March 21st, 2019

At a school, nighttime, walking through a building. Go into a bathroom and stay there. It’s morning, I have no clothes, walk around looking for them. People start showing up, I grab some random clothes and leave. Walk through campus in odd clothes, meet a friend.

On a porch, talking with Allan Holdsworth about his system. He has his strings tuned to fifths, special ordered gauges, extra reinforced necks. I say it’s a lot like Fripp’s. He says yeah-you have to relearn everything.

Run into a bathroom with a guy. We close the doors and he gets me. Done, sit on the toilet.

In the woods with a bunch of kids. We sit in a ledge and it flies across a gorge, and sticks into the edge. The young ones scream and we go back. Work harder and the ledge goes all the way across. In another woods, need to eat. I conjure up food-chickens, grain, etc. for the people and animals. Walk over to help someone.

March 20th, 2019

In a meeting at school, trying to get our chairs arranged so they look nice from above. I scoot mine back and forth to get it in a semi-circle. Someone is asked to come down and talk-she dances around trying to find an X that suits her-the floor is covered with them. She goes back to her seat and talks from there. She’s really loud.

DST bites. That is all.

Please tip the writer. It’s just five bucks. If you need essential oils, please get in touch-my wife is a rep for DoTerra. Let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/development-my rates aren’t bad, and I’m pretty good at it. Offsite/off-hours only. ThankYouVeryMuch!

Friday morning at work. Doing budget, TA. Feeling meh. It is Friday, though. I need to think of a blog topic. Niece is visiting for Thanksgiving.

Foggy Monday. And cold-frost on the rooftops. Pretty chill weekend. W/o Fri. & Sun., as usual. Moving forward on t’ai chi-starting third section, #68… E went to chiro on Sat., laid up in bed w/back problems, solo shop, not a thing, though not from lack of effort. Up late, skipped church, cleaning instead. Home inspection Weds. S’s room needs cleaning.

Tue. PM-at the end of a work day. Got stuff done today. Still worried about engine catalog go-live-looks like a memory leak. Emptied out S’s room last night-all the stuff is in the hall, all the clothes are on the bed. Now to put it all back in, tidied, so the inspector won’t have a cow. Finished up the T.A. application, except for E’s W2 and paystubs.

Weds. afternoon-turned into a sunny day. Got stuff done. S’s room is tidy! All the clothes are put away-S really did a fine job. And the inspector guy didn’t even look in there. W/o, the usual-I think my knee might be improving-I know my shape is. Up to #71 of 113-it’s all single whip, move, single whip. T.A. is done except for email w/pay stubs. Gamelan tonight.

Thurs., need coffee. Been getting less than 7 1/2 hours sleep, and I’m feeling it. Supposed to meet with rep today, but no invite yet, and she just walked right past me. Late to gamelan-very long line at the gas station. Did imbal, the rest was the usual. Thurs. PM-so, we’re making the change tonight that crashed our app in Jan. I’m worried. Web service guy says it should be fine, but…

Fri. afternoon, time to go home-I was up at 6, monitoring our app. Fine all day-bouncing the servers didn’t hurt.

Here we are, Weds., at home, no gamelan because of the snow that’s not there. Pretty normal weekend, a little not wanting to do stuff, took the bus to church, w/o & t’ai chi, out of $$$, as usual. Up early Mon., all OK, but had to bounce things last night-memory isn’t getting freed up. We’re taking another regroup on t’ai chi-up to 78. We’ve reviewed up to 94, but it’s not sticking. Just like the snow-we had some over the weekend and Monday, and some last night that actually stayed around. It snowed some during today, but not enough to stay. And don’t get me started on politics. A long time I said that I was going to stay away from that, because it would swamp the blog, and tons of other people bloviate about it. And no one cares about my opinions anyways. I’m better off talking about Anthroposophy and t’ai chi. TA got denied, but E complained and wrote an appeal. We’ll see. I added one sentence and did grammar & spelling. Did the same for M’s essay.

Friday afternoon. Looking forward to a week of no $$$, again. A thing? Probably not. Have to make changes to the TA. Not much else-the app is running fine, got things done. I think I’m clearer on the latest t’ai chi moves. Not much else.

