up to 78. We’ve reviewed up to 94, but it’s not sticking. Just like the snow-we had some over the weekend and Monday, and some last night that actually stayed around. It snowed some during today, but not enough to stay. And don’t get me started on politics. A long time I said that I was going to stay away from that, because it would swamp the blog, and tons of other people bloviate about it. And no one cares about my opinions anyways. I’m better off talking about Anthroposophy and t’ai chi. TA got denied, but E complained and wrote an appeal. We’ll see. I added one sentence and did grammar & spelling. Did the same for M’s essay.

Friday afternoon. Looking forward to a week of no $$$, again. A thing? Probably not. Have to make changes to the TA. Not much else-the app is running fine, got things done. I think I’m clearer on the latest t’ai chi moves. Not much else.

Monday evening, almost bedtime. Cleaned this weekend, drove around, bus to and from church with S. App is behaving normally. Moving desk Weds. Everything else much the same-we’re pausing at move 90 for a week. 113 is the end, so we’re at 80%. We’ve made remarkable progress in 2 months.

Weds. afternoon, almost time to leave. It’s been snowing all day-don’t know if there’s gamelan yet. I’m all moved over to the new cube, but no stuff on the walls yet. Not much else-I messed up my left hip last night. Moving ahead a little on t’ai chi-but still holding at 90.

Thursday afternoon. At my new cube, it’s not bad. Easier on my eyes, need to have the second monitor mounted. Skipped gamelan-just too cold and snowy. Hip still hurts.

Friday evening, on the train. Got tickets for Earth and Claypool Lennon Delirium. Woo-hoo! Raise wasn’t what I asked for, but I don’t have to work during shutdowns, which is sweet. Not much else-moving forward in t’ai chi, slowly. Hip still hurts, but less. Paid bills. Weekend-sleep.

Midday Monday. Very tired-daylight savings time-happily dreaming away when the alarm went off, something I rarely do. Weekend was OK-w/o, t’ai chi-we’re up to 96, sort of. Took C & gf to a play in Gresham, drove around, had Del Taco. No church-S is sick.

Wednesday afternoon, waiting for troublesome software to stop being troublesome. Restarting helped. Otherwise same ‘ol-signed the contract. Still having trouble adjusting to DST-waking up to my alarm. W/o-the usual, hip still hurts some, so cardio is limited to bike and elliptical, have to lay off leg curls a bit. I’m having to do that for extension because of my knee-I’m doing very light weights slowly with high reps. It seems to be pretty effective, a nice change of pace too. T’ai chi: we’re up to 100! 13 to go- Still a bit fuzzy, but we’re getting there. S went back to school today.

Thurs. I think I’ll call this, and now it’s Friday. Def. going to call this, plus no header. A month this time.

Links. brighter side: animals having fun, ducks love peas, eagle’s eye view. Not so bright: everything else.

Time just moves onward

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OK, I’m calling this. I didn’t finish the book I was reading almost a month ago, politics is a disaster, but I got paid, I think. That and FA for school will help. We did a thing at church to identify where you need to go, and one I came up with was a topic for blog posts. You know, like other bloggers do. Failed. Maybe next time. Time just moves onward, and I’m just trying to stay afloat. I might make it this month.

Tuesday, on the bus. At least I’m not stuck to seat 38 on Phydeaux 3… Now waiting for a train. OK, E missed her alarm, busy at work, M and S swam yesterday. L.A. teachers’ strike is over, shutdown continues. King Crimson isn’t coming to the PNW. That’s it for now.

Nearing the end of a busy day. Still no closer to a solution on work issues. Other stuff is moving forward, though. Gamelan tonight-I haven’t practiced suling at all.

Friday afternoon, picked up tickets for my middle and his gf. Not much else-need to tidy this weekend more. Gamelan was OK, not much else-my right shoulder is bothering me. Didn’t clean much, just enough to stem the tide. Need to practice more-not progressing on suling.

