change brings uncertainty

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Well, this is a long one, mostly because I haven’t been finalizing it regularly. I blame the lockdown. Anyways, it’s been uneventful in our household, but the human world is having a bit of a turn. No idea if this will mean lasting change, but there is certainly unrest. Cv19, plus protests equals unrest and uncertainty. Troubling politics and economic mayhem doesn’t help much. In any case, it’s scary and unsettling. I’m also getting close to my contract end, which makes me nervous.

Monday morning, start of a new sprint at work. Slept rather badly last night, didn’t want to get up…but I did. Achy back from working out. I’m in good shape, but also aging and don’t recover as quickly from things as when I was younger. Pretty quiet weekend, worked out, sold my Mirage, E got food, S was up late-starts school today.

Wednesday morning-time for coffee. Pretty quiet-a bit rainy, S is Zooming for school, not really motivated for w/o last night, worked late too. Sometimes feel oddly-disassociated, and sometimes like the walls are closing in. The house is staying pretty clean, and everything else is OK.

Sunday noon, time to think about lunch. Remote church, cleaned our bathroom. Pretty mellow-w/o Friday, tidied, laundry, vacuum Sat. Not much else…

Monday, noon. The days are sort of running into each other. Getting stuff done, but it’s not easy. Bailed on working out yesterday-had to pick up our food, and it didn’t go perfectly, so tired afterwards.

Wednesday, noon. The walls are closing in. There’s an old SF short story where that happens, but it’s because of no sleep rather than isolation. Went for a different run last evening with M-better, in some ways-that last hill is still tough, though. S wants to watch Coraline tonight. Now “sun over the yardarm”-having some gluhwein-got stuff done, but not deployed-that’s next.

Friday, work is done for the week. Mostly finished…I’ve been working late, so not tonight. It’s been wet and cool. Not much else going on. It’s a rent week, so short of $$$. We now have a cushion, and more once the gub’mint money gets here. I think I’ll wait until after August to do anything. Hopefully I’ll get an FTE or longer contract. Given that we’re in a massive uncertain spell, better to have savings and wait to see what happens before jumping into a house or some such. Read Snow Crash until late last night-on to The Diamond Age, then Cryptonomicon.

Wednesday noon, working. Yesterday was a mess-a complete loss as far as work goes. Good w/o, though, and fresh tortillas. Weekend was fine-quiet, shopping was about it. C’s birthday was on Monday. Trying to stay sane. Everyone is struggling.

Monday morning-ish. Tough sleep last night, achy legs, tired this morning. Mellow weekend, food shopping Sat., church, Mother’s Day, called my mom. Hot over the weekend, cooler now, good w/o’s. I don’t want to dwell on the outbreak or the election or anything else, especially here. I’m a Green, so nothing on the local primaries-I’m absolutely NOT voting for Jesse Ventura in the main. Maybe I’ll put my thoughts down after it’s all over.

Wednesday, noon. Same ‘ol… Skipped w/o last night-rainy, no motivation. Didn’t sleep well-need to get to bed earlier, that might help.

Friday. Rushing to prep for a code review-bleh. Worked out on Weds. evening. Not much else-we got our stimulus $$$, which went straight to savings. I’m actually saving. I may pull some of it to pay off collections.

Monday evening-time for bed. Finished up most stuff for code review. Decent weekend-w/o’s, stuff for back porch, online church, but rainy. M got his new laptop, C got his keyboard. Bills paid, never ends.

Wednesday evening, finishing work on time! Worked super late yesterday. Good w/o-jump rope because of rain-ankle still not liking it. Not much else, fortunately. Getting a pretty consistent 25+ mins for t’ai chi. Need to read and practice. Maybe tonight-M is making tamales. Maybe laundry too.

Friday evening, waiting for M to go run. Tamales were a failure. Not sure why-recipe and too thick maybe? Need more practice. Long weekend. Got stuff done, one bad thing still. Maybe I’ll call this.

Lol. Another week vanished. And Monday was a holiday. Riots over killings. Slowly reopening. Work. Workouts. Yummy dinners made by yours truly. A sore hip, so restless sleep. Talked to my mom. I think I’ll call this.