Monday evening, almost bedtime. Cleaned this weekend, drove around, bus to and from church with S. App is behaving normally. Moving desk Weds. Everything else much the same-we’re pausing at move 90 for a week. 113 is the end, so we’re at 80%. We’ve made remarkable progress in 2 months.

Weds. afternoon, almost time to leave. It’s been snowing all day-don’t know if there’s gamelan yet. I’m all moved over to the new cube, but no stuff on the walls yet. Not much else-I messed up my left hip last night. Moving ahead a little on t’ai chi-but still holding at 90.

Thursday afternoon. At my new cube, it’s not bad. Easier on my eyes, need to have the second monitor mounted. Skipped gamelan-just too cold and snowy. Hip still hurts.

Friday evening, on the train. Got tickets for Earth and Claypool Lennon Delirium. Woo-hoo! Raise wasn’t what I asked for, but I don’t have to work during shutdowns, which is sweet. Not much else-moving forward in t’ai chi, slowly. Hip still hurts, but less. Paid bills. Weekend-sleep.

Midday Monday. Very tired-daylight savings time-happily dreaming away when the alarm went off, something I rarely do. Weekend was OK-w/o, t’ai chi-we’re up to 96, sort of. Took C & gf to a play in Gresham, drove around, had Del Taco. No church-S is sick.

Wednesday afternoon, waiting for troublesome software to stop being troublesome. Restarting helped. Otherwise same ‘ol-signed the contract. Still having trouble adjusting to DST-waking up to my alarm. W/o-the usual, hip still hurts some, so cardio is limited to bike and elliptical, have to lay off leg curls a bit. I’m having to do that for extension because of my knee-I’m doing very light weights slowly with high reps. It seems to be pretty effective, a nice change of pace too. T’ai chi: we’re up to 100! 13 to go- Still a bit fuzzy, but we’re getting there. S went back to school today.

Thurs. I think I’ll call this, and now it’s Friday. Def. going to call this, plus no header. A month this time.

Links. brighter side: animals having fun, ducks love peas, eagle’s eye view. Not so bright: everything else.

March 14th, 2019

Go into a room, there’s a girl there-we connect, and I spread out a huge heart made of foil. We get under it and start going at it.

At a car wash, go inside the wash, try to avoid the brushes and water and foam. Walk outside, some guy is threatening me-I beat him up.

On a plane landing at L.A.-it’s flying super low and just barely clearing buildings. Finally fly downtown and land. Get out and it’s odd and sandy-Venus?

March 13th, 2019

At a stadium, they’re selling it. We talk about how much it would cost per month. Walk through the office, there’s a big cage with old stuff in it. Talk some more, there’s odd stuff in the cage, like a mini bicycle. Go outside, they’re having a meeting about the sale. Some boy comes running in, with people chasing him. I catch him and wrap up his arms and legs with tricky martial arts holds. They cuff him to me and we go to his room. His friend tries to escape with him, but a handler comes and cuffs us again-plastic this time. He injects him with something, but misses and gets me. He gets him and puts the cuffs on. We talk about music and he likes grunge bands. I recommend Babe the Blue Ox-ask him if he knows the reference. I boast that I saw Oasis in ‘86 in Manchester.

March 11th, 2019

Just offstage, watching Tony Levin play a bunch of instruments, including some odd drum-like foam thing. There are a bunch of keyboards there, and I want to play drums. The song finishes, and we go over and talk to him.

March 9th, 2019

My back is hurting, and Judy B says she’ll help. I lean against the wall and she pushes on it. We go into the bedroom and she climbs up on top. Some guy comes in and says it’s his place, and I say it’s mine.

At work, a system is packed up to ship to the Caymans. I put a thumb drive in. We’re opening up the pallet and someone is explaining all the systems there. He finds the thumb drive. I start up the server and get it going on the config. I have to restart to get the network registered.

March 7th, 2019

At a kite thing, getting set up. Watch someone’s umbrella blow all around, and think it’s mine, but it isn’t. Walk down to my spot and start arranging things, and think about tying the umbrella down. It starts to rain, and I start gathering up my gear. Walk down to the parking lot-having trouble hanging on to all my stuff.

March 6th, 2019

Driving right behind a motorcycle, I’m staying with it. Go to pass, it goes in front of me. They finally get off, and I continue to the end of the freeway-it’s a dead end and there’s a camp there. I turn around, and the people there are trying to show me stuff and asking for stuff. I start back the other way.