Sat. evening-working for an hour or so. Monday, noonish, at work. Tuesday morning, on the train. Still Tuesday, noonish. Wednesday morning, at work. I got nothin’, no $$$ either. Need to, need to…(fill in the blanks) Thursday morning, at work. And Friday morning at work. I really have got nothing to say.

Sat. night, watching skiing, on the iPad. The usual-w/o last night, t’ai chi-we’re holding for a little at 48 to solidify our memory. Slept in a bit, crockpot oatmeal for the family, espresso and chill. Tidy, laundry, bathrooms, vacuum, sweep porch, put stuff in outside closet, shop. E and S went swimming. Pizza for dinner. Working on load tests.

Monday, late morning, at work. Cold and rainy-E is reporting wintry mix at home. Seattle got some, but none here. Yesterday-rice for breakfast, C didn’t eat his, so lunch for me! Church, back and forth, binz, shop. Soup for dinner. W/o-worked hard. Getting more solid on the sequence for t’ai chi-this is non-trivial-we’re at #51. Snow is starting-S really wanted more-made object spells for a snow day.

Weds. morning, at work. Thurs. afternoon, almost gone. Snow over the weekend? We’ll see. Actually, it looks like snow for a week…a lot of snow. Friday afternoon, trying to juggle several tasks, waiting for the next big project.

Weds. morning, again. So the snow didn’t happen, but our washing machine sprung a leak Monday night and there was water everywhere. Got it all cleaned up, the maintenance guys fixed it. Pretty quiet weekend. Didn’t do much-a bit of tidying, oatmeal & rice breakfasts, wedding Sat., church Sun, up early for work Mon. W/o-working hard, my shoulder is improved, left knee still not OK-running seems fine, but I absolutely can’t do leg extensions. We’re up to the end of the second section in t’ai chi. Longest section to go. They want me to move my desk, but I think I’ll move back to where the test of the team is instead. As usual, short of $$$, but got past due bills paid. Long chat with my niece about spiritual stuff and her. She’s going down a very familiar path.

Thursday, on the train. Gamelan last night-new version of an old piece, played bonang panerus. April was alongside, and commenting how I was playing all sorts of extra notes. I was: “I’m playing more like a drummer-ghost notes and rhythmic.” I don’t know if it bugged her or if she liked it. Suling is progressing slowly-I can play 3 notes of the riff she gave me-the 4th is a bear. It’s the first note fingering, but up a 3rd.

Links. brighter side: rescuing animals, sea legs. Not so bright: everything else.

Who, and when. If not you, if not now.

Please tip the writer. It’s just five bucks. We are always short of cash. If you need essential oils, please get in touch-my wife is a rep for DoTerra. Let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/development-my rates aren’t bad, and I’m more than pretty good at it. Java too. ThankYouVeryMuch!

Here I am again, trying to figure out what to write. Not much is coming-I have to leave for home in a few minutes, so I think I’ll pick this up after I settle down at home. Didn’t happen. I’m in bed… So not really much to say that I haven’t said before. I like to watch skiing. I want to make music and teach t’ai chi. Skiing would be nice. Dreams, dreams, dreams. Maybe some time, maybe never.

Tuesday afternoon. I think that’s a song title-Moody Blues? I saw them once in Cleveland as a teenager-trying to get in the good graces of a girl I wanted. She was having none of it, so I ended up making time with another girl I wanted less. Story of my life…

Now Friday night, in bed. Long week, lotsa crises at work. Had to get up super early this morning, and it didn’t help. No gamelan, no gig. Doing this on an iPad mini from work. So slick-everything is crystal clear. Now I need a path to using this for everything. W/o Tues. & tonight-pretty decent-M & I are starting on the long Yang form. Wish us luck.

Noon on Saturday, sitting at the kitchen table, drinking cafe au lait, tabletising. Kitchen is tidied, oatmeal for breakfast, shared with S. Breezy.

