Sword of Damocles approacheth

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Yet again, a long time between posts. Things are much the same. The hammer is about to fall… Need to dodge it. Hopefully that will happen.

Monday after a busy weekend. I’m falling asleep in this meeting. W/o Fri., up Sat, drive to Canby, Olympiad all day-it was hot, back home, C & gf to show, back, back to pick them up, up at 4:30, E to airport, back home, sleep, no church, tidy all day, laundry, no W/O, bed. Up, drive to work, and here we are.

Weds. afternoon, almost time to go-moving forward. Pretty quiet, house is staying clean, no W/O last night. Busy tonight-C to show, gamelan, pick up C late.

Noon on Thursday. E comes back tonight. Not much else-up late to drive C & gf home. S was up a lot too, so she’s tired today. Gamelan was fine-traffic sucks on the way out of downtown, so I was running late-picked up a pizza, got C & gf, home, drive to NE, hop on the 5S, to L&C in 15 mins. Went to get gas, no go, C texts saying the show is out early. Get there in 15 mins, drop off, home, bed, up this morning, drive to work-traffic wasn’t bad. Work thing after work, then dinner, then pick up E.

Friday, noon. Glad this week is over. Pretty filled with stuff. I hated driving-just too many cars. The best was last night-took less than a half-hour, leaving at 6:30 rather than 5. I have good coffee and peanuts from Polly’s, so that’s a plus. E had a good visit with her sis-who’s in a not so good place.

Tuesday, lunchtime! Another week, another weekend. Just the same ‘ol. House didn’t get cleaned, because E wants to go shopping, and I don’t have the energy after that to clean the house too. At least dishes and clothes are getting done, and things are mostly tidy. Was so tired last night, went to bed early. Moved my stuff around a little-now I can see all of my bookshelf.

Weds., after lunch. Pretty mellow week so far. W/o last night, pick up M at work, C jumped in ahead of me for laundry, cut my hair and beard-just a short goatee left-S didn’t like it. Getting stuff done at work. Not much else. Gamelan tonight.

Friday afternoon, long weekend. Need to pay bills and budget. Show tomorrow night. Kinda tired. Not a lot else.

Weds., on the way home. Gamelan tonight, pick up C & gf later. Show was good. Been tired, skipped w/o last night because Chipotle sucks. Not much else-house is relatively tidy. Short of cash.

Thursday on the way home. Very tired-had to pick up C & gf late. Not many people at gamelan. That is all-thinking about stuff.

Tuesday AM, time for more coffee. Tuesday afternoon, time to go home. Wednesday afternoon, time for lunch. Thursday morning-busy-get stuff done yesterday, skipped gamelan. Thursday afternoon-time to go home. Friday morning-deployment tomorrow night, picked up M late last night. Switched over to Hop on my phone-pretty slick to be able to wave it on the Hop pad and my fare is done. Late Sat., busy day, w/o last night.

Links/viddys. brighter side:

dog named stella
Elephant buddies
World otter day
Worst. Retriever. Ever.

Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5. “Focus on the tools in front of you and the fact that you have this time to relax and achieve a feeling of peace.”, joy of zentangle. “Blank, like uncut wood.”, lao tzu: tao te ching. “The patterns will be diagrammed in a series of 1-inch (2.5 cm) squares numbered in order.”, One Zentangle a Day, “The ‘JKD direct movement’ in attacks and counters-throwing from where it is without repositioning.”, Tao of Jeet Kune Do.

June 5th, 2019

Walking into an AC/DC? show. Go onto a side street, tell the person I live there. Turn onto another street and park really close to the venue. Walk into the place-have a black wristband on, and show it-they let me in and I walk right to side stage. Look onstage and sit at stage left-there’s are tons of beer cans everywhere.

June 4th, 2019

At work, answer the phone. Someone is asking about a serial number issue. I tell him it’s a data issue, and the phone is ringing on another line.

June 3rd, 2019

Walking along a rocky path, pick my way from stone to stone. We go down to a lane with lots of people. E does a ill magic thing, and someone asks their partner to do it too, because he’s better. I walk past.

In a courthouse, walk up to a desk and ask about something.

May 31st, 2019

Throwing a frisbee in the circle outside the complex. It’s wonky, and we have to chase it and avoid cars. Diane sits down and tells someone with shaking hands they have some odd condition. I say I have shaky hands and she says it’s stress, then sits in my lap. She says to stop touching her throat.

In some messy apartment getting ready to move. Some creepy guy with long hair is using clippers inside a plastic bag on his head. Go into another room. The guy comes flying down the hall with the clippers trailing behind, into the bathroom, and rams into the wall, falling into the bathtub. E goes to help, and I go into another room and stand in the close corner.

May 30th, 2019

The gamelan is set up on stage, and the marimba folks come and set up too. There’s not enough room, and I start trying to put together one of the smaller ones, then take apart the gong stand to move it. I get told to stop, and sit down and wait until they’re done.

In a parking lot, open up a door and a smallish dog comes flying out, into my arms and licks my face. I walk across and give the dog to a girl. Go into a store and lose my pants. It’s tight between the shelves and the window, and I slide past looking for a towel to wrap around. I go back out, find one, wrap it around and roll it. Someone says something, and I say I’ve been doing this for years. Walk back outside, a helicopter comes by with a searchlight. Some guy says they’re looking for something, but the search pattern they’re using is from a picture. Watch the helicopter do these weird patterns.

May 28th, 2019

On the beach, some guy is walking by and he’s a suspect. The guy with me is a cop and starts after him. Someone else goes, “Watch this,” and the guy starts running after the cop says to stop. The cop takes off his shirt, runs and catches the guy. We get him in a car and start trying to find a station. The guy ends up behind the wheel and we’re going away from the station. I reach over and turn the car off. It isn’t slowing, then it does. I get behind the wheel and we go to a station. There’s a line for the desk, and E goes up and tells the watch officer what he’s charged with. We sit next to people from church and they leave after a little while.

May 23rd, 2019

Backstage at a show, the promoter wants a few of the rock stars backstage to go on stage-Eddie V, Bruce D, etc. He’s looking for a bass player and I raise my hand. I tell Bruce to go up first and the crowd will get fired up. We go onstage and the crowd goes wild.

At home, we’re living on the second floor and there’s a fire on the first floor. We go to the back to get our stuff and see the fire making its way there. The fire dept. puts it out and I look down to see all the wreckage. Walk over to the front and look down into the large room below-there’s still fire.

Waiting to get a school bus, gathering up my stuff, making coffee. The bus is coming, and I need shoes, so I run up to the other building to get them.

May 13th, 2019

Cleaning up puddles of pee in the bathroom with TP.

Driving down a freeway, a big plane flies next to us and crashes into a hill. We continue, and big parts start falling around us.

May 15th, 2019

Have to go to a party for police officers. Walk in, there’s a crime scene with toys on a wall and a dead couple in a cave above-they’re in formal wear. Walk past, and over to a big table where the cops are standing around.