Didn’t call it. Another vanished week. Protests are ongoing-maybe this means change? Not much else-work, workout, shop. Got a new to me iPod shuffle-perfect for running. Been rainy, so jump rope. Got a shiny tiny new laptop last week, and a thing. Almost all my stuff for sale is sold-4 big things left. Been remembering my dreams but not writing them down. We’ve been planning our meals on Saturday/Sunday and doing all the shopping at once, but this week has been a bit not holding to plan.

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Not so bright: don’t even want to go there (especially now).

Page 23, sentence 5: “A given pathway develops under the developmental constraints created by many others: none can occur before its component parts are ready, and none can be too disruptive to the others or to the overall process.” Becoming Human.

stay-at-home blues

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Well, I’ve been at home since March 2nd. This is fine in some ways, but tiring in others. We’re all stuck in a smallish apartment, E goes out a few times a week for groceries, we step outside a few times a day, and M and I have been working out as best we can. We were talking about how we’re in pretty good shape-I’m still working full-time, we’re all healthy, we live in a quiet suburban complex, in a state whose leadership took it seriously and doesn’t have a ton of knuckleheads running around doing stupid things. So far so good. Everyone I know seems ok so far too. As with all things, this will pass.

Haven’t picked this up for a week…working from home, distracted. Spent it mostly at home-insane shopping on Saturday, sold my MidiVerb and iBook (wish it was working right, because it’s such a lovely piece of hardware). Got a monitor from work, and that’s about it. S is at home and sitting next to me for schoolwork-she’s doing well. We’ve walked after work twice. The complex closed the gym, so Tuesday I ran around the trailer park with S, and M and I used water jugs for weights and did t’ai chi in the living room.

Sunday evening, eating a fajita burrito from Super Burrito Express. Not quite spicy enough… Pretty quiet-finished work, ran around the trailer park with M & S-M overdid it…Watched Conan the Barbarian yesterday. Memories of college. Online church today, shopping, jumped rope instead of running.

Monday noon, on the start of sprint meeting. S is next to me, doing schoolwork. And taking apart a Barbie. Now 2nd meeting. Drinking a cup of diluted apple cider vinegar and maple syrup (no cayenne). No idea if it’s helping…I feel pretty good, though running in Friday messed up my left Achilles tendon. Not sure if I prefer Kombucha or this. This is way cheaper, though. Need lunch.

Tuesday afternoon. Busy working-glad to have work to do. S is sort of working next to me. My calves are still super sore. I started on a Coursera class about happiness.

Wednesday noon. Trying to get stuff done, only partly succeeding. It’s hard to focus. Good w/o last night, even though my calves are still super sore-I used Soothanol afterwards, and my skin burned all night-stuff works, but I’m quite sensitive to it. I filled up another 5 gallon jug, so we now have 2 8 pound, and a 25 and a 40 pound weight. That and alternating running and jump rope should work fine for the duration. S is cutting up AriZona tea cans for her constellation work.

Thursday afternoon, meeting time. S is demotivated. I got stuff done, though, even though it’s super hard to focus and keep her on track too.

Friday, after work, waiting for S to finish her week’s work so I can scan it and ship it off to her teacher. Got all the rest scanned and in a Word doc. Got a decent amount of work done. Time to work out.

Here’s Thursday. Feeling a bit stir-crazy. And work is over. Got stuff done, but f’n admins changed AWS permissions without notice. Now I’m stuck going to UAT with untested changes. bleh. Jumped rope Tues., calves are OK, but my left Achilles is achy. We’re actually doing OK with the home w/o.

Friday, noon. Now 1. Stuff is sort of stalled right now-waiting. I have one task I can work on. Not much else-stuck at home. We planned meals for next week.

Tuesday afternoon. Pretty quiet because of everything. Skipped w/o Sunday, sore ankle and hip. Not much else-it’s been sunny and nice. House is staying pretty clean.

Thursday morning. Working on a large-scale query thing to update production data. Thursday, end of work. Got the prod thing done, added a logging bit. Notified people about data issue, need resolution of another issue. Missed a meeting at 8:30. Got an extortion spam email.