Monday afternoon, at work. Tired. Went through my storage yesterday, put my wayang puppets on the wall by my keyboard. Made a little music Sat. night until late. Church with S only. W/o-not bad, still working on the long t’ai chi-15% through-this is gonna be a slog. We figured if we keep the pace we’re at, we’ll be done by mid-April or so. Not sure-there’s 111 moves, and we’re at #17. A lot to remember…

Tuesday afternoon, at work, not tired. That’s better. Got my teeth cleaned this morning, one small cavity that needs work. 2 bigger things, but not pressing. Pretty mellow otherwise-my staffing co. wants to give me more $$$-woo-hoo!

Weds. AM, I have to return my old work laptop that I have at home so I don ‘t have to lug my new one back and forth from home every day-rrrrr. If I could get the iPad mini on the VPN I might be able to not do that-all I need is access to the app, monitor, log miner and raw logs…oh whell. Good w/o last night-negatives, and I’m feeling it today. I was talking to M about our progress and how it’s nice to have someone to workout with-motivation and all that, and I’ve done this before, and I’m coaching him. I’m actually not making a lot of progress lifting-wise-a few exercises have increased 10-30 pounds. The big difference is cardio-I was never focused on cardio-skate to/from or treadmill-I never ran or did any higher intensity cardio work, and I was a gym-goer for a good 16 years-’78 through ’96 (London was a wash). Also, doing the long Yang form will make a big change.

Thurs. PM, watching ski jumping & tennis. Saw the trailer for the new John Wick movie. Busy at work. Gamelan last night-a bit rusty.

Sat night. Pretty quiet-slept late, made overnight oatmeal in my new to me small crockpot-so yum yum. Tidy, laundry, watched skiing, shop, dinner. W/o last night-pretty usual-I think my cardio shape is coming back. Up to #25 in t’ai chi.

Monday-I think I’ll call this. Sun.-rice for breakfast, church, some guy wanting food, binz, shop, w/o-worked hard, up to #27. Didn’t vacuum, but most everything else is fine.

Links. brighter side: silly cats, guilty dogs. Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, sentence 5.“What kind of product or service does she want to help grow, and how senior in her role does she aspire to be?”, The Career Manifesto.

What’s a New Year among friends?

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OK, time for the first paragraph. The new year is here, holidays are past. Busy as usual, still short of ca$h-hit that tip link, please! The world is busy turning, with the same stuff happening-’round and ’round we go. I have stuff to do, but the house is staying clean. Gov’t is half shut down, Dems are running the House. The mess continues-are the financial markets next? I’d rather watch skiing-Mikaela Shiffrin is a rockstar. And listen to Veruca Salt. Need to play my instruments more. Dreamt about playing drums last night. That’s it for now.

End of day Friday. Back OK, shoulder and knee not. I have to figure out whether I want to work out, and whether I should leave early. Decisions, decisions. And bills need to be paid.

This is pretty cool.

Watching South Park late Friday. Watched more TV, skipped w/o, Winco, paid only the bills due. Need to do the math on the rest…and now it’s Saturday. Slept in, got the kitchen in shape, slowly started on the living room, started the dishwasher, made espresso-the grinder wasn’t fine enough…E said “such a first world problem…” Time to empty the dishwasher and start doing laundry.

In bed, house is clean, time to sleep. I messed up a white shirt by putting it in with a red sheet. It’s only pink in a few places, because I noticed it quickly. Still a shame…(wore it Friday, it was OK)

Thursday between Xmas and New Year’s. Working from home. Got a flu shot. Xmas was pretty quiet-C’s GF stayed over, made food, hung out, got a Sonicare. House is pretty tidy.

And here we are, a week later. Saturday, sitting at the kitchen table drinking cappucino and tabletising. House is pretty clean, so not much to do. W/o last night-M is still sick, my knee is still not 100%. Had yummy oatmeal via rice cooker, shared with S. Back home, 10# turkey was $5-that’s what’s for dinner, and leftovers, and soup stock. Last week was pretty chill-work, home, w/o Tue. & Fri., not much for New Years.

