November 20th, 2019

At G Lightbody’s place for his wake. Wander around talking to guys from U.S. They all wander off and I go sit in a lounge chair by the pool and try to contact him. Nothing.

November 19th, 2019

On a plane, lands, but crashes. We get into the airport, looking for my connecting flight, walk over to a table with a bunch of my stuff on it. I realize that I don’t need to fly out, as I’m just going to come right back. Walk around trying to find Mom.

November 14th, 2019

At a show, sitting front row. It’s Bon Jovi! acoustic. A big black spider is on the wall-he waves at t to shop. It crawls up a thread, and a small one crawls after it.

On a train through town, clear roof. Get to a square on the beach, there are tourists everywhere. Walk up the street, a guy at a cart with a kite thing is waving it around. I comment on how I haven’t flown in awhile. Guildworks has a big display, walk over to it, set my lines and walk out, a display goes up under my lines- I go back to pull them off. Display goes down and Marc yells about it. Walk into their office and ask Salem if I should work there. Walk back-a nice presentation room. Salem sees a ping pong table and plays.

At a show, it ends, go to sign the guest book, it’s full. A Bunch of receipts are lying around. Talk about how this should be managed better-I say I scanned mine. Ends up being someone else’s correspondence about some real estate thing.

November 13th, 2019

At work, Lisa asks me to help her outside. Go out to her car and get stuff out of it. Go back inside and go into the lunch room. The tables are covered with clothes and stuff and people are picking over them. Walk over and sit down-my laptop is unplugged so I plug it in.

November 9th, 2019

Drive down a hill, looking for the freeway entrance. Switch lanes, turn and again. See the freeway, and all the buildings are abandoned, and the freeway is being demolished. Walk through a building and back to the street.

November 6th, 2019

In a big bed, pushing the sheets around. A baby is there and rolling around. Mindy is freaking out because it might fall off. I say no and move the baby closer to the middle. Go walk around the bed to the other part of the room.

November 5th, 2019

In a small airport’s office, a machine that displays maps/manuals is behaving oddly-turning and shifting the display plate in and out. I freak out and turn it around to see what’s wrong. Nothing.

Sitting in a room with a bunch of people listening to a record and reviewing it. We go through the whole thing and it’s not good. The others like it-it’s all country.

In an office with a huge table in the middle. It’s painted blue and falling apart. We go over it and identify all the wood that needs to be replaced. Walk around the room and parts of the walls are rotting too.

November 4th, 2019

Flying a stealth fighter, have to land it. Put it down and roll around so I can take off again.

On the back of a ladder fire truck. Back it up to a building and push it underneath to support. Some guys are upset about it, but I say it’s the only way to support things. Put it in further and adjust the ladder.

No brighter side. Yuck.

Please tip the writer. It’s just five bucks. We are always short of cash. If you need essential oils, please get in touch-my wife is a rep for DoTerra. Let me know if you or someone you know needs web design/development-my rates aren’t bad, and I’m more than pretty good at it. Java too. ThankYouVeryMuch!

OK, here’s the ever fascinating blog entry summary, where I describe my mood and how much politics and the world sucks. Got nothing in the brighter side links, which sort of tells it all right there. It’s all just a huge mess, and I’m tired, so nothing here other than yuck.

Monday after lunch-I’m starting to drag-didn’t sleep well last night. Work stuff is getting done, though.

Tuesday afternoon. Getting through stuff. Slow going, though. One thing is done as far as I’m concerned. Starting blind on another. I think I have my mini task book figured out-mini book to license plate book. Transfer all my other books to that. Keep art and music separate, art in my small Coke Moleskine, music in the book on the Kronos.

Wednesday morning. Not much-cleaning up some stuff. Good w/o last night. Not much else-watched drone racing instead of practicing. Practice tonight? Hopefully-there are a few tasks that need to get done, but nothing huge. Again, no TV is the key.

Thursday afternoon-I have a new IOS WordPress editor-slick! Working through new code. Diwali lunch-yummy!

Saturday morning, in bed. This WP editor is so nice. Not much-should go to school and help, but…didn’t-just not up for it. Busy Friday, skipped lunch, good W/O, no M. S’s guest left early. Not a lot else.

Monday, noon. Pretty quiet weekend, tidy, vacuum, w/o, church-E gave a sermon. S has a fort-like thing in the living room-slept there-it fell in on her last night. Played my guitar yesterday when no one was home. I have an incredibly sweet sounding rig: ’72 SG + Pod XT + ’52 Deluxe Tweed = Buttah! The Pod is a little brittle sounding, but decent for my use-I’d rather have an HD500 or a Helix, but, no $$$…and I kinda wanna Gecho more. Dave Mustaine from Megadeth is selling a lot of his gear-subscribing to the “you can’t take it with you” approach-got me thinking about what gear I really need.

I think I have my organization plan set-making a coptic bound book for carrying, everything else gets transferred to the license plate journal. Have everything except covers for the book-not sure what to use for that-heavy cardboard? E got me a book at the binz…gonna pull the cover and go from there. I’m thinking zentangled front, black back, accordion pocket on the inside back cover.

So, Tuesday noonish. Getting stuff done at work. Very windy and cold this morning. A streetcar derailed at PSU.

Thursday morning, my changes are in and I have the dev/buld/deploy/test cycle down. I still don’t quite have the test data bits so I can call/verify. Anyways, good w/o Tues., but my shoulder still can’t take weight. Been cold and windy, but dry, so I can wear leather and stay warm.

Friday morning, I think I’ll call this. I have to rewrite all of one of the things I did this week-frustrating, that. Anyways-Halloween last night-M had a suit and put on the Barong mask when kids came to the door. S went with school friends, and I had to pick her up in posh town at 11. So, to bed late-I’ll probably be dragging this afternoon. Lucky only a few people are here.

Links/viddys-brighter side: . Not so bright: don’t even want to go there.

Page 23, sentence 5: “He felt a great burden and responsibility as well.”, Blood of the Cosmos.