Friday afternoon, time to stop working. Have to get up at 9 on Sunday to run this production thing. Trying to fix another thing, waiting on access for a 3rd. Aaaah, work. At least I AM working, so… I keep looking at CV Stats and Oregon CV. House is doing fine, C is Spring cleaning, E is shopping, all garbed up. The temp is nice, so the back door is open. Mr Duck has visited, without Mrs. Duck. She’s either brooding or dead. Our neighbor quit feeding the squirrels, thankfully. Going to work out tonight. Maundy Thursday service last night, Bible study on Tues.-E was impressed at my insights. Read an interesting study of Fortune’s The Cosmic Doctrine.

Mr. Duck after a snack

Monday morning-I think I’ll call this. Monday evening-didn’t. Maybe now. Wednesday mid-morning. Now? Busy at work on a trans-gender thing-pretty cool, that, though the implementation is completely mundane-change objects, update a spreadsheet… No t’ai chi last night, ran and lifted only. All 3 Sunday. Not much else-maybe selling the Mirage and DDD-5.

OK, so it’s Friday morning. Def. going to call this. Guy wanted a barter for the Mirage, so no. Worked late-a thing we deployed failed-I fixed it, deployed and it ran OK. Not much else.

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Adorable skunks.

Not so bright: don’t even want to go there (especially now).

Page 23, sentence 5: “People who have this talent are great at making sure that everyone feels involved and part of any team effort.” StrengthsFinder 2.0.

Time stands still?

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Well. Time to record this-“this is the time, and this is the record of the time” Time just keeps moving. At this juncture, it’s all about “so, you’ve been in a pandemic, what do you do now?” The answer is, of course, panic. Which is why there’s not one roll of TP on the shelves. <sigh> Not minimizing the severity of this-it seems to have a pretty high death rate, at least among old and sick people. And we’re not even 3 months in-so I’m working from home for now. Not much else-politics is much the same-we’re beginning Spring, DST, but still cold out. I need to sell stuff and go through my white bin.

Saturday morning, sitting in bed and making rice. Pretty quiet-w/o last night-lightened the load a bit, less deep on t’ai chi. Got work done, pretty decent… S got a new bed, living room is still a mess-hopefully this weekend.

Monday on the train to work. Busy weekend-shop, libe, laundry, put up blinds, stuff into the outside closet, no church, w/o. We’re planning the week’s meals. More genealogy-tracked back to more English royalty. S has a temp and is staying home-E wants to finish up her room and the living room.

Tuesday morning, trying to do stuff. We’re short of $$$ this week, but there’s a cushion. I want to keep the budgetary discipline and save more. We’ll see. It would be awesome to keep moving $ to savings, and maybe to Fidelity! Wish me luck… Coronavirus is causing market panic-maybe I don’t want to be in the market until everything hits bottom. I’d like to buy a house, too, so I need a down payment. Plus also retirement savings, but that’s next…or never. I’ve resigned myself to working until I die.

Thursday morning in scrum. All online, so I can skive…busy working, getting stuff done. Filed for TA, laundry, keeping stuff tidy. Short on ca$h for the next week too. E did drive by Ash Wednesday at church-got on the local news. Back to regular weights on w/o-I think I’ll start back to regular routines rather than the cut down one-I’m not as injured as I was… Afternoon-E is in the ER-we’ll see.

Friday morning-waiting for scrum. E had right side pain, but nothing wrong, so they gave her pills and we were gone in time to pick up M from the train. Got S from a classmates’, then got dinner. E is supposed to eat lightly. She has a neurologists appointment this morning.

A week has passed. It’s Friday morning again, on the scrum. Worked from home this week, because of the coming plague. Wait, it’s just an outbreak of bat flu. So, not much the last week-we think E had a pulled muscle, the neuro thing went well. S has ADHD, but a mild case. Good w/o’s, church, M and C are fine, C had an interview with GameStop. Not much else. Shopping, tidy-the house is staying that way because I’m home. I do a few minutes here and there-going through my boxes, white bin next, need to sell my extra stuff.

Monday, noonish. Sitting in sprint planning meeting #2. Pretty mellow working from home-S’ alarm didn’t go off and she came in at 8:08 and woke us up-had to hurry and get lunch made. Quiet weekend too-w/o-started back on the regular routines, tidy, shopping, no church, thing, binz-picked up 2 pairs of shoes-hightop Chucks and Clark’s desert boots. $180 worth of shoes for $20. Cleaned, fixed up, looks nice!