Sunday. Skipped church, made rice for breakfast. Work last night-no issues except an expired license. Email sent.

Links. brighter side: (no kittens or puppies, sorry!). Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, sentence 5.“If anything, the amount of information was overwhelming and confusing, because it was contradictory or simply didn’t resonate with me at the time.”, Slow-Simple Living for a Frantic World.

Happy solstice!

Please tip the writer. It’s just five bucks. We are always short of cash. If you need essential oils, please get in touch-my wife is a rep for DoTerra. Let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/development-my rates aren’t bad, and I’m more than pretty good at it. Java too. ThankYouVeryMuch!

First full post since the new WP version. We’ll see how much this changes things-I already dislike the lack of header images and the auto-excerpting in the 2019 theme. And I reverted the theme until I can get stuff looking right. The new editor is pretty cool, though there are some layout issues.

And it’s the week before Christmas. My oldest hates this time of year. I don’t disagree. The short days, cold, forced cheerfulness, etc. Add to that the massive dysfunction in politics, and all the rest, this is a particularly bad holiday season. And that’s that. I don’t have much else to say: here’s the recap.

Sun. am, sitting at the kitchen table. E isn’t up for church, but binz. Good w/o Fri., we’re making mulled wine, a lot. E is actually able to drink it without all the ill effects of alcohol showing up. Shop, drive around, Whole Bowl, E getting church ready, watched Black Panther last night. I need to clean. And the cleaning didn’t happen.

Mon., at work. No cleaning or laundry got done. Did get kitchen tidy. Skipped church, shop, binz-got a bluetooth keyboard for the tablet. W/o-some guy was blasting shitty music the whole time. No t’ai chi-we need quiet for that. Restless sleep-part was the essential relief oil heating up my knee-not relaxing… Cold and rainy. Time to break out winter work shirts, and Christmas decorations.

Tues., trying to untangle disabling that shouldn’t-and it was a setting plus a missing image-bug submitted. Listening to “No World Order” My copy is really badly recorded-need to redo. Did 2 loads of laundry last night, 2 more to go.

Next day, again. Looks like I’m adding a paragraph a day. W/o late-change of pace, running, late dinner, left leg is sore. Working out is def. making a difference to my belly-I need to go to the doc to see if I’m losing weight, though. Doubtful-the weight I lose is getting offset by muscle mass-it may take a few years to reduce my belly. Knee seems OK, except going down stairs. E did laundry! I sorted and distributed. Watched Dr. Strange. To bed late, tired today. My sleep app says I got 6 hours. I’ll def. be sleeping on the train home. Need sugarrrrr.

And I didn’t sleep on the way home-nodded off once or twice, but that’s normal. So, home, chill, dinner, TV, tidy, the usual. Got to bed earlyish. Sleep app says I woke up for a long time around 2, but I don’t remember it. Day is progressing-found an issue, resolved it by redeploying the correct build. Delivered 2 more, need to run it.

Sat. evening, watching downhill, writing this on the tablet. Nice having the mini keyboard. No cleaning today-M did some, shop instead. W/o-the usual, slept in a bit, breakfast, got ankle weights for cheap, Fubonn, etc. Dinner, have to work.

Tuesday, at work. Messed my back up Sun. night, but it’s better now. One of the pluses of being in better shape. So, did the work thing Sat. night, up ’til 3:30. No church Sun., tidy, tidy, kitchen, laundry, vacuum. The house is picked up, hopefully it will stay that way over the holidays. W/o with the ankle weights-better, but not quite heavy enough-need to double. And then my back went out-impossible to sleep Sun. night, 2 aspirin helped. Work, home, tidy, dinner, bed, up and out. Rainy. Reading Lord of the Rings.

