July 6th, 2020

In Long Beach, walking down Alamitos towards home. There’s a huge pride thing going on, everything is blocked off for a Pulse party. Walk through one, then around down 1st towards downtown. Go through a building under construction and out to some square that looks like Portland.

June 25th, 2020

At work, they want to reassign me to a sales thing. I say that I’m a programmer, not a salesman. Jacob H is doing the job and he says there’s not much work right now. I go over and look through a desk for some of my stuff.

Walking through town, follow someone. A girl is hiding behind a door, trying to follow them too. I hang out waiting for him to go around a corner, and close the blind the girl is looking through. Walk around to a small shopping area, see them. Go into a running shoe shop and sit down-I’m barefoot. A guy comes over with socks and looks at my feet and asks about them. A toe is crossed over another and I have huge bunions. I tell him what shoes I have and he goes to get some. I go over to the shoe that has my music downloaded on it and press play. A girl looks over disapprovingly, and a guy comes over and says that’s cool.

June 24th, 2020

Park at Newport and take the gyre down to Dana Point. Stop at a fancy beach club, meet a friend. Sit on some lounge chairs, greet a girl. Start ordering drinks from the servant, my friend starts ordering a complicated drink to go. Suddenly everyone leaves. We follow and they’re doing exercise by the pool. My friend starts yelling and I break something. They ask us to leave and we resist.

June 23rd, 2020

At an office or a library? Have these kind of skate-like slide shoes on. I’m zooming back and forth between the stacks. Someone else wants to try, so I give them, then get another pair. Walk back and try them again.

June 22nd, 2019

At a bus stop, get a package. Open it up and it’s a small music studio. Lots of tiny controls. Someone else is interested. Walk around playing with it.

Playing hockey, make a slick reverse move and steal. Everyone is impressed and asks me to do it again. Try and it’s close but not the same.

June 17th, 2020

Arriving at the airport with Bob H.? We go towards the line, and someone barges past up and cuts the line. We all start on him, and someone comes and takes him away. Start looking for my id and flight info.

June 16th, 2020

Pruning a blackberry cutting. It’s long and has lots of dead parts. Cut away everything except a little sprig and a small root.

Watch Tool. Danny is playing odd instruments, like a thick cello type thing.

June 15th, 2020

On the way to Quest, talk to Vinny, who’s coming back too. Talk about that managers operating modality is their mouth. Late for a meeting-can’t find the room. Finally find it and sit down-its Shannon, Kathleen, etc. We talk about some diagram.

Going for an adventure in some remote trails. Start off and it’s late. Walk up to an abandoned building, then back to Utah. Need to get to the airport. Someone has my missing shoe, but it’s not. They laugh, and I say that I’m not taking them to the airport. Someone is driving my dad’s old stick station wagon. We try to find the right highway to get back home.

At home, setting up a new stereo. Get everything connected and put on a Nucleus album to test. The track starts out with synth bass, and the room is rattling-you can see the air move. It then goes into generic prog-jazz and it’s pretty clean. E says so too. I turn it off.

In the kitchen at 30700. We’re getting home delivery and it’s vegetables and a lot. We go through it and say we need a bigger fridge. I talk to the woman about the big money I have and spending a third of it on E. She says that’s a lot, and I should spend some on me. I do some math on it.

June 14th, 2020

At Quest, starting back. Go to the cafeteria, lots of people. Put my hunch in a fridge-walk back, some guy stops me-there’s a system and he’s the manager. Shows me how to get a fridge spot assigned. Walk over to a table of people I used to work with, say hi. Go into a meeting and give suggestions about an ad and how the image should change before the tag screen.

Driving with Matt. It’s snowy and he’s stuck. He get’s it unstuck, and I help him get going and not skidding/getting stuck.

June 12th, 2020

Have to get into a building, operative directs me into a tiny shaft in a room. I go up, and knock out my dad. My mom is scared, and says I can take her, but there’s all sorts of medical stuff there.

Some guy is bullying workers, so I ask him to leave and walk him out. He tries to come back and I won’t let him.

Outside the apartment, some old lady in a wheelchair is talking to someone who then leaves.