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Coronavirus humor…

Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5: “Getting all anxious about them, or about the possibility of what might happen, was embarrassing.” The Nordic Theory of Everything.

Another Installment in…

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Hi, it’s me again. Back for another installment in “my exciting life”. Woo-hoo. See whining below. News summary-no conviction, authoritarianism to follow, coronavirus, Brexit, primaries (more to follow), Boy Scouts are bankrupt-sex abuse lawsuits… There’s a current events portal on Wikipedia-handy. Not really much else, trying to stay afloat, keep house tidy, save some money. As always, need to carve out some time to be creative, learn stuff. In other words, same ol’. See you next time.

Haven’t touched this last Monday. Not surprising-I’ve had much longer hiatuses…12/01-4/04 for example… Since I don’t have an audience, it really doesn’t matter. Eventually something will happen and I’ll get noticed, if only for longevity. Whatever. Anyone who’s been doing it as long as I have and hasn’t been recognized, probably doesn’t care about recognition. Since that’s probably only me and maybe a very few others…I guess I’m still saying whatever, but passive aggressively.

Ok, so sour grapes aside, another completely typical week. Except for a visit to one of E’s friends for a Super Bowl party, where we didn’t watch it. Ate, drank (M made drinks-he went to the liquor store for the first time), and played games. I fiddled with an acoustic for a while too. Worked out before, which was odd. S’s teacher’s daughter spent the night. Not much else, the usual try to keep the house tidy-E worked a lot on organizing her stuff, I finally put the Xmas stuff in the outside closet. Church, shop, M did some driving at the cemetery. He drank straight whiskey for the first time and hated it.

Weds. afternoon, busy. Figured one thing out, two others require changes, one is a moving target. Anyways, not much else-good w/o last night, C needs to gain weight. Short of $$$ this week.

Friday morning, trying to get stuff complete. E’s computer had a bad memory chip-had to take it completely apart, pulled the chip, works now, only broke one component…E did a bunch of purging. I just need to sell some stuff and repair 2 instruments for sale.

Monday afternoon, in a meeting-many meetings today. I got most things done Friday, and a mess that I fixed. Quiet weekend-shop, binz, clean, laundry, good w/o’s, a thing. No church. E is pretty close to getting all her stuff organized-I did a bit in the closet, but I need to go through my white bin some time. There’s a lot of stuff I want to do, if I have time. Want a new laptop, and E needs one too.

Tuesday, late morning. Now noon. Pretty quiet-getting things done. Keeping things clean-laundry last night, E is really getting rid of a lot-she moved my books. Practiced a little last night-went through my rolling music suitcase and put stuff into the Pod bag. I need to test out the cheap amp I have with the Pod. The rolling suitcase is now too big-if I get the stuff on my wishlist, probably not then.

This. It may be behind a pay wall, but it basically says that we’ve squandered our opportunity to make the world a better place. ‘Ya think? Known that for a long time… Foreign affairs is a good list to subscribe to, if you’re interested in politics and foreign policy. Stratfor too.

Saturday in be. Messed up my back yesterday. Need to get up and make breakfast and coffee. Sunday morning in bed, back still hurts…not nearly as bad as I’ve done before. Being in better shape helps, I guess. No w/o, no housework. Ripped cds and tried to fix E’s laptop again-gave up-pulled the hdd-we’ll get an enclosure for it.

Wednesday noon. Waiting for a job to finish and deployment config, specs on another. Back is largely better-skipped w/o again. Off Monday, shop, E’s chiropractor app’t, laundry, tidy-living room is a mess, as E & S are redoing her room, and everything is piled in the living room-the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are tidy…I’m going to call this.

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Baby Elephant Gets a Bath

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Baby elephant

Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5: “This is surpassingly ironic because the software industry has long cherished its self-image as a pure meritocracy.” Coders.

week after week, on and on and on

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It’s another week and another week after that, and on and on. Nothing has really changed. Though if you subscribe to certain cosmologies, the entire universe is destroyed and created every instant. I need to get on some of my new practice/study/etc. stuff-not easy when you do a lot of housework. Politics continues its mess, Kobe Bryant and Neil Peart died (that was tough), coronavirus is causing stress. Maybe I should make this section a quick news summary too…

I’ve been slacking on this, but it’s not like anything new is going on. I am, however, getting my contract extended, which is nice-I was ramping up the search, and worrying.