Weds., a week at home is beckoning. Such a nice change of pace. I dislike the cash shortfall, but it’s only 2 days in 2 weeks, rather than a whole week of no pay. My back got better quickly, but my right shoulder and left knee are acting up, so no w/o last night. M didn’t either. Not much else. No music digest-stops at 10/24, and iTunes is acting up. I might have a fix-maybe next post.

Getting to the end of Lord of the Rings. Work lunch-pizza and Indian food. Starting on a new program to generate pdfs. Keeping the house tidy.

And Friday-I think I’ll finish this off. It’s pretty quiet. Fam sleeps in during holidays, so I leave for work to a quiet house. Working from home next week. M is still sick, my soreness is improving-skipping workouts helps.

Links. brighter side: kitten’s pacifier . Not so bright: everything else.

Page 23, sentence 5.“Under ordinary circumstances, air resistance would greatly slow the fall of the feather, while the hammer would be largely unaffected.”, The Big Picture.

Which flies faster, time or money?

Please tip the writer. It’s just five bucks. We are always short of cash. If you need essential oils, please get in touch-my wife is a rep for DoTerra. Let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/development-my rates aren’t bad, and I’m more than pretty good at it. Java too. ThankYouVeryMuch!

Time flies, especially around the holidays. Money flies too, and we don’t have much to spare. Other than that, life goes on. Again, things are odd, so much vitriol, and my day-to-day seems pretty peaceful. I don’t know when this will change-something will shift, and all hell will break loose. When? Who knows? I don’t.

Black Friday. Up late, slept in. Did the same thing yesterday. Pretty quiet-lazed around, read, tidied up, got more food, cooked, ate, more of the same. Left work earlyish Weds., missed the bus.

Monday, back at work. Feel disconnected today, like something’s wrong, but I’m not sure what it is. Pretty mellow weekend, up late, slept in. Kept the house sort of tidy. Playing a lot of paper.io 2. Met with S’s teacher Sat. Skipped church Sun., took S to musical rehearsal, drove around downtown and close SE, watched the musical, S had a tiny part, but enjoyed singing in the chorus. W/o-first time since 11/16…lost a little edge, but that’s it-had to dial things back a bit on the bike, 1 or 2 less reps on a few of the weights.

Weds., E & S are going to Breitenbush tomorrow, we have a ton of wreaths on our back porch, and we are seriously short of $$$, depending on how I get paid for Thanksgiving. W/o last night was negatives-M is getting better at pushing hard.

Thurs., everyone loves the wreaths. Not much else-what’s for dinner? No E or S, so just 3 guys-should we go high end? Finally got access to the VSB website-new logos and stuff to do, we’ll see-now I can earn my keep.

Friday! We are unbelievably short of $$$. Like unable to pay even half of the bills due. Including rent. At least I’m going to get to work over Christmas.

Tues., on the train home. Busy at work, the house is tidy. Usual weekend, tidy, shop, w/o, prod deployment Sat. night-a service was down, so I panicked until it came back up. Bush the Elder died, and the praise rolled in, but his legacy is mixed at best. And then there’s individual 1. Enough. W/o tonight, gamelan tomorrow, plus laundry, dishes, and tidy. It never ends.

Thurs., on the bus. Payday tonight-so much still to pay on bills. No gamelan-drove there, no one, drove back. Good w/o Tues., negs, no M, noisy with kids running around, but I pushed hard and my chest is still sore.

Still Thurs. I think I’ll call this post-the every 2 weeks/when I finish the next book is here. Upgraded the site to WordPress 5-not much change, except the editor. Also changed to the new theme, which sucks. Or at least is different-no big header image that rotates randomly. I liked that a lot. Plus the header CSS is a mismatch, at least for the senior page.

Links. brighter side: gotta find some cute kittens and puppies, stat! Surfing Orca, marble maze. Not so bright: everything else, especially all the naked power grabs by outgoing pols and climate change. And individual 1.