Anyways, I’ve been skiving on keeping the house clean, so this weekend is busy picking up the piles of stuff that have accumulated, and keeping the kitchen clean. I’ve fully moved to my little black book for keeping track of things.

Monday, noon. Busy doing stuff. Got the house cleaned up, except for Xmas stuff back to the closet, and a pile in our room. Need to do more laundry, and E needs to put them away. She did get rid of a bunch of stuff. I need to rip a bunch of cds. I also bought a Pod HD400 for cheap-it’s cherry and sounds great. C got my Pod XT-he wants a guitar.

Weds. morning. Trying to finish up this requirements heavy program. Pretty mellow other than that-good w/o, though I sped up T’ai Chi so I could pick up M. He has new boots and they’re stiff. S is busy on a project about Sweden. Not much else-trying to stay on top of things.

Friday morning, trying to get things done for sprint end. M’s birthday was yesterday-we’re going to Gaffers tonight to celebrate-just us over 21 year olds. Not much else-keeping the house reasonably clean-E still hasn’t put away her clothes… Finished up “Fall”-long, but a fast read. Compelling, if you like your SF mixed up with your fantasy…

Monday morning-in sprint meetings. Fun. Pretty quiet weekend-Gaffers with M Friday night, the usual clean-no vacuum though, shop, no church. Went to Ikea with M and S, drove around looking at pet snails. M wants to make Moscow Mules with lingonberry syrup for Super Bowl party at friends’.

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Golden Retriever Dog Carries His Favourite Blanket To Bed

This is Henry's nightly routine before bed. He has to have his blankie to cuddle 💕😴

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Weekend plan: Wake up, then go straight back to sleep 😴

Posted by Woof Woof on Saturday, January 25, 2020

Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5: “After that, young Richard had overcompensated for his earlier naïveté by becoming hypervigilant to its onset in family members of even modest decrepitude.” Fall, or Dodge in Hell.

Onwards, always onwards

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so it’s been about a month. 2020 is here. The Christmas season is always busy, with not a lot of time for posts, and it’s not like I have a big following. it’s really the usual-work, home, etc. politics is still just a disastrous shitshow. The House impeached the orange menace, but that’s all. He’s flailing like a drowning man in the middle of the ocean, doing anything to distract. I have no idea how it will all end, but you can bet it won’t end well. Anyways, onwards.

Monday afternoon-had a yummy leftover lunch-no sugarrrr. E made a yummy peach cobbler from oatmeal leftovers yesterday-I’ve been doing the usual Japanese rice and oatmeal for weekend breakfasts, so… We did have Biscuits yesterday, and more biscuits when we got the brakes done last week, plus also yummy cider.

Weds. noon. Working through QA stuff-not my specialty… Got a lot done at home last night-kitchen, laundry, tidy. S had a hard time getting to sleep.

Friday, mid-morning. Getting QA done. E did a bunch of purging and the house is messy. I did get laundry and kitchen done. She also picked me up a work, even though I told her not to-it took us a loooong time to get home. Friday on the way home. Got stuff done, but it was a struggle. Glad for the weekend. Not sure I can work out…

Noon on Monday. Getting stuff done. A pretty normal weekend-no w/o because my adductor is still sore. Went to the hot tub with E-she messed up her leg. Went to Cha-cha-cha for dinner, shop. The usual, delivered wreaths to old church, church Sun., Menchies, home, laundry, kitchen, a little tidy and prep for Christmas-not really motivated to do much more. Thought about getting a massage, but the place where I’m sore is mighty intimate… E got us new silicone rings.

Weds. night-chilling on the bed. Worked out last night, pretty mellow. Still having twinges in my leg. Didn’t sleep well last night. Getting work done, though. Not much else-doing laundry…

And it’s Monday, at work. Got one thing solved Fri. Busy weekend-w/o Fri. & Sun.-still sore, so walking and super basic routine, there are a few t’ai chi moves that aren’t fun, and some stretches too. Class meeting Sat., church Sun., and cleaning-the house is back to decent. The car…not so much. The usual shop, S went to Tiffany with E & classmates for a gift, then to Peacock Lane. S’s Christmas present, not a thing, but not for lack of desire. Need to get a flu shot. Watched Dr. Strange Sat. night.

And after a week, it’s Christmas Day. Didn’t get anything of interest. We did go to the binz and filled our stockings with fun stuff. Recap: work week was busy trying to get soap going-finally reverted to soap via web. Moved other stuff forward. W/o, shop, tidy, cleaned the car, pretty usual stuff. Working from home this week.

Haven’t picked this up since, well, Christmas. And now it’s the week after New Year’s. And not much happened-quiet at work, M got a job, C quit his. M & S are back in school, a tree fell outside our building. Not much else out of the ordinary. At least in our small lives. The new library opens today. I’m going to call this-I started a new book and got my small journal begun. I abandoned the Coptic bound one as too bulky-going with a small Moleskine type instead.

Links/viddys-brighter side:. Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5: “A few had grown up in their suburbs as children, left for college and careers, and decided to come back.”, Radical Suburbs.

Thanks, for giving. Okaaaay.

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It’s after Thanksgiving, and I’m dreading the holidays. M is the same way. Other than that, pretty smooth sailing-need to find out whether I need to start looking for a new job. Left our church, busy at work, etc. And politics is the usual horrendous mess. Reading Burroughs.

Thursday, afternoon. Getting stuff done. Out of $$$, glad it’s Thursday.

Saturday afternoon. Not wanting to do stuff that needs to be done.

Thursday, trying to get stuff done-slow going. Thursday, bedtime. Not enough got done. I did get my book binding done-not a bad job… Recap-quiet week-skipped Tuesday w/o-school meeting-bad stuff. C locked his keys in the car. The usual otherwise.

Weds. of the next week! noon. Getting stuff done. Pretty much the usual otherwise-S had 2 really loose teeth pulled, got the house cleaned over the weekend, chat with Mom, a thing. Not much else-impeachment hearings, global protests. I’m reading the Foreign Affairs emails. I decided to do most stuff on my phone now-I have to get the big book started-planning that. I want to get my storage unit available online so I can push/pull it.

Sunday, in church. Now Monday. Now Wednesday. Now Thanksgiving. Maybe I’ll write something later. “the story of life” is really weird, but the last page is glorious.

Monday, back at work. Pretty busy last few days, but got nothing much done around the house, so it’s a mess. I think I’ll call this after a recap.

So, recap. It’s been a while, but here goes… Got stuff done at work, but not everything. Thanksgiving at school friends’, ate so much. Lazy Friday-w/o…skated with S Sat., pulled my left adductors-ouch. New church Sun., no w/o because of pain. Shopping, that’s about it. C is working at Walmart. Our new library is done-opening in Jan. Need to switch to long sleeve work shirts.

Links/viddys-brighter side:

Playing fetch with a beluga
Sliding otters.
Flocks of AI robots.

Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5: “However, this does not mean you should only exercise every 3 days.”, A Man’s Guide to Healthy Aging, “a new life has begun “, the story of life.

No brighter side. Yuck.

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OK, here’s the ever fascinating blog entry summary, where I describe my mood and how much politics and the world sucks. Got nothing in the brighter side links, which sort of tells it all right there. It’s all just a huge mess, and I’m tired, so nothing here other than yuck.

Monday after lunch-I’m starting to drag-didn’t sleep well last night. Work stuff is getting done, though.

Tuesday afternoon. Getting through stuff. Slow going, though. One thing is done as far as I’m concerned. Starting blind on another. I think I have my mini task book figured out-mini book to license plate book. Transfer all my other books to that. Keep art and music separate, art in my small Coke Moleskine, music in the book on the Kronos.

Wednesday morning. Not much-cleaning up some stuff. Good w/o last night. Not much else-watched drone racing instead of practicing. Practice tonight? Hopefully-there are a few tasks that need to get done, but nothing huge. Again, no TV is the key.

Thursday afternoon-I have a new IOS WordPress editor-slick! Working through new code. Diwali lunch-yummy!

Saturday morning, in bed. This WP editor is so nice. Not much-should go to school and help, but…didn’t-just not up for it. Busy Friday, skipped lunch, good W/O, no M. S’s guest left early. Not a lot else.