Page 23, sentence 5.“Germs multiply in the lungs.”, Homo Deus.

Thanks, for what?

Please tip the writer. It’s just five bucks. If you need essential oils, please get in touch-my wife is a rep for DoTerra. Let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/development-my rates aren’t bad, and I’m pretty good at it. Offsite/off-hours only. ThankYouVeryMuch!

My MO for this is to do the life unfolding, then come back and put a paragraph at the top just before I publish. This is that paragraph. I usually talk about politics or how I feel. Since it’s Thanksgiving week, that. I don’t feel it, though. Tired, just tired. I don’t like the contracting grind-no vacations, because I don’t get paid if I take time off. I’m having nice chats with my oldest-that’s really nice. My niece might visit over Christmas. She’s had it rough. We’re trying to be here for her. OK-time to post.

Thursday. Another day-gamelan was fine. I want to play suling, but need the patterns. No choir.
Friday-stepped into something last night, but was able to resolve quickly. Trying to finish things up-I got a new laptop, and I have to install 2 versions of websphere and 2 versions of eclipse, then set it all up. The proxy is throttling, and the same on the VPN, but I got Websphere done. Usual weekend-cleaning, laundry, etc. Worked up the bass for an easy song that we didn’t do, but had the chart for the one we did, so it wasn’t horrendous. Not much else, Sat. night drove C and a friend home from a haunted house in Beaverton-it was dark and rainy, missed 3 turns, but it wasn’t horrendous. Time for bed and another week.
Tues. on the train in. Nice to be able to do this anywhere. Got the installs done, starting the setup. Pretty much same ‘ol otherwise. W/o was negatives-I’m feeling it today.
Here it is, the next Tuesday. Totally out of money. And now Thursday. No gamelan, no thing. House turned Dem. majority, some gov’s as well. Good w/o, but I use this and I got some on my nose-not fun, that. Weekend was the usual, and Halloween, and 20th anniversary, and E’s b’day. System failure at work yesterday. Prod release got pushed. My new laptop is almost set up-so close. So close. Choir, but not going to play Sun.
Monday. Didn’t get much cleaning done. A little laundry and that’s it. Blew off w/o Friday, ate Chinese instead. It was yummy. Not much else-drove around, shopped. Burned a bunch of cd’s for E’s phone. Cooked, shopped, S to PWS for play practice.
Wednesday-banging out deployments. Now to troubleshooting-ok in dev, not in QA. Gamelan at PSU tonight-but first…nothing. C is single again. W/o-negatives, not so sore today. M had to jump the fence to get the key, and scared the sh!t out of S. I talked to E about it later, and they were laughing about it afterwards. Mindy was late to gamelan, but Bonnie let us in. My suling was passable-I need a lot more practice. Train home, M is stressed. E to Dr’s this morning. Work-things are going. My new laptop is pretty much there, except for web services in RAD 9.6.
Friday-finishing up a change, looking at ancestry-found a few ancestors of my dad’s mom’s mom. I have it almost solid up to my great-grandparents-a lot more further back on many, but I will never get more on my mom’s dad’s side-the records all burned up in the great fire of 1904 in Alesund, Norway. I also found that Nathaniel Parker Willis is a grandparent. That puts me at several famous/notable people in my family tree (Boone, Abe Lincoln, a CA Supreme judge, Howards, but that’s way back). Ancestry seems to have upped its game-they’re suggesting potential mothers/fathers…
Monday, short week. W/o Fri., skated with M & S for 3 hours Sat.-tired and blisters afterwards-S to a birthday party. Hometown Buffet with E & M & C. Bagged church on Sun., w/o too. Tidied, ripped CDs for E. I’m kind of sore today, restless sleep.

Links. brighter side: juggling otter. Not so bright: everything else. Well, maybe the mid-terms.

Page 23, sentence 5.“Governments were obligated to promote happiness for everyone.”, Happy City.