Monday, noon. Pretty quiet weekend, tidy, vacuum, w/o, church-E gave a sermon. S has a fort-like thing in the living room-slept there-it fell in on her last night. Played my guitar yesterday when no one was home. I have an incredibly sweet sounding rig: ’72 SG + Pod XT + ’52 Deluxe Tweed = Buttah! The Pod is a little brittle sounding, but decent for my use-I’d rather have an HD500 or a Helix, but, no $$$…and I kinda wanna Gecho more. Dave Mustaine from Megadeth is selling a lot of his gear-subscribing to the “you can’t take it with you” approach-got me thinking about what gear I really need.

I think I have my organization plan set-making a coptic bound book for carrying, everything else gets transferred to the license plate journal. Have everything except covers for the book-not sure what to use for that-heavy cardboard? E got me a book at the binz…gonna pull the cover and go from there. I’m thinking zentangled front, black back, accordion pocket on the inside back cover.

So, Tuesday noonish. Getting stuff done at work. Very windy and cold this morning. A streetcar derailed at PSU.

Thursday morning, my changes are in and I have the dev/buld/deploy/test cycle down. I still don’t quite have the test data bits so I can call/verify. Anyways, good w/o Tues., but my shoulder still can’t take weight. Been cold and windy, but dry, so I can wear leather and stay warm.

Friday morning, I think I’ll call this. I have to rewrite all of one of the things I did this week-frustrating, that. Anyways-Halloween last night-M had a suit and put on the Barong mask when kids came to the door. S went with school friends, and I had to pick her up in posh town at 11. So, to bed late-I’ll probably be dragging this afternoon. Lucky only a few people are here.

Links/viddys-brighter side: . Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5: “He felt a great burden and responsibility as well.”, Blood of the Cosmos.

The inevitable end of???our little local life?

Please tip the writer. Whatever amount you like. We are always short of cash. If you need essential oils, please get in touch-my wife is a rep for DoTerra. Let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/development-my rates aren’t bad, and I’m more than pretty good at it. Java/database/UI too. ThankYouVeryMuch!

Mid-October, not much going on-S is excited for Halloween, and politics rolls on. Is there the inevitable end? I have no idea. Our little local life is largely unchanged. Not much to say other than that-the usual recounting of an exciting life, I guess. This will be fun to re-read when I’m old.

Friday afternoon, a few more things to do, and that’s it. Fridays are nice, wearing a floral shirt, sneakers, jeans, not a lot of people here. Got my task list for the weekend done as well-I like this process. Not getting a ton done, but at least I’m noting stuff.

Monday morning, on a call, but not involved. Pretty mellow weekend-cleaned, but not a lot else. Good workouts, but still laying off arms. E went to Ikea, C drove. He also drove Sunday to a show in North-Kenton, right next to the Masonic hall we played a gig at 2 years ago. Waited around, thought about a thing, didn’t, he got a ride home. Church Sun., that’s about it. Had a nice lunch today at the Bistro Petit Oiseau with my recruiter (and it’s closing!).

Tuesday, almost time to go home.Another busy day-got a thing untangled. Get this all checked in and tested in dev. Not much else-quiet last night, w/o tonight.

Weds, forgot my lunch, so Whole Bowl. Gonna meet M somewhere. Good w/o-ran, and I don’t feel creaky today! Good balance on t’ai chi too, but still lifting on legs only.

Thursday afternoon, watching a guy set up my stuff. We swamped the email server with a production run that generated an email for each row insert failure, and there were 30,000…ack. At least it was just our team.

Friday, after lunch. Looks like my entry got vanished. Got a thing figured out, finishing up stuff. Wrote down the plan page. I think I’ll snag a comp book for artist’s way stuff-we’ll see if I can do it.

Monday afternoon, almost time to go. I’m tired-got to bed at 12:30. E is sick. Other than that, pretty quiet weekend-w/o both Fri. and Sun., M didn’t on Fri.-gaming club. Tidied Sat., no church, C sold his amp & we drove there-he’s a pretty decent driver now. Shopping-made Chinese last night from frozen. Loaded up my phone with music-just pulled all the familiar stuff-no “one tune from each album”-takes up a quarter the size. Need to do stuff this week, rather than jelly. We’ll see-I have laundry to do tonight, if I don’t turn on the TV I might be able to get in some time. I think that’s the key…no TV.

Monday morning, not as tired as I was earlier-thanks, caffeine! It’s been a week since I wrote this. Much the same, C has his license and we have to pay $189 more for insurance, AND his gf’s car has a check engine light… This weekend, I practiced a bit, got E’s laundry done and tidied up her stuff on my side of the room, then covered it with a sheet. Also did some laptop setup for WordPress, node and Che-I think I overloaded it. Good w/o’s. House is clean. I think I’ll call this.

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New doggie friends.

Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5: “Images fill the well.”, The Artist’s Way.

Fall, and life goes on day after day.

Please tip the writer. Whatever amount you like. We are always short of cash. If you need essential oils, please get in touch-my wife is a rep for DoTerra. Let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/development-my rates aren’t bad, and I’m more than pretty good at it. Java/database/UI too. ThankYouVeryMuch!

It’s fall, and very much fall here-trees losing their leaves, rain, chilly. We all like this weather-reminds me of growing up in Cleveland. I’ve been daydreaming about alternate life paths, one of which is not getting a job in London, getting one in Cleveland, buying my parents’ house when they left for L.A., and how that would play out. All sorts of dreams to remodel the house and property…marrying Judy… Anyways, a good way to fall asleep, daydreaming about that sort of stuff, and the things. Life goes on, day after day. Politics and global events are certainly fun-I’ve been reading articles from Foreign Affairs, much like I used to read Stratfor. I’m also getting daily emails from NY Times and Oregon Live so I’m keeping up, but trying not to let it infect my life-been there, blogged about it. I should pepper this with links, just because-done.

Weds., mid-morning. Got one thing done-woo-hoo! Light w/o yesterday-my shoulder is bothering me, so just bike, legs, stretch and t’ai chi. We’re trying to slow down our legs in t’ai chi. And one push move really makes my shoulder pop, plus any reaching. Gonna message the doctor-no response-just not doing arms.

Thursday morning. I’ve been waking up early, going back to sleep, and waking up to the alarm. This is hard. I retired one of my hats-a kippah from a Jewish store in Costa Mesa-had it for many years. Not much else-watched the new South Park. Otherwise, the usual…tidy, kitchen, dinner, laundry, TV.

And it’s Friday! Woo-hoo! Nothing planned, but it’s nice to not have to get up early. Time to write down weekend tasks. I should set aside time for practice and thinking/writing. Like it’ll happen. If I don’t veg out in front of the TV, it might. Starting back on cold weather weekend breakfasts-bagels in the summer, crock pot oatmeal and Japanese style rice with veg & bonito flakes in the winter. Almost lunch-got the task writing done-I love this pocket-sized notebook-trying to figure out what to do with all the notebook type bits I have. S is going to Opal Creek next week for outdoor school, so I think we’ll spend the weekend getting prepped for that. Time to go.

Monday, noon. Busy weekend, got stuff done, and S prepared for outdoor camp. Still doing light workouts. Watched Avengers: Endgame-a fine ending to Phase 3. Picked up C & J from separate shows(!) And it’s been cold, so winter breakfasts were nice. And we made Cincinnati chili from a package. Not enough spaghetti, and we thickened the sauce, so not the real thing. It was a pumpkin spice chili package-we dropped the pumpkin, but it worked great for Cinci…

Thursday, late afternoon, I think I’m cooked. The usual sort of week, but quieter because S is gone. Skipped w/o on Tues., had an MSG loaded lunch and snack, felt odd and ill. Got a few things done. Busy at work. Need to reload my phone with music-deleted everything to put IOS 13 on there-iTunes was a bastard. Reading a pretty good SF book.

Friday morning-in a meeting. I think I’ll call this. S got back yesterday, was very tired. Everything else is going fine. M is back at school, C is driving more.

Trying to stay away from politics, but this: “A Category Error”.

Links/viddys-brighter side: nothing-didn’t really look hard. Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5: “He constructed an elaborate glass beehive, outfitted like a palace with tiny decorations.”, In the Land of Invented Languages, “However, as soon as he has made a decision, the Warrior proceeds: He has no doubts about his chosen action, nor does he change direction if circumstances turn out differently from how he had imagined them.”, Warrior of the Light, “That was where human intuition-and theory-came in.”, Revelation Space.